Skin Care

Our skin is the human body’s largest organ and it’s important to take care of it. From moisturizers and creams in all kinds of weather, we’re here to help you keep choose the best skincare for you.

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    This Is the Only Sunscreen the FDA Wants You to Use

    Everything we thought we knew about sunscreens is changing: Scientists are reviewing the safety of ingredients and—until we know more—this...

    Dr. Pimple Popper Reveals the Type of Acne You Should Never Pop

    We chatted with the pimple guru herself on the type of acne that should only be popped by a professional.

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    The beloved actress and former Bond Girl shares how she defies the hands of time with a zest for life...

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    Take a break from itching and take a look at your hair.

    Why You Probably Shouldn’t Wash Your Face in the Shower

    It might not be worth saving you a few extra minutes.

    8 Foods That Can Help Fight Wrinkles—and 2 You Should Avoid

    Consider this your recipe for younger-looking skin.

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    This royal lady no doubt packs these items everywhere she goes.

    45 Beauty Tips From Grandmas You’d Be a Fool Not to Follow

    Here's the old-school beauty advice these top experts learned from their grandmothers—and still swear by today.

    What Your Facial Wrinkles May Be Trying to Tell You

    What do the lines on your face say about your health?

    This Is the Worst Time to Shave in the Summer

    This is a no-no when it comes to shaving this season.

    20 Drugstore Beauty Products Dermatologists Swear By

    Get clearer, softer, smoother skin on the cheap with the affordable (most cost under $20!) drugstore finds that skin docs...

    6 Potentially Toxic Ingredients You’re Using Every Day

    Knowledge is power. Here's how to protect yourself and your family.

    The Best Foundation for Every Skin Tone

    There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to foundation. We can help you find your just-right shade.

    The Best Way to Apply Foundation, According to Your Skin Type or Concern

    Your foundation application is the literal base of your makeup. Find out the best tools and application techniques to fake...

    What the Acne on Every Part of Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

    The location of your acne is no coincidence.

    9 Beauty Hacks for When You’re Running Late

    Scrambled for time? You can rush out the door and still look great thanks to these genius tips.

    8 Things Women with Flawless Makeup Always Do

    Find out how to keep your makeup looking beautiful with tips from beauty Youtuber Nikki Phillippi.

    The Best Makeup Palette for Your Skin Tone

    Think of palettes as one-stop shopping for complexion perfection. Read on for expert picks for your skin tone.

    You’ll Never Believe That THIS Is the Most Popular Makeup Brand in America

    Despite shopping in department and specialty stores, American women overwhelmingly favor this type of makeup, according to a new survey.

    10 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys for Your Gym Bag

    One way to jump-start your fitness motivation is giving your gym bag a makeover. To spend just a little but...

    Here’s How You Can Create the Perfect Skin-Care Routine

    You don't need a PhD in chemistry to find your perfect skin-care routine when you've got this advice from skin...

    10 Beauty Products Makeup Artists Would Never Waste Money On

    Makeup artists Anthony Giles and Lorin Cole ID reveal the cosmetics they never waste money on, no matter how many...

    Black Makeup Is the Internet’s Newest Obsession—Here’s What You Need to Know

    This year's makeup trends have been matte pinks and beiges. But we just stumbled upon—and became hopelessly obsessed with—this shimmering,...

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    10 TSA-Approved Beauty Treatments for Your Next Flight

    Regardless if you're crossing the Atlantic or taking a puddle jumper from one regional airport to another, you might find...

    9 Health and Beauty Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

    Here's what you need to know about this all-natural cure-all and how you can use it to ease pesky symptoms...