This Viral Video Shows How to Hang Christmas Lights the Easy Way

This hack is the quickest way to a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree.

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You and the fam have finally decided it’s time to put up Christmas decorations, so you grab all the bins tucked away in storage and start digging through them to find those bright, sparkly LED lights you all love so much. Next comes the frustrating part: You have to plan out how to hang all those Christmas lights.

Don’t get us wrong. Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun and festive activity. But circling the tree over and over again until the lights are just right can be such a hassle. That’s where this ingenious TikTok hack comes in. It turns out there’s a much easier way to string up lights—without using so many at a time. Here’s how and why you should be hanging your lights.

It’s all about the vertical

When it comes to decorating with Christmas lights, we’re used to wrapping them around the tree’s girth, from top to bottom. That proves to be a precarious task for anyone shorter than five foot seven. But according to this amazing TikTok video, we can put all that unnecessarily hard work behind us.

In the video, TikTok user @lizlovery explains that we should be hanging our Christmas lights vertically (from top to bottom) instead of horizontally (all the way around).

But why is this better? According to her, not only do you use fewer lights in the process, but they’re much easier to deal with and look a lot neater. On top of all that, if you find you have a pesky row of lights that don’t seem to be working anywhere, they can be replaced with ease.


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This is the ideal hack for any kind of tree, real or fake. And if you’ve opted for the half Christmas tree this year, this technique means you’ll be able to save even more lights. If only setting up lights outside were this easy, eh? The good news is that Walmart’s Christmas tree delivery service will install those pesky outdoor Christmas lights for you this year.

We love a good Christmas hack

One of the best parts of stringing your lights up in this manner is the fact that you can decorate your tree in sections. If you’re only going to see half of the tree, you don’t have to worry about decorating the back. Maybe you want different lights and ornaments on different sides? The process is all up to you. And, you know, we shorties appreciate the help too.

If you’re looking to shake up Christmas this year, start with an artificial Christmas tree. It’ll look great as the backdrop for any (COVID-19-safe) holiday party!

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