12 Jewelry Storage Ideas to Smartly Display Your Accessories

Updated: Apr. 19, 2024

Organize your baubles once and for all with these expert-endorsed jewelry storage ideas.

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Whether you collect the best affordable jewelry, have a bunch of family heirlooms or invest in the finest jewelry, keeping all of your jewelry organized and finding clever jewelry storage solutions should be a priority.

“Organizing one’s jewelry makes it easier to visualize the pieces in your collection, which increases the likelihood of the pieces actually getting worn,” explains Briony Raymond of luxury jewelry company Briony Raymond New York. “When your jewelry is in chaos, it’s far more challenging to find that exact ring or bangle you were [looking for] on the way out the door to dinner!”

Keeping things organized also protects your pieces, makes it easy to see which jewelry you need to clean and keeps track of what you have—helping you avoid losing jewelry or having it stolen.

What to Consider When Buying Jewelry Organizers

As with any organization project, including organizing your closet or creating a capsule wardrobe, you might face a few obstacles along the way when it comes to jewelry storage. “The main challenge with organizing jewelry is that, unlike clothing or shoes, jewelry pieces come in all shapes and sizes,” notes Laynē Brookshire, owner of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing. Additionally, some pieces are incredibly delicate or can get easily tangled.

To get started, Raymond suggests taking a look at all of your jewelry together. “I find it helpful to group jewelry into categories, such as all earrings together and all necklaces together,” she says. This way, you’ll always know the general place you should be looking for an item and can see all of the options right next to each other.

Brooke Brinkman, SVP of Marketing & Communications for Simon G. Jewelry, suggests that those with lots of jewelry add another step to the process. First, divide up your items according to how often you anticipate wearing them, and then by type. “You can then decide if you would like to place the items you don’t anticipate wearing as often in a safe deposit box,” she says.

Copy the jewelry store display

Stone Jewelry StandsVia Merchant

Jewelry stores know a thing or two about keeping everything organized and looking gorgeous. An easy way to come up with creative and efficient jewelry storage ideas is to see what appeals to you at your favorite jewelry store. “Think about how inspired you feel looking at a display at a store, and try to recreate this feeling by displaying what you own at home,” Brookshire says.

While many jewelry stores utilize traditional storage methods, others get creative by incorporating unexpected items into the mix. This is especially true of jewelry websites, which are treasure troves of jewelry storage ideas. They might use branches to hang jewelry, or lay jewelry on pretty rocks or wood pieces. There’s a good chance you can upcycle a cool DIY jewelry holder, too!

Use jewelry trays to divide up drawers

Jewelry trayVia Merchant

Brookshire is a big fan of this jewelry storage idea if you have the space. For divided drawer storage, you’ll just need a few jewelry trays, similar to the ones you’d find in a jewelry store. “Something about velvet makes anything feel luxurious,” she points out. The texture also helps keep your jewelry from slipping around, while a consistent solid background allows you to easily scan your items to find exactly what you’re looking for. (It can help you identify what pieces might need to be added to your collection, too.)

Brinkman is a fan of jewelry trays ,”because they fit nicely in most drawers, can be stacked to accommodate more pieces and they allow you to easily see your pieces.” She also notes that trays keep your jewelry in good condition, providing “each piece with its own space so that it doesn’t become scratched, tangled or damaged while stored.” For further security, she suggests adding a lock to your jewelry drawer if it contains any valuables.

Stack your jewelry in tiered trays

Stackable Jewelry Organizer TraysVia Merchant

Using the same type of jewelry trays, you can create stacks on a vanity, dresser or even a floating shelf. “Stacker jewelry boxes are a great option if you don’t have drawer space for jewelry storage,” says Brookshire. Another cool thing about them is that they’re mix-and-match. That means you can purchase boxes customized to your specific jewelry collection, “so you can build a completely personalized unit to fit your collection,” says Brookshire. Different types of stacking boxes also rank among the best closet organizers to maximize your space.

Hang jewelry up with a wall organizer

Wall jewelry rackVia Merchant

If you don’t have ample counter or drawer space, utilize your walls. “I’m a believer in using all available vertical space to maximize storage in every possible way,” says Brookshire. “So for me, climbing the walls is always a clever answer when storage is limited.” Another bonus? This jewelry storage option makes your jewelry accessible and allows you to see all your pieces at once.

Hang necklaces on decorative hooks

Deer Jewelry HookVia Merchant

If you believe that the best necklaces are big and bold and you only have a handful in your regular rotation, consider hanging them on decorative hooks. “Personally, I love individual hooks for each necklace,” Brookshire says. She suggests finding hooks that go with your home decor, whether it’s rustic, glam or artsy. “There are tons of DIY jewelry organizer options, or check out the handmade creations on Etsy and support small business vendors,” she suggests. “I love hanging these in the spaces you get dressed and style your look—either in your closet, bathroom vanity or maybe even in your bedroom.”

Sort jewelry with an acrylic organizer

Jewelry boxvia Elvesjewelry/etsy.com

Another one of Brookshire’s go-to organizing solutions when it comes to jewelry storage? A clear acrylic jewelry box. “Standing acrylic organizers are easy to fold up for small spaces and allow a clean, at-a-glance option for storing earrings of all lengths.” In case you’re curious, this is why your skin turns green after wearing some jewelry.

Spread necklaces out in partitioned trays

Jewelry Tray OrganizerVia Merchant

If you have lots of necklaces, Raymond suggests trays made specifically for them. “I like to keep necklaces spread out lengthwise in long trays with partitions between each piece,” she explains of this jewelry storage idea. “It’s so easy for chains to get tangled, so as long as they stay flat on a tray and separate from each other, they remain neat and organized.”

Use a rotating jewelry display

Chloe Rotating Jewelry OrganizerVia Merchant

Rotating organizers are another smart jewelry storage idea if you have lots of necklaces. Similar to a lazy Susan, they can store a lot of jewelry and make it all easily accessible by simply twirling the display around. Many of them include a different storage style on each side, so you can rotate to see all of your rings, necklaces and earrings with every turn.

Lock jewelry up in a safe

Rpnb SafeVia Merchant

If you’ve got precious gems, a partitioned safe is the right jewelry storage and safety option. “Having a designated place for each of the pieces in one’s collection helps to avoid damaging and misplacing items,” says Raymond. “I have little trays that slide in and out of my safe with partitions to keep pieces from touching and scratching each other.” Plus, there’s the safety factor to consider. If the worst happens and burglars break into your home, a jewelry safe will protect your precious items.

Place earrings in soft pouches

Silk Jewelry PouchesVia Merchant

Store your best earrings carefully, especially when it comes to your more coveted sets. “I store [my earrings] in soft pouches that have two compartments, and each earring is designated to either section of the pouch to ensure the earrings do not scratch each other,” Raymond says.

Place jewelry in ring dishes around the house

Ring Dishvia KingHarry/etsy.com

If you are someone who takes off their cocktail rings to do the dishes or before bed, consider placing a few ring dishes in strategic places around your home. Not only will you save yourself from forgetting where you took them off, you’ll also avoid your precious belongings falling into the sink or under your bed.

Now that you’ve got a bunch of jewelry storage ideas to choose from, check out this incredible jewelry cleaning stick that will keep your stones sparkling.

Invest in a jewelry armoire or mirror

The Emily Meritt Regency Floor Standing Jewelry ArmoireVia Merchant

If you have a very large collection and space permits, investing in an armoire dedicated to all your baubles is a one-and-done storage solution. These freestanding pieces of furniture provide designated spaces, including drawers, hooks, rods and shelves, for a wide range of items. If you don’t have the space, buy a mirrored jewelry cabinet, which mounts to a wall like a mirror and opens up into jewelry storage. Next, check out the best time to buy fine jewelry and make the most out of your bucks.

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How do you store lots of jewelry?

Once you have an idea of which items you will want to access often, you can begin to choose the proper space and organizers, Brinkman continues.

After you have taken inventory of all your baubles, you’re ready to consider various jewelry storage ideas. If you have a lot of jewelry, a jewelry box might not be big enough to accommodate you. This is also where space comes into consideration: Do you have enough counter space, or will you need to get more creative with wall space or drawers?

How do you organize jewelry without a jewelry box?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to jewelry storage. The key to achieving organization nirvana is in finding the storage style that makes sense to you and fits with your decor. Luckily, we have lots of ideas to get you started. See below for suggestions that do and do not require a jewelry box.

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Brooke Brinkman is the SVP of Marketing and Communications for Simon G. Jewelry, a fine jewelry company. They are known for their handcrafted, high-quality jewelry.