This Jewelry Cleaning Solution Has Over 13,000 Five-Star Ratings

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Customers say this little stick worked wonders on their jewelry—no matter how grimy it was.

There are lots of methods for how to clean jewelry, many of which you can easily do at home. But while these DIY methods are great, sometimes you can’t beat a product that was designed for that very purpose—one that can get in the nooks and crannies of your diamonds and leave them sparkling (even if they’ve been sitting in a jewelry organizer for a while). A product like the Diamond Dazzle Stik from Connoisseurs.

Now if that name sounds too good to be true, bear with us. This product has nearly 14,000 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.7 stars—and it’s honestly as easy, if not easier, to use than putting together a DIY cleaning solution. It cleans your diamond jewelry, and more, in a snap.

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How it works

This stick looks similar to a tube of mascara and it’s about that size—it’s five inches long and can easily go in your purse. It’s filled with a formula that uses “micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents combined with a polymer.” To us, that translates to an effective clean. To use it, all you need to do is twist it and remove the brush from the solution. Then, use the brush, which is specifically designed to work into all the crevices in your bling and leave them sparkling. Though it’s called the “Diamond Dazzle,” it can also clean precious gemstones, gold, and platinum. Amazon lists it as the “#1 Best Seller” in its Jewelry Cleaning & Care Products department. Here are 30 more brilliant buys on Amazon with practically perfect reviews.

What customers are saying

For many customers, this handy brush isn’t just cleaning their jewelry—it’s transforming it! “I forgot how fantastic my ring is!!!” one gushed. “It is so shiny and sparkly and perfect again!!” Another raved about how much the product exceeded her expectations: “I didn’t exactly expect this thing to work any miracles; my ring very badly needed professional help, and I couldn’t possibly expect much from a DIY cleaning pen, rave reviews or not,” she wrote. “I. WAS. SO. VERY. WRONG. This little wonder-pen miracle device literally annihilated the gunk and dirt from every single nook and cranny of the band, and eradicated the layer of unreachable dust and dirt from the undersides of the diamonds…I’m not even sure they were that sparkly when my fiancée gave it to me.”

You might be wondering how much this super-cleaner will set you back, but worry not: It only costs $8.77. If you have lots of jewelry you regularly clean, or just want to stock up and save, you can get a three-pack for $15.90. Once you clean your jewelry, make sure you know how to keep it all organized. Next, check out more of the best-reviewed cleaning products on Amazon.

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