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4 Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

Clever ways to keep you jewelry organized!

Egg Cartons and Ice-Cube Trays Make Cute Jewelry Boxes

The compartments of egg cartons and ice-cube trays are just the right size for keeping jewelery separated, organized and visible. They are especially good for keeping pairs of earrings together. Line up side by side in a drawer.

Turn a Padded Coat Hanger Into a Jewelry Holder

Use a padded coat hanger to store a variety of different kinds of jewelery. Put necklaces and bracelets around the neck of the hanger, then use the padding to hold pierced earrings and pin-on brooches. You could color-code hangers to hold jewelery to go with a range of outfits.

A Coat Rack Provides a Decorative Jewelry Display

Draping necklaces and bracelets from the hooks on a coat rack mounted on the wall next to your dressing table is a smart idea. For one thing, your baubles are there when you need them; for another, they add a nice decorative touch to an expanse of bare wall. We like this Tie and Necklace Rack (featured above), available at

Keep Your Baubles Sorted With Plastic Pill Organizers

Reuse clean plastic pill bottles or organizers as jewelery holders. They’re a great solution for traveling. We love the 7-Section Stacking Pill Organizer from The Container Store. The compartments are small, see-through, and perfect for storing earrings, rings, brooches, and bracelets separately–so you can use only the compartment you want.

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