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50 Adorable Pictures of Baby Animals You’ll Love Instantly

We dare you not to smile while looking at these baby balls of fluff and feathers.

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Three ducklings on straw
Image Source/Getty Images

We can’t get enough

If you’re having an off day, or just need some smiles, taking a few minutes to squeal at these baby animal pictures will instantly put you in a good mood. Keep reading for some serious cuteness including everything from adorable puppy pictures to pictures of baby turtles. You have no idea what you’re in for.

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Polar Bear
fhm/Getty Images

Polar bear cub

Strutting the runway.

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Don’t play with your food!

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Woman holding 3 male golden retriever puppies
Ron Levine/Getty Images

Golden Retriever puppies

Oh, how I wish those were my arms.

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Meerkat with Pups, Namibia
Paul Souders/Getty Images


Who are you looking at?

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Brown bear cubs

Don’t make any sudden movements. I think the humans are taking photos for their roundup of baby animal pictures.

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Hanneke Luijting/Getty Images


Have you ever seen a more photogenic lamb?

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A nursery group of Emperor penguin chicks, huddled together, looking around. A breeding colony.
Mint Images - David Schultz/Getty Images


Happy feet.

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Who are you calling Dumbo?

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Two chicks sitting on grass
Danielle Kiemel/Getty Images


Fun fact: Female baby chickens are called pullets and male baby chicks are called cockerels. 

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Costa Rica, baby sloth.
Merrill Images/Getty Images


May I help you?

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Rabbits in meadow
Martin Ruegner/Getty Images


Some bunny loves you!

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Ugh oh ... :)
irawansubingarphotography/Getty Images


These baby owls sure are a hoot, just like the rest of these baby animal pictures!

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Playful foal
Gigja Einarsdottir/Getty Images


Run, Forrest, run!

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Canada Goose (Branta Canadensis) Gosling Takes a Plunge Into the Lake
Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography/Getty Images


Swan dive.

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Corgi puppy
Paul Park/Getty Images

Corgi puppy

The truest depiction of puppy dog eyes.

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Sweden, Dalarna, juvenile elk in forest
Westend61/Getty Images

Moose calf

I wish I had legs that long.

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European otter family (Lutra lutra)
Artush/Getty Images

Otter pup

Just getting some Vitamin D.

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Harp Seal Pup
Sunvincible/Getty Images

Seal pup

Have you ever seen anything so fluffy?

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We were tricked! There isn’t anything in the bag.

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A Safe Distance
Andrew Porter/Getty Images

Tiger cub

Waiting patiently for Mom to return.

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Cute baby piglet
HadelProductions/Getty Images


Say oink! If you need more adorableness in your life, these pig pictures will do the trick.

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Newborn Giraffe Calf with umbilical cord at wild in Serengeti
1001slide/Getty Images

Giraffe calves

High and mighty.

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Europe, Germany, Bavaria, View Of Dairy Cow Newborn Calf, After Complicated Birth
Kypros/Getty Images


Hay, everyone!

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Little newborn flamingos
USO/Getty Images


It will be a bit of time before this little guy turns that signature pink color we all know and love.

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Baby pandas
MelindaChan/Getty Images

Panda cubs

Unbearably adorable.

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Baby Chameleon on human finger. Chameleo sp. Kenya
Kevin Schafer/Getty Images


The tiniest little guy!

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Four ducklings on grass
Image Source/Getty Images


Does anyone want to play duck duck goose?

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A little girl kissing a fawn.
Jeppe Wikstrom/Getty Images


Baby kisses!

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But, Mom!
Matthew Crowley Photography/Getty Images


But, Mom!

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young woman holds sleeping baby african pygmy hedgehog
Carmelka/Getty Images


Goodnight, world!

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Fennec fox
Floridapfe from S.Korea Kim in cherl/Getty Images

Fennec fox

I can’t hear you!

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Red Fox, vulpes vulpes, Pup standing in Long Grass, Normandy
slowmotiongli/Getty Images

Red fox

Smile, they’re taking pictures of us!

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Newborn chinchilla is sitting on the palm of your hand
Icealien/Getty Images


Are we almost done? I’m sleepy.

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Bear cub in a tree
CarlaMc/Getty Images

Black bear cub

Black bear, black bear, what do you see?

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New born baby turtles at Praia do Forte, Brazil
fotoember/Getty Images


Off to the ocean!

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Baby Opossum, Pine Barrens, New Jersey
stanley45/Getty Images


Just hanging around.

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Alpaca baby with his mother
LewisTsePuiLung/Getty Images


Hello, new friend!

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Lioness resting with her playful cubs
Anup Shah/Getty Images

Lion cub

Mom, you’re so embarrassing.

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Cute little gorilla baby plays with a stick
nantonov/Getty Images


Snack time!

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Baby Kangaroo - Joey
Photographed by Photost0ry/Getty Images


This blanket isn’t as comfortable as Mom’s pouch.

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young koala
Freder/Getty Images


Going for a ride!

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Black-backed jackal pups playing
Anup Shah/Getty Images

Jackal pups

You’ll never believe what the wolf said next…

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High angle view of girl embracing kid goat
Cavan Images/Getty Images


Baby goat cuddles!

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Baby Lemming
Meera Lee Sethi/Getty Images


Those tiny hands!

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Baby Rhesus macaque eating a banana
tonyedwardsphoto/Getty Images


Bananas are so a-peeling.

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Ferret baby in the nest of hay
bozhdb/Getty Images


Big yawn!

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Little lama baby in the arms of a person
Till Strohmeier/Getty Images


Pink is my color.

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Leopard cub (Panthera pardus) holding branch, Masai Mara, Kenya
Anup Shah/Getty Images



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Two young suricates
Luke Horsten/Getty Images


High five!

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Young southern three-banded armadillo in hand of a zookeeper
belizar73/Getty Images


Sleepy smiles. Now that you’ve gushed over these baby animal pictures, look at more cute tiny animals from around the world.

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