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50 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas for a Merry and Bright Home

Don’t just deck your halls! These festive outdoor decorating ideas will make your entire home Christmas-ready.

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Christmas decorations on house in Brooklyn
Rudy Sulgan/Getty Images

‘Tis the season for spectacular outdoor decor

What is Christmas without bright lights and gorgeous displays adorning your front door, porch, and yard? Seriously, is it even Christmas without them? Well, sure, but outdoor decor makes the holidays a lot more festive and fun. In fact, decorating is one of the best parts of the season, and it often becomes an annual Christmas tradition with the family. Not sure where to start? We’ve got plenty of outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for you to make the perfect seasonal statement.

One way to figure out how to decorate the outside of your home for the holidays is to first decide what you’ll do inside. Take some inspiration from the best Christmas tree ideas and DIY Christmas ornaments to get a feel for what you want your home’s vibe to be, whether it’s rustic, modern, whimsical, or traditional. You can also incorporate DIY Christmas decorations outdoors, just like you do indoors. The bottom line: Make it fun—and make it you!

front of a house decorated for christmas
kostolom/Getty Images

Hanging Christmas bulbs

These Christmas bulbs add even more brightness to the front yard. Rather than the tiny Christmas lights or even the larger Christmas lights, these bulbs, which can dress up a porch any time of year, are a more subtle Christmas piece. For more ideas, visit one of these Christmas light shows near you for inspiration—and a memorable Christmas activity.

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Christmas entrance door decoration white and red with christmas wreath
NRuedisueli/Getty Images

Christmas ornaments and branches

Framing your front door with branches creates a cozy, natural effect, which you can then dress up with shiny, colorful ornaments. And, of course, a Christmas wreath front and center seals the deal.

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multicolored christmas lights and santas sleigh and reindeer holiday decor in a front yard of a house
Regula Heeb-Zweifel/Getty Images

Multicolored Christmas lights

This is one of the easiest outdoor Christmas decoration ideas: Simply use multicolored lights to turn your front yard into a rainbow of festive colors. Sprinkle these in with your other Christmas decorations, like figurines and inflatables, for a whole Christmas scene.

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house decorated for christmas with festive flamingos in santa hats decor and colorful trees and lights
Greg Pease/Getty Images

Uniquely colored Christmas trees

Switch things up by putting some iridescent, multicolored trees on display. Add lights, ornaments, Christmas tree toppers, and anything else your heart desires. This house even uses flamingos wearing Santa hats for a fun twist!

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Porch with wooden doors and a threshold with Christmas decor.
Maryna Terletska/Getty Images

Pine cone Christmas wreath

This could be a fun DIY project for a chilly winter day if you can’t find one already made—or if you simply love creating all sorts of Christmas crafts. Gather (or buy) pine cones, evergreen sprigs, and cranberries and fasten them to a wreath base. Wrap it all in ribbon and you have yourself a simple, rustic wreath.

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Wooden sled with stumps and glass candlesticks outdoor christmas decor
yulyao/Getty Images

Decorative tree stumps

Pay homage to Christmas trees of the past with this clever outdoor-decor idea. These tree stumps are a subtle nod to the holiday season, but they can also be a rustic outdoorsy piece you can use well beyond the holidays. You should be able to find them locally at lumberyards or tree stump removal companies. What else might appeal to you? Here’s how to decorate for the holidays, based on your zodiac sign.

wood benches and poinsettias Christmas Decorations At Front Door of House
Feverpitched/Getty Images

Christmas poinsettias

Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas don’t have to take a ton of time—or cost a ton of money. Simply place poinsettia plants around your front porch to add a little festive flair. You don’t even have to take them out of their decorative foil wrapping!

Christmas Fireplace Door Decor
via michaels.com

Christmas fireplace door display

DIY this fun fireplace display for your front door to bring a little bit of your cozy indoor decor outside. It’s easy enough to put together and would work on any door, whether you have a house in the country or an apartment in the city. You can even hang Christmas stockings with your names on them to add a personal touch.

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inviting doorway with snow on porch stairs and railing and christmas garland wrapped around two posts
dszc/Getty Images

Front porch garland

If your front porch has columns, wrap them up in garlands and big red bows. This is a simple touch that adds so much character. Also, if you get one that already has lights and ribbon, it’s even less work for you.

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Christmas Lights on a Farm House
chapin31/Getty Images

Icicle Christmas lights

These pretty little lights will make it look like icicles are dripping from your roof, just like in the prettiest Christmas towns. They can be strung just like regular Christmas lights, but they’ll make you feel like you’re in your very own winter wonderland—no matter what the weather’s like by you.

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Christmas Ribbon Teardrop Outdoor Lantern Decor
via michaels.com

Christmas ribbon porch light decor

With just a few materials, you can whip up this picture-perfect ribbon decor and wrap it around a front porch light. It will bring subtle attention to your light, and the light, in turn, will spotlight the beautiful decoration you’ve created.

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Fairy lights and Christmas wreath on house
Steve Smith/Getty Images

Oversize Christmas wreath

For an outdoor Christmas decoration idea that will last well beyond the holiday, try wrapping a plain wreath with white Christmas lights. This one could be left up for the entire season or even the entire year, but you could dress it up for Christmas by adding a red ribbon.

Decoration Winter Tree With Red And Gold Balls.
Natalia Illarionova/Getty Images

Christmas ornaments and lights for your trees

Who says Christmas trees are the only kinds of trees that should be decked out for the holidays? Barren branches make the perfect backdrop for lights and ornaments, too! The ornaments are a particularly fun addition to the typical Christmas light idea.

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Decorated with red bows and balls Christmas trees in pots near old house
dmf87/Getty Images

Potted Christmas trees

How cute are these little guys? Whether you opt for real or fake mini trees, placing them in terra-cotta pots instantly creates a more lived-in and upscale feel. Place them around your porch or along the path to your house to welcome guests for the holidays. Speaking of which, if you’re hosting a holiday bash this year, check out these Christmas party themes for the merriest celebration.

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Snowballs For Sale Sign Winter Door Decor
via michaels.com

Snowballs for Sale sign

Put your crafting skills to work to make this vintage-style wooden sign for your front door. Hang it for Christmas and keep it up through the snowy months!

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Winter rustic entrance door decorated for New year and Christmas with ornaments and Christmas lights.
Anastasiia Krivenok/Getty Images

Christmas ornament garland

This garland combines two of the most popular Christmas symbols: evergreen and ornaments. You can buy a garland already festooned with ornaments, or you can easily make one yourself using the two items. Hang it around the door, on the banister, on a fence, or anywhere a garland would fit.

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Festive family home with Christmas, holiday decorations, covered in snow
JamesBrey/Getty Images

Christmas light net

Rather than fussing over trying to perfectly drape a strand of Christmas lights on a bush, get a Christmas light net and just throw it over the whole thing. This outdoor Christmas decoration idea provides an easy way to light up a large space without having to wind individual strands round and round.

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Building facade in Brooklyn, New York
Flavia Morlachetti/Getty Images

Hanging Christmas evergreen

A great budget-friendly way to dress up a front door, especially in a city, is just to hang some evergreen with a red bow. A wreath hook will easily hold a few sprigs of evergreen, which you’ll tie together and top with a big red bow. If you want to skip the evergreen, you could also just go with the bow by itself.

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A local Hawaiian house in Kahului, Maui decorated for the holidays.
Meredith Narrowe/Getty Images

Palm tree ornaments

Even if you live in a warm-weather locale, you can still embrace the spirit of the holidays! Palm trees may not feel particularly Christmasy…until you hang some giant red and green ornaments from them, that is. By the way, here’s why red and green are such big Christmas colors.

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Christmas Joy Sign
Via sellingdaddy/Etsy.com

Christmas Joy sign

Here’s a joyful sign for the most joyful of seasons! You can craft this yourself with a piece of plywood, stencils, and a little paint, or buy it pre-made from Etsy. Even better: You don’t have to worry about hanging it. Just lean it against your home and you’re all set!

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Mini Scandinavian Gnome Tree Holiday Decor
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Christmas tree gnome

How much fun would it be to create a whole little family of these Christmas tree gnomes for your front yard? It’s a DIY project that you can create again and again with some yarn (or pre-made pompoms) and felt. Plus, these little guys can live indoors or out, which means you can keep some on the lawn and others inside by the tree. They’ll probably put little ones in the mood for these festive Christmas cartoons.

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A beautifully apple decorated front door and porch ready for the holidays
Brycia James/Getty Images

Christmas fruit wreath

For an alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath, consider one made out of fruit. You can craft your own with fake fruits like apples and pears, or find one already made. You can keep this on your door for all of fall and winter and, of course, break it out year after year.

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A closeup of a beautiful red holiday Christmas bow with lights and decorative pine branches on a fence in New York City.
James Andrews/Getty Images

Christmas fence garland

Don’t forget your fence when you decorate for Christmas! It takes just a few minutes to drape a garland across the tops of fence posts and add a few bows to make things even merrier.

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Christmas decorations on an outdoor home stair railing with pine branches red bows and bells in New York City
James Andrews/Getty Images

Christmas bells

Have the carol of the bells right on your front stoop with this pretty and classic decoration. Add silver bells topped with red bows to the ends of evergreen-wrapped banisters, on a porch light, or anywhere you like. If the sight of bells makes you think of a certain holiday tune, it’s time to download these Christmas songs and create the perfect seasonal playlist.

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Christmas Ornament Weath
via michaels.com

Christmas ornament wreath

To make this wreath, you can use any Christmas baubles that suit your home’s decor. If your Christmas lights are multicolored, you could match this wreath with that aesthetic to bring it all together.

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stylish simple wooden christmas trees and garland lights, celebration decoration for holidays in the city.
Bogdan Kurylo/Getty Images

Wooden Christmas trees

Start a little Christmas tree farm on your front lawn with this unique yet still-traditional decor. You can create these two-dimensional wooden trees in a variety of sizes and paint them however you’d like. Make as many as your budget, space, and patience allow!

House porch decorated for christmas and New Year holiday
prescott09/Getty Images

Christmas ornaments on the porch

This front porch takes hanging ornaments to a whole new level by attaching them to long red ribbons and creating an all-around festive look. By varying the ribbon lengths, you can create even more drama and visual interest. Your house just may end up looking like one of the picture-perfect homes in the best Christmas movies.

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Peppermint Lane Wreath on red front door
via michaels.com

Peppermint Christmas wreath

The flavor of the season is peppermint, so why not decorate with it, too? DIY a peppermint-themed wreath out of a white wreath base, candy cane–inspired ornaments, and a surprisingly festive burlap bow and you’ll have a front door that would be right at home in the North Pole!

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house entrance decorated for holidays.
Malkovstock/Getty Images

Fake snow

Just because your climate doesn’t get snow doesn’t mean your decor can’t include it! Either buy cotton batting that looks like snow or snowy powder to strategically place around the front yard and you’ll make your neighbors do a double take.

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Winter exterior of a country house with Christmas decorations.
Anastasiia_Guseva/Getty Images

All-white Christmas tree

Christmas trees look just as beautiful outdoors as they do indoors. For a snowy look, try an all-white tree on your front lawn with pops of color. Looking to get away from the actual white stuff? You’ll want to check out these Christmas getaway ideas.

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Hanging plant pots with wall decorated with electric lights.
Amir Mukhtar/Getty Images

Simple Christmas lights

A single strand of lights? Yep! That’s all you need for a simple dose of holiday cheer on your front porch. Go with white lights to elevate this look.

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Personalized Christmas Door Mat
via michaels.com

Christmas door mat

Personalized Christmas decor always looks like it cost a fortune, but this door mat with your name on it can be created affordably—by you! Once you have the buffalo-check mat, acrylic paint and stencil brushes can help you create this little bit of holiday magic easily. This could also make a fun DIY Christmas gift for a friend or family member that they can use year after year.

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Christmas Frame Wreath
Via Joann.com

Christmas frame wreath

DIY a picture frame into a rustic-looking holiday wreath. Dress it up with natural elements and your favorite Christmas trimmings, and your door will be picture-perfect in no time.

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Illuminated Lanterns On Footpath In Park During Christmas
Yuki Nishinaka/Getty Images

Christmas lanterns

Line your sidewalk with lanterns that shine bright in the night sky. You can use these decor pieces all year long in myriad ways, but they really stand out at Christmastime.

Beautiful Christmas light display.
HannamariaH/Getty Images

Christmas lights extravaganza

The more, the merrier! If that’s your motto when it comes to Christmas decorations, go for it! Pile on the lights strategically and add signs, inflatables, and whatever else you can get your hands on for an over-the-top holiday experience. Santa definitely won’t miss your house!

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Female Hand Draws Christmas Holidays Decoration Painted On Window Glass.
Anastasiia Yanishevska/Getty Images

Painted Christmas windows

Put your artistic skills on display with this craft that you can paint on the inside of your windows for everyone outside to see. Using glass paint or liquid chalk that wipes off, get creative with Christmas landscapes, designs, and messages that will make your neighbors feel all warm and fuzzy. Decorating the windows might end up being a Christmas Eve tradition you do every year with your family.

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Christmas Gift and Ornaments Background
Mansoreh Motamedi/Getty Images

Christmas packages

There are a few ways you can use Christmas gifts as decor on the front porch. You can DIY boxes with wrapping paper, of course, but you’ll need to make sure they’re well protected under a covered porch in case of inclement weather. Or you can create raffia boxes like these that should hold up through rain and snow.

Silver Christmas Wreath
Via Michaels.com

Silver Christmas wreath

For a rustic look, DIY this gorgeous silver wreath for your front door. Adorned with silver sprigs, stars, and even a swan, it’s a subtle holiday piece that you won’t want to take down, even when Christmas is over.

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decorated Christmas tree in a snowy forest, sledges, blanket and a basket of toys.
~UserGI15633745/Getty Images

Vintage Christmas sled

Put an old sled to good use with this idea. Dress it up with some bows, lights, packages, and snow (real or fake)—and voilà! You’ve got a clever, on-point outdoor Christmas decoration! If you love this idea, check out these vintage Christmas photos.

Easy Noel Farms Christmas Wreath
via michaels.com

Rustic Christmas wreath

DIY this rustic wreath with pine cones, cotton buds, and fake snow. It will be the perfect accent on your home’s front door or even a barn door.

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A Seguaro Cactus adorned with a Santa Hat outside a house in Phoenix Arizona
Matt Mawson/Getty Images

Santa hats

Plop a Santa hat just about anywhere for some Christmas spirit. Putting one on top of a cactus is an easy way to make the desert feel like Christmas, but you can also use them on regular trees, bushes, fences, and more. A mini cactus topped with a Santa hat could also make a great Secret Santa or white elephant gift!

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Display of a Christmas tree in a shop entrance
David-Prado/Getty Images

Matching Christmas trees

Flank your front door with two matching trees to create a festive entryway. Decorate them to suit whatever the rest of your decor theme is.

Christmas Botanicals Wreath
via michaels.com

Christmas star wreath

For something a little less Christmasy and a little more whimsical, try this star-adorned Christmas wreath. It still has the trappings of Christmas, but the stars and natural textures give it a fresh spin.

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Christmas decorations on door of house that spell joy
Guy Biechele/Getty Images

Evergreen words

Think outside the box! Instead of relegating evergreen to trees, wreaths, and garlands, use it to spell out holiday-themed words like Joy, Believe, and more. You may find these already made, but if not, you can use an evergreen garland to create it yourself. Get in the spirit even more with these Christmas quotes that capture the warmth of the season.

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Beautiful, glowing holiday home decorated with Christmas lights.
JamesBrey/Getty Images

Illuminated Christmas scene

Create your very own winter wonderland with glowing Christmas decorations. These come in a wide variety, so you can do a religious setup with a manger scene or go with Santa and his reindeer.

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Miniature Ornament Wreath
via michaels.com

Mini ornament wreath

If you’re not into the traditional Christmas colors, try this ornament wreath full of bright baubles. The pinks, blues, and silvers dress up your home in a whimsical way.

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Front Porch and door decorated for the Christmas holiday season
C5Media/Getty Images

Traditional Christmas wreath

It’s a classic for a reason! Trust us—you can’t go wrong with this one on your front door. Carry the theme throughout the house by hanging them in the windows as well.

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White door with hanging Christmas wreath under tiled roof decorated tree branches with ornaments and lights
FavoreStudio/Getty Images

Hanging floral sprigs

Mix up your decor by hanging floral sprigs among your evergreen pieces. It adds a lush, natural element to traditional holiday decorations. This house uses a purple shade to complement the purple ornaments, and they blend in nicely with the icicle lights.

Tiny Treasures Mini Christmas Wreath
via michaels.com

Snow-covered Christmas wreath

Start dreaming of a white Christmas with this bright white wreath made of pine and snowflakes. Even if you live somewhere that never gets snow, this is still a neat decor piece for the season—and definitely eye-catching in bright white.

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christmas birdhouse made from natural materials hanging in a tree
mertkantekin/Getty Images

Christmas birdhouse

Even if you don’t have any birds around for the winter, this rustic birdhouse is still a cute outdoor Christmas decoration idea. It’s decorated perfectly for Christmas with bright red ornaments and sprigs of holly, providing some unexpected whimsy and bright pops of color. For a whole different kind of house, check out these amazing gingerbread house ideas even novices can make.

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