This Viral Video Shows You the Right Way to Use Cling Wrap

Updated: Nov. 25, 2022

TikTok is teaching us all how to use cling wrap.

What better time to learn a new skill than right now? Of course, all of the best new skills come from TikTok. By now, you’ve probably mastered getting stains out of plastic containers and the three-ingredient hack to cleaning your oven. That’s not all we can learn from TikTok, though. Users are just now realizing there’s an easier way to use cling wrap—without ripping the whole roll out of the box. When it comes to plastic wrap hacks, this is just one of the many uses for plastic wrap you may not have known about. Just make sure after you try it, you store it in the right place.

How did we not know about this plastic wrap hack?

Everyone understands the frustration of wrangling cling wrap—aka plastic wrap—when you’re putting away that leftover lasagna from dinner. Luckily, @MattAdlard on TikTok discovered the solution: built-in tabs to keep your cling wrap in place as you pull.

All you have to do is push them in to lock your cling wrap in place, and voila! No more after-dinner scrapping with your plastic wrap.

@mattadlardIt took me 25 years to realise those! ##cooking ##baking ##hack ##lifehack ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

When I saw this hack, I ran straight to my kitchen to check for push tabs, and sure enough, there they were. This is actually the standard for plastic wrap brands, so the roll in your kitchen is likely to feature the same thing. And don’t feel bad; it took Matt twenty-five years to find a solution.

Give these other TikTok tricks a try

TikTok doesn’t stop at cling wrap when it comes to great kitchen hacks. We’ve also learned how to use a strainer the right way. TikTok is reinventing what we know about the kitchen, and we can’t wait to put these hacks into practice. (And don’t be afraid to share your own TikTok hacks with us—we’re always looking to learn!)

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