What Are Soap Brows? How to Do the Viral Trend

Soap brows are easy, on-trend, and frame your face perfectly—what more could you ask for?

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Thin, overplucked eyebrows are old news. Instead, it’s all about rocking thicker brows. But even within the big brow world, there are a variety of aesthetic options. Some people go for super-defined brows in whatever shape is best for their face. Others prefer a wild, untamed look.

But the latest trend? Soap brows. Yup, you read that right. This look originally gained popularity on social media and involves using a soap-like substance to brush your brows up (more on this soon!).

One of the best things about a statement soap brow is that you can opt for a natural makeup look on the rest of your face. Plus, there are a variety of makeup brands that make products that can help you achieve the look. So, if supporting a Black-owned makeup brand or clean beauty brand is important to you, you’ll surely be able to find a product.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about this trend—including tips for trying it at home!

What are soap brows?

“Soap brows give you the look of laminated brows,” says Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist Steve Kassajikian. But what are laminated brows? “It’s a fuller, fluffy-looking brow,” he explains further. And, yes, you really do use soap for soap brows. Like a brow gel, the glycerin in soap keeps hairs in place. So when you brush the hairs up, they stay in place and give you a fluffy look.

According to many of the makeup artists who demonstrate this look on YouTube and Instagram, soap has actually long been a makeup secret used by pros to set brows. “You can use just about any soap,” says Kassajikian. “Though there are soaps specifically made for brows that are nice.”

Soap may even be more effective than some other brow products. “It has more of a pomade-type feeling to it,” says Emily Brafford, a makeup artist in Telluride, Colorado. “And it has a stronger hold than something like a clear brow gel.”

How do you do soap brows?

If you’re interested in trying this trend, you’re in luck—it’s a snap to do on your own!

“You’ll want to start by wetting a spoolie,” says Brafford. “Then, drag it across the soap and use it to brush your eyebrow hairs upward.” It’s that easy!

One thing to know: If you have sparse spots in your brows, soap won’t fill those in. “After you brush the soap in, use your favorite eyebrow product to fill in any areas that need it,” says Kassajikian.

What soap should you use for your eyebrows?

Wondering if you can use the same soap that’s sitting in your shower? The answer is yes, you can. Technically, any soap will work, says Kassijikian. “However, I prefer a soap specifically made for brows.”

Brafford agrees. “Certain soaps can have ingredients that could be irritating to the sensitive skin on your face,” she says. Obviously, most soap is made to be used on your body. But it’s usually washed away pretty quickly. Leaving it on all day, especially if it’s filled with fragrances, could bother your skin.

If you are using regular soap, you can look for something made for sensitive skin (this is less likely to irritate you). You also want to make sure it contains glycerin so that it has that holding power to keep you looking your best. Finally, make sure it brushes on clear, so you aren’t left with a white cast.

Soap brow essentials

Here are a handful of products that can help you get the soap brow look!


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