This Jewelry Cleaning Pen Has Over 36,000 Five-Star Ratings

Updated: Feb. 18, 2024

Customers say this little stick works wonders on their jewelry—no matter how grimy it is

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There are lots of methods for how to clean jewelry, but sometimes you don’t have time to DIY clean even your best jewelry, and you can’t beat a product that was designed to simplify the task. This bestselling jewelry cleaning stick is a cinch to use and has amassed an impressive 46,000 Amazon reviews—more than 36,000 of which earned a five-star rating—(and counting!), thanks to its ability to restore shine to even the most tarnished cocktail rings that have been sitting in your old jewelry organizer.

What is the Diamond Dazzle Stik?

The Diamond Dazzle Stik looks similar to a tube of mascara, and is about the same size. Its formula results in an effective clean, and the metal-safe ingredients are approved to use on even lesser quality materials you might find in your costume pieces (you know, the ones that turn your skin green). It’s also safe to use on surgical steel earrings for sensitive ears. The stick even reduces the appearance of fine scratches on most types of jewelry—something that has helped earn the product a nearly-perfect 4.6-star rating and thousands of happy reviews. Speaking of high praises, here are 30 more brilliant Amazon products with rave reviews.

How to use the Diamond Dazzle Stik

To use this clever stick, all you need to do is twist it and remove the brush from the solution. Then, work the brush into all the crevices of your bling. Then, run your jewelry under cool water to rinse the product and loosened dirt after cleaning.

Though it’s called the Diamond Dazzle, it also works on precious gemstones, cleans gold and platinum. Fans of sterling say it’s also the best way to clean silver rings and necklaces on the go.

The best Amazon user reviews

“I could not stop staring at my diamond after cleaning it,” writes verified Amazon customer, Katie. “It had a shine I hadn’t seen in many years. And because it was so easy to clean and the Dazzle Stik is so inexpensive, I feel like I have the freedom to clean it regularly. I always boast a shiny diamond now! I also stress out a lot less when I accidentally get lotion all over my ring, because I know I can just dazzle it! All women must own this!”

Another enthusiastic reviewer, Sarah S., shares, “This is my favorite cleaner for my rings! It’s easy to use and makes them so shiny! I always get so many compliments on them after I use the cleaner. It is so easy to just keep in my purse, so I can clean my rings while I’m out as well. Definitely recommend!”


Is the Diamond Dazzle Stik safe?

The Diamond Dazzle Stik is safe to use on diamonds and gemstones, but the brand says it shouldn’t be used on opals or pearls, which traditionally require a different cleaning process. You can also use this portable stick on most types of metal, including gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, cheap trendy jewelry and costume pieces. The compact size makes it ideal to carry in a purse or store in your favorite jewelry organizer.

What’s in the Diamond Dazzle Stik?

According to the brand, “a special formula of micro-fine cleansers and polymers” makes up the ingredients list.

How to use a Diamond Dazzle Stik

Using a Diamond Dazzle Stik is easy. Simply open the top of the pen-like device to reveal the brush. Twist until a small amount of product is released, and then cover your grimiest jewelry. Make sure you use the fine bristles to get in every nook and cranny, and then, after just a few seconds, rinse the entire piece clean under cool water. That’s it!

Can you clean your diamond too much?

Regular cleaning of diamonds is recommended, as the especially hard stone is able to withstand frequent rinsing and steaming. Chemical-based formulas should be used less often, but Diamond Dazzle is safe to use at least weekly on your best stones. Just be sure to rinse after applying.

Where to Buy the Diamond Dazzle Stik

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If you want a Diamond Dazzle Stik of your own, you’ll want to grab one from Amazon quickly—reviewers report that it tends to sell out, especially around engagement and wedding season. At just under $8, it’s a long-lasting, portable bargain that will keep your most expensive treasures in tip-top sparkling shape.

You can also find it at Target, Walmart and The Container Store, though Amazon’s price is typically the lowest.

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