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18 Funny Wedding Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We compiled some silly moments and funny wedding photos from the most important day for a married couple.

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A bride running with her bridesmaidBassittART/Getty Images

Ah, weddings. The most magical day for the happy couple. But on a day so meticulously planned and with the expectation of perfection, there’s bound to be a few mishaps— hopefully, funny ones. While there are many jokes to be made about marriage, perfectly captured through marriage memes and funny marriage quotes, it’s time to reminisce on the wedding day. Luckily, these photographers captured some hilarious moments on camera so you can laugh at other people’s embarrassment. After you laugh at these funny wedding photos, prove to your spouse that romance is not dead with these romantic marriage quotes to remind you two just how much you love each other.

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Gust of Wind Catching a Bride's VeilHulton Deutsch/Getty Images

Just a little wind

The groom does not seem fazed. In addition to just these funny wedding photos make sure you also check out our collection of funny photos to keep the laughs going.

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Together Forever. a bride and groom handcuffed to eachother.E. Dean/Getty Images

Till death do us part

These two are taking their marriage vows a little too seriously.

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Low section of bride and groom in forest with funny dog-shaped balloonWestend61/Getty Images

The dress covers the feet anyway

Should we focus on the sneakers or the dog balloon on a leash? If these funny wedding photos are making you laugh, you have to see these marriage cartoons that are hilariously accurate.

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Groom and groomsman dancing at receptionRoberto Westbrook/Getty Images


Nothing like a little synchronized choreography at the reception with your BFF.

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Couple with Pumpkin HeadsHollenderX2/Getty Images

Go big or gourd home

I now pronounce you pum-king and pum-queen.

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Bridal couple with climbing backpacks walking on meadowWestend61/Getty Images

Oops, I forgot the ring at the bottom of the mountain

Everyone knows you can’t wear white on a hike.

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Young boy sitting under a table at a wedding reception with a bowl of snacks.SolStock/Getty Images

Caught in the act

He just came for the snacks.

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Low Angle View Of Falling Bride Holding Man On StepsDenise Hasse/EyeEm/Getty Images

Seconds before the tumble

This photographer should get paid extra. If you’re in the mood to giggle with your partner after looking at these funny wedding photos, send them a few of these love memes.

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Sleeping dog in the aisle of a church during a weddingJoel Carillet/Getty Images

Longest ceremony ever

Come on, like you wish you weren’t the dog in this scenario.

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Just married couple holding hands and walking on rain. Walking in wet ceremonial clothes on driveway. Smiling and looking at camera.dusanpetkovic/Getty Images

The weatherman said just a slight drizzle!

Is this considered good luck?

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elvis impersonator close to the camera with bride and groom in the backgroundJupiterimages/Getty Images

The real star

Elvis, it may be about time to leave the building. If you’re in the mood for a little romance, turn on one of these romantic movies you’ll surely adore.

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newlyweds kissing while holding hotdogs and posing by thier convertible on the beachRonnie Kaufman/Getty Images

Quick snack for the road

Quite frankly, this is a great idea.

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Side View Of Bride Applying Lipstick By using a car as mirrorDmitry Shumeev/EyeEm/Getty Images

A makeshift mirror

Drives great too!

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Happy Couple Playing With Cake During Wedding ReceptionLiana Hileman/EyeEm/Getty Images

You have a little something on your face

Did any of the cake make it into their mouths? Impress your partner with one of these love poems that perfectly put love into words for you.

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wedding couple with dark glasses and striking funny posesASphotowed/Getty Images

Ready to party

A true power couple.

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Sweet little girl looking up at a wedding cakeMartin Novak/Getty Images

We all know what she’s thinking

No one will notice if I take a small bite, right?

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Siberian husky dogs couple with bride and groom costumesDmytro Duda/Getty Images

They are mutts about each other

I am fur-ever yours.

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Runaway Bride and Groom in Golf Cartbmcent1/Getty Images

See ya!

Catch everyone after the honeymoon! Now that you have seen all these funny wedding photos, check out these romantic love quotes that will make you swoon.

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