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18 of the Most Clever Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

No need to dig through tangled chains and matchless earrings. These bloggers have come up with some cute, creative ways to store and display your jewelry.

Courtesy Paige Smith


Don’t hide your prettiest china away in a cupboard—use cute teacups to proudly display your necklaces and bracelets. Bonus points if you color coordinate your baubles with its home. Head over to Paige Smith to get the details. (Related: How to use a teacup to upgrade a basic bouquet.)

Courtesy Paisley Wallpaper

Break the mold

Give every piece a place by stashing your baubles in individual pots, like Jell-O molds. Hunt for some at your local thrift store for a vintage take, and check out Paisley Wallpaper to find out more.

Courtesy Visibly Moved

Drift(wood) away

Upcycle that driftwood from your last beach trip into a cool display for your necklaces. With a rustic look like this, mismatched knobs look charming, not sloppy. Find the full instructions at Visibly Moved.

Courtesy A Pair & A Spare

Hanging out

Hang your necklaces proudly with this clever clothesline storage idea. Check out A Pair & A Spare to learn how to make your own. (Related: Check out these other surprising uses for clothespins around your house.)


Iced out

Use an old ice try to find tiny studs easily and keep bracelets from tangling with one another. Find out more at GBO. (Find more genius uses for ice cube trays here.)

Courtesy Sarah Ortega

Piece of cake

No need to save a gorgeous cake stand for birthdays and celebrations. Use one to stash earrings and bracelets. Buy one at the store, or make your own with pretty plates. Click here to find out how Sarah Ortega made this one. (Related: Don’t miss these fashion upgrades that make you look expensive.)

Courtesy Revamperate

Look sharp

This adorable cactus ring holder is easy to make and looks cute to boot. Learn how to make your own at Revamperate.

Courtesy Cleverly Inspired

Off the chain

Constantly digging around for your earrings’ mates? For a cheap solution, turn a chain into a handy organizer. Head over to Cleverly Inspired for full instructions.

Courtesy Paige Smith

Cute as a cupcake

You’ve got a genius storage container hiding in your kitchen. Pop earrings and broaches into the hollows of a muffin tin to keep them in individual spots. Visit Paige Smith for more information. (Check out these surprising uses for cupcake liners.)

Courtesy Paisley Wallpaper

Pegged down

A pegboard makes a handy hanger for all your favorite pieces. Make it extra chic by revamping a set of old shutters. Head over to Paisley Wallpaper to find out how. Here are brilliant ways to organize anything with pegboard.

Courtesy Ashlee Marie

Paper Mache tray

In need of a pretty tray to act as a catchall for your most reached-for accessories? Make one yourself with paper and glue. Get the full directions at Ashlee Marie. (Related: Don’t miss these other genius hacks to keep a dorm room organized.)

Courtesy Revamperate

What a stud

Instead of digging through a cluttered box of stud earrings, arrange them in pairs in a DIY jewelry box—it’s easy to make but looks store-bought. Check out Revamperate for the directions.

Courtesy Monaluna

Tamed and framed

With a fresh coat of paint and a little imagination, a flea store frame can turn into a dainty organizer for every piece of jewelry, keeping all your favorite pieces contained. Visit Monaluna to find out how. When you hang it up, don’t make these common frame-hanging mistakes.

Courtesy The Merrythought

Cone zone

Channel your inner child by playing with clay. The result is a perfectly mature ring stand that you can adjust to fit all your favorite jewels. Head over to The Merrythought for the full instructions.

Courtesy A Pair & A Spare

Wonder of the modern world

All you need is some wood and glue to make this oh-so-modern pyramid jewelry holder. Head over to A Pair & A Spare for the directions.

Courtesy Revamperate

Knob job

Let your necklaces hang tangle-free from a wall coat rack, or make your own with upcycled dresser knobs. Learn how to make a DIY version at Revamperate.

Courtesy Gadora Wilder

In the sticks

Who knew fallen branches could look so chic? Turn your sprigs into a creative display for jewelry of all types. Between large branches and little twigs, you can find a place for long necklaces and little rings. Find out how to make your own from Gadora Wilder.


On a roll

Bathroom décor has more use than you thought. Revamp a paper towel rod to stack on pretty bangles, or hang long necklaces from a free-standing toilet paper roll. Check out GBO to find out more, and check out these new uses for cardboard tubes.

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