Postage Stamps Are About to Go Up in Price—Here’s How to Save Up to 14%

Updated: Apr. 24, 2023

Because those cents add up!

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There are few surprises as delightful as receiving a card in the mail. While we certainly have myriad digital communication options, there’s something so charming and thoughtful about old-fashioned snail mail.

But unfortunately, like most goods and services right now, the price of sending a letter or card is going up, thanks to a federally approved increase in the price of postage stamps. Here’s what you need to know about the price hike, as well as some tips to score discounts on postage stamps.

When will the postage stamp price increase happen?

While the postage stamp price increase has not officially been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission, it is very likely that the United States Postal Service (USPS) will implement the price hike on July 9, 2023, according to NBC News. In January, the USPS Board of Governors approved the price increase on postage stamps, which the USPS claimed was a necessary maneuver to offset the rise of inflation. 

How much will the price of postage stamps increase?

The price of postage stamps will increase by 3 cents. Currently, postage stamps cost $0.63, but they will likely cost $0.66 this summer—a 5.4% increase. This continues a longstanding trend of steadily increasing postage stamp prices; in early 2019, they rose from $0.50 to $0.55.

How can I save money on postage stamps?

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The good news is that there are still numerous ways to save money on postage stamps, especially if you act now before they are implemented. Here are a few penny-pinching tips.

Buy in bulk now

If you post a lot of letters, try to buy stamps in bulk before the price hike. You can buy stamps in bulk directly from USPS’s Postal Store, as well as on Amazon or Tanga. It’s a larger investment up front, but according to the Krazy Coupon Lady, can save you up to 10% in the long run. Just be sure to buy from accredited e-retailers, like those listed here, as postage stamp scams do exist!

Shop for stamp sales at big box retailers

Did you know that you could buy stamps at Walmart? According to Krazy Coupon Lady, Walmart sometimes has sales on postage stamps and discounted them by 14% in July of 2022. Sam’s Club and Costco also offer a wide variety of postage stamps online. If you buy larger quantities, you can usually save with free shipping as well.

Subscribe to for small businesses

If you run your own small business and need a truly vast quantity of stamps, is for you! With a monthly subscription for $19.99, can help you track shipments and print packaging labels, as well as offer postage stamps at a significant discount. Because the company negotiates its rates directly with USPS, it can offer competitive pricing on large quantities of stamps. Typically, it offers postage stamps for $0.03 less than the post office, and you get a free 4-week trial when you sign up.

Try out e-cards and electronic payments

Though it isn’t the same as holding an adorable slip of handwritten paper, digital cards and electronic payments do have their benefits. Most e-cards don’t cost a thing and electronic payments are a fast and convenient way to send regular payments, like rent deposits. Sure, you don’t get to add a cute seasonal stamp, but that just makes the rare physical card all the more special for the recipient!

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