Does Taking Facebook Quizzes Put Your Information at Risk?

Taking Facebook quizzes is fun, but could it also be potentially dangerous?

Facebook can be fun, and a great way to keep tabs on your family and friends that are near and far. But if you’re not careful with how you use Facebook, your personal information could fall into the hands of hackers. Here are signs you’re sharing too much on Facebook, by the way.

If you spend any time on social media, you’re likely to come across a Facebook quiz. These activities are commonly shared among friends with the tease that your answers will reveal something fun about yourself. According to CommonSenseMedia, hackers can create these quizzes to acquire private information from you to hack your accounts or steal your identity using personal information that Facebook provides them with.

Additionally, Facebook quizzes may lead you to a website with dangerous downloads, or have malicious links and possible viruses included in the questions. In 2019, CNN reported how this practice was used in a scandal, wherein Ukrainian hackers used Facebook quizzes to install malicious browser extensions. And the Better Business Bureau issued an alert just this past year, advising against taking Facebook quizzes.

The best way to protect yourself is to take Facebook scams seriously, and only click on links that you definitely trust. To stay safe, you can report suspicious links to Facebook, and avoid websites that force you to log in or ask for an additional email address. Just because a friend shares a link doesn’t mean you can trust it; if something looks suspicious, don’t click on it.

If you’re still concerned about protecting your data on Facebook, there are other ways of keeping safe online. You can check up on your privacy settings using Facebook’s “Your Privacy” tool, and stop using Facebook to log into other apps. If you want to stay online-security savvy, check out these simple ways to protect yourself online.


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