Every Book Lover Should Own A Reading Journal From Papier

Updated: Apr. 07, 2023

Here's why a Papier reading journal deserves a spot on your bookshelf.

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It’s easy to get lost in a great book—only to forget the particulars of the plot by the time you’re deep into your next read. These days, plenty of apps exist to track your reading, but just like in the paperback versus e-book debate, there’s simply something special about the tangibility of a reading journal. Thankfully, there’s line of reading journals that are so gorgeous and useful, they deserve a spot on your bookshelf just like the rest of your classic novels.

Papier’s reading journals make the perfect gift for a book lover or required accessory for your book club. (Psst! Did you know Reader’s Digest has its own reader-powered Book Club? Join now!) Whether you’re just getting started in the RD Book Club or diving into a BookTok recommendation, write your thoughts and keep track of the best picks with a beautiful hardcover journal. 

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What is a reading journal? 

Similar to a planner or a gratitude journal, a reading journal is a multipurpose resource for bookworms to get the most out of their books. Oftentimes, we forget what makes our favorite books so special. The Papier journal is full of prompts, reflection pages and an index. Never again strain your brain for a recommendation next time a friend asks, because your favorite picks will be right in your journal. 

Before choosing a reading journal—a difficult task thanks to all the gorgeous options available—Papier offers a detailed peek into its contents. Inside the thoughtfully designed hardcover, you’ll find 96 double-sided pages. That’s enough space to review 32 books with four pages per title. There’s also an eight-page wish list to fill with all the audiobooks and book series you can’t wait to get your hands on. 

In addition to keeping track of recently-read books and wish list picks, the Papier reading journal also provides space to note the titles you’ve lent out—and to who. Anyone looking to start a book club will also find thoughtful prompts to get the conversation going during an awkward first meeting.

The reading journal is full of clever details, including Papier’s book recommendations and a place to jot down bookstore addresses and book websites. Papier sources the journal’s sheets from Forest Steward Council (FSC)-certified forests and ships them in plastic-free packaging.  

How to use a reading journal 

Start by choosing your favorite design among Papier’s 30 options, then customize the journal with your name, initial or nickname. Not only will the personalization make the journal feel extra-special, but it’s also practical to keep from accidentally swapping yours with another reader’s.

Then, once you’ve decided which thriller novel, inspirational book or memoir to dive into, keep your Papier journal close by. Add the title to the book index, along with the author, format (handy for the Amazon Kindle e-readers), genre and start date.  

And once you’ve closed the book for the last time, you can chronicle the experience in the reviews section. Add the best quotes and a summary. The journal makes it easy to track titles, discuss a chapter with book club questions and make sense of any mystery story.  

According to Molly Park, Papier’s Chief Product Officer, the reading journals are meant to “encourage moments of mindfulness and reflection on your reading journey.” Knowing you’re nearing the end of a great read can be a bummer, but sit with the book a little longer by recording quotes and feelings in the journal. “In the digital age, the act of switching off social media and getting lost in a book can do wonders for our mental health,” she says.  

Where to buy a reading journal 

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Papier offers 30 beautiful reading journals to choose from. They range between $35 to $40, but becoming the envy of your book club thanks to this must-have accessory is priceless. 

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  • Molly Park, Chief Product Officer, Papier