Skin Care

Our skin is the human body’s largest organ and it’s important to take care of it. From moisturizers and creams in all kinds of weather, we’re here to help you keep choose the best skincare for you.

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    How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Quickly and Easily

    Haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in ages? You’re not alone. But you need to follow these directions if you want gorgeous skin and brushes that last.

    I Tried a Korean Face Mask with Over 20,000 Near-Perfect Reviews—Here’s Why I’ll Buy it ...

    Thousands of near-perfect reviews and over 200 million sold? My stressed-out skin and I had to try this mask!

    This $12 Acne Gel Has Over 20,000 Perfect Ratings on Amazon

    You don’t need a prescription or a bundle of cash to banish blemishes forever. This affordable treatment can work miracles...

    This $25 Foot Peel Is Better Than a Pedicure

    Baby Foot foot peel has almost 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon. But does the viral Japanese foot treatment really work?...

    How to Do Your Own Pedicure in 6 Easy Steps

    You don't need to visit a nail salon to get beautiful, professional-looking toes. If you follow these steps, you can...

    12 Things Dermatologists Do in the Winter That You Don’t

    Frigid temps and whipping winds may sound like a prescription for itchy, dry, cracked skin. But winter doesn’t have to...

    20 Anti-Aging Creams Dermatologists Trust the Most

    Don't just pick a random product off the shelves and pray that it works—these are the anti-aging creams that actually...

    5 Spots You Should Never Apply Perfume

    Less is more, especially when it comes to your favorite fragrance.

    31 of Our Favorite Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals Under $25

    Amazon Prime Day is almost here, and we have a sneak peek at all the biggest beauty bargains—including makeup, hair...

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    13 Beauty Trends That Are Downright Dangerous

    These dangerous hair, skin, and makeup trends may look cool, but they are off-limits, according to experts.

    14 Black-Owned Beauty Products You Should Really Own by Now

    Warning: You’re about to become obsessed with these must-have beauty buys.

    13 Things You Shouldn’t Try to Do Yourself During Quarantine

    Yes, you've probably become increasingly self-sufficient in many ways during this weird time. But be careful you don't get so...

    How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

    Let us help you with this one thing.

    20 Beauty Stocking Stuffers for the Makeup Lover on Your List

    Miniature sizes make these hero products irresistibly cute and even more crave-worthy for all the beauty fans on your holiday...

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    This $10 Cream Is Reportedly Meghan Markle’s Skin-Care Secret

    Just when we thought we couldn't love the Duchess of Sussex more, she shows us this royal way to look...

    How to Get Rid of Scars, According to Dermatologists

    Anything from an injury to acne can leave behind a lifetime of scarring. Dermatologists share their top strategies on how...

    My “Hernia” Turned Out to Be Stage 3 Melanoma

    This woman's love of the outdoors led to a diagnosis of melanoma. Now Sara Langill is on a mission to...

    Meghan Markle’s Skin-Care Routine Is Surprisingly Easy to Follow

    Now, you too can have princess-perfect skin like Meghan Markle.

    Why Do I Sweat So Much? 6 Medical Reasons Behind Excessive Sweating

    If soaking through your shirts or having an extremely damp handshake leaves you feeling embarrassed—one of these issues could explain...

    14 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer (Besides Sunscreen)

    Of course, you need sunscreen: But skin cancer prevention requires so much more. Here's expert advice on keeping your skin...

    15 Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams Worth Your Money

    With these anti-aging powerhouses, you'll have brighter, younger-looking eyes in no time.

    What’s the Difference Between Retinol and Retinoids

    These two anti-aging powerhouses are similar, yet different. One is stronger and FDA tested, but the other can provide good...

    Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good? Here’s What to Look for

    We know we need sunscreen to protect us from the sun's harmful rays. But could using it be harmful to...

    How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs: 5 Treatments That Work

    When you're getting ready to show off your legs this summer, you want them to be flawless and smooth—not covered...

    Here’s How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps from Shaving

    Plus, how to prevent them from even forming in the first place.

    What Really Causes Cracked Heels—and How to Get Rid of Them

    Fix your cracked heels with these expert tips and products and you'll be wearing those summer sandals with confidence.

    How to Get Rid of Whiteheads: 5 Remedies That Work

    Trying to "pop" them will only make things worse.