The Most Trusted Grocery Stores in 2023

Walmart and Aldi ranked at the top, but faced competition in some regions with local chains.

Trust plays an important role in deciding where to buy groceries, especially during this time of rising food prices and shrinkflation. It’s a tricky moment for grocery stores, because if customers switch retailers now, they may not return when the cost of living pressures ease.

In partnership with Newsweek, market research firm BrandSpark International surveyed more than 10,000 consumers on their most trusted grocery retailers. In identifying the top grocery retailers across the country, BrandSpark evaluated stores in eight formats, from conventional grocery stores to discount shops and organic establishments across four regions and 36 attributes.

What are America’s most trusted grocery stores?

Walmart is the most trusted conventional grocer nationally, followed by Kroger, Aldi, Costco, and Publix. Meanwhile, Aldi took the title of the most trusted discount and small-format grocer.

Both Aldi and Walmart faced stiff competition in some regions. In the Northeast, ShopRite is number one. Kroger is number one in the Midwest. And in the West, Safeway tied with Walmart for the top spot.

According to the survey, Aldi and Walmart are the most trusted for affordability. Walmart and Kroger are strongest for store brand/private label products. ShopRite and Kroger deliver on fresh produce. Walmart is tops for curbside pickup.

Why are big chain grocery stores so trusted by consumers?

Consumers want attractive, quality store brand and private label options that offer greater value than national brands. “As inflation continues to hit grocery categories heavily, conventional stores with strong private label offerings are going to be popular with consumers because they can meet their needs in terms of price and effective options,” says Philip Scrutton, VP of Shopper Insights, BrandSpark International. “Even with shoppers’ increased focus on prices, quality-driven conventional grocers still rank highly in each region.”


Jason Wilson
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