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From Royal Weddings to royal babies, we’re as obsessed with the Royal Family as you are. We’re here to help you tune into the latest news including learning about what “stepping back” from royal duties really means and sharing rarely seen photos of the Royal Family through the years.

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Why Kate Middleton Rarely Takes Her Coat Off in Public

No, it’s not because she’s cold.

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The Royal Family Just Shared Their Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe

From Buckingham Palace, straight to our kitchens.

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10 Facts You Probably Never Knew About Princess Diana

Here, a few royal secrets about Diana, Princess of Wales.

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9 Things Princess Diana Lost After Her Divorce from Prince Charles

Princess Diana lost her title, true, but she also lost a lot more when she split from Prince Charles—physically and...

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Here’s How Queen Elizabeth II Found Out About Princess Diana’s Death

Here’s everything you need to know about that somber morning for the royal family.

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The Christmas Gift from Princess Diana That Prince Charles Hated

She worked hard on his surprise, but her husband wasn't thrilled.

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9 Secrets About Princess Diana No One Knew About Until After Her Death

Even 23 years after her untimely death, we’re still learning shocking—and even dark—facts about the personal life of the People’s...

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The Comment Prince Charles Made After Harry’s Birth That Broke Princess Diana’s Heart

The marriage between Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, was never easy, but this became the point of no...

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11 Secrets You Never Knew About Princess Diana’s Love Affair

We give you an intimate look at the man who stole Princess Diana’s heart and their private relationship.

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What You Probably Didn’t Know About Hasnat Khan, the True Love of Princess Diana’s Life

Cardiac surgeon Hasnat Khan was the love of Princess Diana's life, but he's revealed very little about their relationship. Now...

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Why You Rarely Saw Princess Diana Wearing Gloves

It actually had nothing to do with fashion—the reason is much more heartwarming.

15 Rarely Seen Photos of Prince Harry with Princess Diana

As ginger-haired Prince Harry turns another year older on September 15, these informal, rarely-seen snapshots celebrate the most magical times...

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13 Times Princess Diana’s Body Language Told the Real Story

What's the one language in which lying is virtually impossible? Body language. And that's as true for a royal as...

13 Things We Still Don’t Know About Princess Diana’s Death

Official investigations have delved into the details surrounding the car crash that killed Princess Diana, but several questions still remain...

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You Can Make the Royal Family’s Garden Party Scones at Home—Here’s How

This recipe is served at Buckingham Palace—and in your house!

17 Things You Didn’t Know About Prince George

His parents, Prince William and Duchess Catherine, keep the life of the future heir to the British throne very private....

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12 Times Prince George Looked Exactly Like His Father

Like father, like son they say, and if these two weren't over 30 years apart in age, it might be...

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Why We’re Still So Fascinated with Princess Diana

More than 20 years after Princess Diana's fatal car crash, "The People's Princess" continues to live large in our collective...

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A Body Language Expert Analyzes 13 Iconic Photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Find out what signals the doomed royal couple were secretly sending for years.

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13 Rarely Seen Photos of Prince William with Princess Diana

Prince William had such a special relationship with his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, that he has committed to being...

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A Body Language Expert Analyzes 15 Iconic Photos of Queen Elizabeth

Born to be a minor member of the royal family, Elizabeth II has become one of the most famous people...

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12 Photos of Prince William Acting Like a Future King

Prince William has always been destined to be king, but who knew he was such a natural?

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A Body Language Expert Analyzes 13 Iconic Photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton

The "Babe Ruth" of body language has a lot to say about what the body language of the Duke and...

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The Secret Message Meghan Markle Hid in Her Wedding Veil

It’s an incredibly romantic gesture—and it proves that no one knew as much about her wedding outfit as they thought.

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11 Ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Made History

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex broke tradition in a number of ways when they became husband and wife.

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Here’s How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Cake Differed from Other Royal Cakes

It may have broken royal tradition, but the design is absolutely gorgeous!