This Viral Video Shows You How to Make 3-Ingredient Ice Cream

It's delicious—and super simple.

Where would we be without TikTok? We’d never know how to clean our oven with just three ingredients or the best way to get stains out of our plastic containers. Seriously, this app is good for laughs—but it’s also good for cooking and general kitchen life hacks, too.

It’s not super surprising that TikTok’s back at it with yet another simple and tasty recipe: ice cream!

How to make 3-ingredient ice cream

You’ll only need three ingredients, as promised:

  • A can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 450 ml of cream
  • Something for flavoring (in the video, they use leftover chocolate caramel cheesecake)

To start, blend together the condensed milk and the cream until the mixture forms stiff peaks. From there, fold in whatever you’re adding for flavor (although if you’re adding a syrup, we bet you could blend that in when you’re mixing together the rest of the liquids). Don’t know how to fold ingredients? Here’s a quick primer.

Dump the mixture in a sealed container and stick it in the freezer for a few hours, and there you have it—ice cream. It’s that easy!

What we really love about this recipe is how customizable it is. You could add just about anything to it for flavoring: chocolate syrup, candy pieces, fruit, etc. The sky’s the limit.

For a video walkthrough, check out the TikTok below:

@jaxfoodhaxINSTANT ICE CREAM : 2 + ingredients & you’re in creamy heaven. ##fyp ##fypage ##jfhx ##cooking ##icecream ##easy ##food ##recipe ##foodhacks♬ original sound – jaxfoodhax

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