These Jewelry Wipes Claim to Keep Your Accessories Free From Dirt and Lotion Build-up—So We Tested Them

Updated: May 02, 2024

These Shinery jewelry wipes worked so well that I now carry them with me everywhere I go.

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When it comes to clothing, I don’t really have a designated style. I like to feel comfortable and have an unhealthy obsession with athleisure. But when it comes to jewelry, I like it simple and elegant.

Classic gold jewelry pieces are ideal whether I’m dressing up for date night or running errands in my favorite loungewear. And with four young children, I’m always running. Fingerprints on my necklaces and diaper paste in my rings are just par for the course.

Usually, I just wipe my jewelry down with a soft, dry cloth when I notice it looking really smudgy. And when my rings are particularly grimy, I’ll let them sit in a bowl of warm water and dish soap in hopes of loosening up any gunk. Since I’ve been using the same jeweler for years, I’ll pop in and ask them to clean my jewelry while I peruse the store for deals.

Unfortunately, my jeweler is no longer right around the corner and shopping for fine jewelry isn’t exactly a priority with four kids running around. Enter Shinery jewelry wipesa faster, easier way to clean jewelry.

What are Shinery jewelry wipes?

 Shinery Wipes Marisa Hillman 3 Before AfterCourtesy Marisa Hillman

These individually packaged, non-toxic towelettes clean your jewelry on the go. You don’t even have to take the jewelry off. Gently wipe away everything from fingerprints on your favorite necklace to buildup on your fancy earrings. Even hand cream disappears from your cocktail rings. And you don’t have to invest in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which can be costly and take up precious counter space.

They’re made with clean, plant-based ingredients that are safe for use on all metals (including silver jewelry), gemstones and textures. So whether you want to shine up your collection of Amazon jewelry or make your birthstone jewelry pieces sparkle like new, you’ll appreciate how quick and easy it is to wipe away whatever gunk happens to get stuck on your baubles.

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How I tested them

Shinery Wipes Marisa Hillman 5 Before And AfterCourtesy Marisa Hillman

As a rule, I take my rings off before doing dishes or giving the kids a bath, and I don’t shower or sleep with any jewelry. I also store my jewelry in a large standing jewelry organizer to keep it safe and organized. That being said, none of my jewelry is horrifically dirty. But there are definitely smudges from sticky fingers and the gemstones were looking a bit cloudy.

Each box of Shinery Radiance Towelettes contains 10 individually wrapped wipes. I wasn’t sure how many pieces of jewelry these wipes would clean, so I decided to try them out on the pieces I wear the most: my wedding rings, a rose gold ring with a morganite gemstone, two pairs of white gold earrings and a customized necklace that’s made with pewter, bronze and stainless steel.

According to the directions on the box, all you have to do is open the individual package, unfold the towelette and gently wipe your jewelry. No rinsing required. Easy enough.

The wipes are non-toxic, ammonia-free, dye-free and fragrance-free, though I did notice a smell to them when I opened the package. It wasn’t strong but reminded me of an antiseptic. I unfolded the jewelry wipe and was surprised by the soft, thick texture. I also noticed that it didn’t seem that wet, and wondered whether it would clean all of the jewelry I had laid out. To my surprise, it turned out to be just enough, though it did feel very dry by the time I got to the last pair of earrings.

As I cleaned each piece, I kept a watchful eye for pieces of lint or sudsy residue left behind by the wipes, but there was none! The wipes easily removed all smudges from the metals, but didn’t leave them gleaming the way they do when my jeweler cleans them. I was impressed, however, with the fact that just one good wipe over each gemstone had them sparkling like new.


  • Quickly removes noticeable smudges, dirt and residue from jewelry
  • Safe for use on all metals, gemstones and textures
  • No rinsing required
  • Made with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients
  • Wipes don’t rip or shed during cleaning
  • Individually packaged and easy to throw in your purse, beach bag or car


  • One wipe isn’t enough to clean your entire jewelry collection
  • Has a mild antiseptic smell


Before And After EarringsCourtesy Marisa Hillman

Are jewelry wipes safe?

According to the package, these jewelry wipes are safe for use on all metals, gemstones and textures. Use them on everything from necklaces to rings.

Can these jewelry wipes clean precious stones like opals and pearls?

Since there is no rinsing required when you use these wipes, you can use them on precious stones and fine jewelry.

What other reviewers had to say

Shinery Jewelry Wipes are a hidden gem on Amazon with reviews raving about their effectiveness. They also make a great jewelry gift or present for the newly engaged couple.

Shelley Fulleborn says in her Amazon review, “I ordered this product after I saw it mentioned in a magazine. I am thrilled with the sparkle of my rings after use—as good as when the jeweler cleans them. I have this on the gift list for lots of friends. Highly recommend.”

Five-star reviewer Brianna Barela says, “It has renewed the sparkle in my beautiful new ring. Oprah knew what she was talking about.”

This stuff is amazing!” raves verified purchaser Marianne Linder. “If you’re fussy about your jewelry being sparkly clean, this is the stuff. It cleans it like a professional jeweler does.”

Product comparison

When it comes to jewelry cleaners, the Diamond Dazzle Stik is a worthy competitor. It has over 38,800 Amazon five-star reviews and you get three cleaning pens for the price of one box of Shinery jewelry wipes. However, a few key differences make Shinery wipes the better choice. For starters, the Diamond Dazzle Stik is not safe for use on opals or pearls. Additionally, you have to rinse (and dry) your jewelry after using it whereas the Shinery jewelry wipes are a simple, one-step process.

You could purchase an ultrasonic cleaner that emits high-frequency sound waves to create bubbles and vibrations in the water to remove dirt and residue. Though these cleaners are effective on gold and platinum jewelry, many aren’t safe for silver jewelry or porous stones including emeralds, tanzanite, opals, lapis lazuli, turquoise or onyx. They can also be bulky, require a special cleaning solution and need cleaning and maintenance of their own.

Final verdict

One wipe may not be enough to clean and maintain your entire collection. Still, Shinery Radiance Towelettes are a fast, effective and convenient way to freshen up the most-loved pieces in your jewelry organizer. The individually wrapped wipes are easy to throw in your purse, beach bag, car or desk drawer, and even easier to use.

There’s no soaking, scrubbing or rinsing required. In fact, you don’t even have to remove your jewelry (save that for the TSA line). Just tear open the package, wipe down your baubles and toss the used jewelry wipe into the trash. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Where to buy Shinery Jewelry Wipes

Shinery Jewelry Wipes Ecomm

You can purchase a box of 10 Shinery Jewelry Wipes from Shinery, Nordstrom or Amazon for $22. And with the money you save on professional cleanings, shop these jewelry deals.

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