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40 Spectacular Photos to Celebrate the Start of Spring

Marvel at the miracles of sunshine and new life in this collection of heartwarming reader photos.

bald eagle springCourtesy Brad Akerson/Country

Eagles nest

“I took this photo on my property in Oronoco, Minnesota. I noticed an eagle’s nest on my bluff, so I decided to grab my camera. The little ones seemed interested in what I was doing and posed for me.” —Brad Akerson. Also, take a look at the coolest secret location in every state.

redbreasted grosbeakCourtesy Herbert Fields/Country

Breathtaking colors

“One morning I noticed a beautiful male rose-breasted grosbeak arriving at my backyard feeder. His breathtaking colors caught my eye. I definitely couldn’t resist watching and photographing him.” —Herbert Fields, West Lafayette, Indiana

orange poppies springCourtesy Sally White/Country

Orange and blue

“Orange poppies look so striking against a backdrop of beautiful blue sky” —Sally White, Beaumont, California. These are 50 of the most beautiful quotes about nature.

orchards clouds spring Courtesy Susan Grove/Country

Clouds and blossoms

“Adams County, Pennsylvania, is known for its orchards and during Spring I love to ride down the back roads and take in the beauty of the clouds of blossoms. Their perfume lingers in the air. If you get close enough, you can hear the hum of the bees as they do their busywork.” —Susan Grove, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

spring montana chicks Courtesy Ashley Brandenburg/Country

Fresh spring

“This picture reminds me of fresh life every spring after hard Montana winters.” —Ashley Brandenburg. These stunning photos will make you appreciate the beauty of life.

deer feeding fawns green grass springCourtesy Pat Krohlow/Country

Grass is greener

“Spring is my favorite time to take photos. The grass seems greener and the sky seems bluer. On this particular day, I saw a doe standing still while feeding her two fawns.” —Pat Krohlow

spring rain jacket girl Courtesy Amanda Bailey/Country

Tulip field trip

“We visit the tulip fields every year to welcome the upcoming warmer weather and beautiful new flowers! My daughter dressed very well for the occasion!” —Amanda Bailey. Here are 15 natural wonders you’ve probably never heard of.

little girl tulips spring Courtesy Amy Quackenbush/Country

Nature girl

“My 1-year-old is quite a nature girl! She stops to smell every flower she sees.” —Amy Quackenbush

spring flowers colorful Courtesy Anne Duvall/Country

Colors of life

“When I think of spring, I think of beautiful colors and new life! This photo was taken at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens in Washington D.C. We make a trip each April or May to enjoy the azaleas, tulips and other spring flowers.” —Anne Duvall. You need to visit these dreamy lavender farms at least once.

springCourtesy Anne Duvall/Country

Sea of blue

“When the creek beds become a sea of blue, Spring has truly arrived in southern Pennsylvania.” —Anne Duvall

fox springCourtesy Connie Hessler/Country

New animals

“These fox kits represent Spring to me, as the cycle of life begins anew with the birth of young animals.” —Connie Hessler. Check out the most gorgeous waterfall in every state.

spring waterfall Courtesy Dana Foreman/Country

Pink in the mountains

“During Spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains, people go out with their cameras to capture the blossoms dotting the mountains landscape. These pink shell azaleas grow wild in the Linville Gorge wilderness.” —Dane Foreman

spring pretty Courtesy Gerald Mullen/Country

Covered bridge

“The Teegarden Covered Bridge is a beautiful tourist attraction in Columbiana County, Ohio, where I have lived with my family for many years. Recently, I visited again and was struck by its beauty and history. This beautiful jewel is a wonderful reminder of days gone by.” —Gerald Mullen. These are the most strikingly beautiful animal photos you need to see.

robin bird springCourtesy Tammy Pierce/Country

Trees are full

“A robin built a nest by our lilac bush, but it was too high to look inside to see if there were any eggs. Before long, I noticed this robin with a worm in its mouth. A few days later we saw three beaks sticking out over the nest. The nest is now empty, but the trees are full.” —Tammy Pierce

dandelionsCourtesy Jeannine Martin/Country

Dandelions galore

“A muddy little boy laughing with glee in a lawn full of dandelions—spring is most definitely here!” —Jeannine Martin

spring black labCourtesy Kallie Kantos

Spring sun

“Barkley Paige loved to wear bandanas and spend as much time as possible enjoying the sun on warm Spring days.” —Kallie Kantos. Check out these 50 photos of the world’s most beautiful countries.

beautiful spring butterflyCourtesy Rebecca Peden

No more cold

“Each year when spring rolls around, I enjoy watching the world awaken from its cold winter sleep. As trees bud out and flowers begin to bloom, color comes alive again.” —Rebecca Peden

cherry blossoms washington DC springCourtesy Susan Grove/Country

Cherry blossoms

“One of the best ways to see spring awakening is the famous Washington D.C cherry blossoms.  My husband and I arrived on the day that peak bloom was declared. I took this picture of the Washington Monument reflecting on the Tidal Basin.” —Susan Grove, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

kitty perch farm spring kittensCourtesy Erika Miller/Farm & Ranch Living

Kitty perch

“The sun was warm enough to make the day enjoyable from the shelter of the straw mow window, despite the cool spring temperatures. These kitties were contently overseeing the activities of the barnyard from their upstairs perch.” —Erika Miller, Monroeville, Ohio

spring flowers bloomingCourtesy Katrena Walker/Farm & Ranch Living

Awake again

“The crocus flowers in our backyard bloom every spring after their long winter nap. It is a wonderful way to begin a fresh new year.” —Katrena Walker, Ripley, Tennessee. These 80 gorgeous travel photos will make you want to book a flight right now.

spring chicken little girlCourtesy Kathy Brower/Farm & Ranch Living

Spring hen

“Honey is the sweetest Buff Orpington hen; she constantly receives attention due to her loving and calm personality. Our daughter Rachael and Honey play on the swing set after school and enjoy quiet time relaxing together.” —Kathi Brower

zion national parkCourtesy Christopher Brown/Country Extra

Time to explore

“A trip south to Zion National Park is always rejuvenating after winter in the snows of northern Utah.” —Christopher Brown, Park City, Utah. Here are some incredible pictures of America’s national parks that will make you want to travel.

woodpeckerCourtesy Candy Thompson/Country Extra

Find a friend

“One morning, I was amazed to see this pileated woodpecker on my maple tree, calling out for his mate.” —Candy Thompson, Kingwood, West Virginia

kids playing leavesCourtesy Julia King/Country Extra

Curious kids

“My intrepid adventurers, Goldy and West, are searching for signs of spring—roly-polys and worms!” —Julia King, Chino, California. These stunning photos capture the beauty of birds.

dog in fieldCourtesy Cheyenne Cook/Country Extra

Say cheese

“Every spring, when we see a field covered in bluebonnets, we jump out of the truck and gather the family for a picture. Camo was thrilled to join in!” —Cheyenne Cook, San Antonio, Texas

baby feed cowCourtesy Breeanna Pratt/Country Extra

The next generation

“My 1-year-old son, Jax, loves being outside and visiting his Grammy and Papa’s farm. People who say a dog is man’s best friend never had a cow named “Moo.”” —Breeanna Pratt, Nixa, Missouri. If these spring photos get you excited for warmer weather, you’ll also want to check out these gorgeous pictures of tulip farms.

vintage red tractorCourtesy Rebecca Finchum/Country Extra

Old iron

“This International Harvester tractor has been in the family for years. I snapped this picture when I was at the barn as the sunset.” —Rebecca Finchum, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee

open roadCourtesy Jen Snyder/Country Extra

Starry night

“I borrowed a pickup from my dad and drove from Montana home to Texas. This picture is one of my favorites from the first night when I camped in Grand Teton National Park.” —Ken Snyder, Spring, Texas.

vintage chairsCourtesy Lydia Williams//Country Extra

Fine furnishings

“While checking out a barn sale, I couldn’t help but notice all these colorful vintage chairs on display!” —Lydia Williams, Dover, New Hampshire 

rub-bellyCountry Magazine

Fun with Fido

“Is this not the cutest puppy on earth? He’s an 11-week-old blue heeler named Waylon Blue Shugart, surrounded here by spring flowers in bloom.” —Sandra Shugart, Brentwood, Tennessee. Check out some more funny dog photos that will melt your heart.

carpetCountry Magazine

A carpet of bluebonnets

“My wife is a native Texan, and without question, bluebonnets are her favorite wildflower. On a spring break trip to Big Bend National Park, we had the pleasure of seeing the wildflowers of Hill Country at their peak.” —David Mifflin, Warsaw, Missouri

pretty-pinkCountry Magazine

Pretty in pink

“I love that my daughter gets to channel her inner flower child.” —Amanda Wallace, Mandeville, Louisiana. Don’t miss these 20 arrestingly beautiful photos that stand the test of time.

mothers-dayCountry Magazine

Mother’s Day bouquet

“While out for a walk, my grandson Brady and I came across this field of dandelions. Brady decided to pick some for his mommy. What a thoughtful boy!” —Nancy Saunders, Herkimer, New York

cuteCountry Magazine

Cute meets adorable

“When all the baby animals arrive in spring, it’s such a joy to watch the children react to them. With a crown of flowers on her head, my niece gave these chicks a warm welcome to the world.” —Lorianne Ende, Rogers, Minnesota. These adorable pictures of baby animals will make your day.

springCountry Magazine

Spring bellwether

“It’s hard to say which is prettier—the moth or the flower. Here in northeast Ohio, the breathtaking luna is among the first giant silk moths to emerge in spring.” —Tami Gingrich, Middlefield, Ohio

Courtesy Kayla Mcdermitt/Country Magazine

Cuddle buddies

“My son Shepard is living up to his name and bonding with the babies on our family farm.” —Kayla McDermitt, Carrollton, Georgia

Greg PassmoreCourtesy Greg Passmore/Country Magazine

Beauty in bloom

“My wife, Carla, captured this view of dogwood trees blooming on her aunt’s farm in Macon County.” —Greg Passmore, Bryson City, North Carolina. If you’re enjoying these spring photos, you’ll want to check out these stunning National Geographic photos as well.

Candy ThompsonCourtesy Candy Thompson/Country Magazine

Wild and wonderful

“The great white trillium is one of our most stunning and showy native flowers.” —Candy Thompson, Kingwood, West Virginia

Elsie JacksonCourtesy Elsie Jackson/Country Magazine

Bridge to bliss

“When the weather warms, I often explore natural areas near my home, like Lake Witten.” —Elsie Jackson, Tazewell, Virginia

Gail WrightCourtesy Gail Wright/Country Magazine

Nesting season

“Our granddaughter Evelyn loves to help us check the bluebird houses on the farm.” —Gail Wright, Bellflower, Missouri. Now that you’re ready for the season after looking at these spring photos, find out America’s most beautiful places to visit in the spring.
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