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The Weirdest Things You Can Buy on Amazon

Amazon definitely makes online ordering easier, but once you scroll past the necessities, the inventory takes a turn for the bizarre.

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Weird Amazon Productsvia (3)

Utterly unique…and completely bizarre

Amazon is our go-to site for almost everything. Between products we use every day and the perfect gifts for everyone on our list, how could it not be? We can also easily find products with nearly perfect reviews and a plethora of items for less than $1—as well as ogle the most expensive item on Amazon and giggle at some seriously funny reviews. It’s smart shopping and entertainment all in one! But our favorite online retailer doesn’t just carry normal and useful items; it also carries some super strange ones. And these items not only exist—people actually buy them! After all, as they say, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

From a personalized potato and a yodeling pickle to a zen kitty litter box, here’s what you can find. Scroll through for a laugh or perhaps the very thing you’ve been looking for all along. To score these items for the best prices, make sure to check out Amazon’s Prime Day sales.

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Mini hand squirrel

Why? The better question may be: Why not? These vinyl squirrel finger covers are the 2.0 version of the sock puppets we all grew up loving. They fit seamlessly onto your fingertips, creating the illusion that your palm is the squirrel’s body. Slipping these on should be followed by laughs galore—and also some very strange looks. Here are another 47 funny gag gifts that can get anyone laughing.

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Waving inflatable guy

You don’t need to wait for your next car wash to spot one of these crazy inflatable guys. This mini version is fun to keep on top of your desk or any surface around the house with foot traffic. If you love this sort of silly gift, wait until you read these anti-jokes you can’t help but laugh at anyway.

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Fake news button

Sometimes you just need to call people out. In those instances, a fake news button will get the job done. This bright red button will not only make any passerby do a double-take; it will also loudly announce the presence of fake news when it’s pressed. If only it worked over Facebook.

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Idaho potato with your face

Never in a million years would you have ever thought that you needed an authentic Idaho potato with your face on it. Neither did we, but alas, here we are. This Amazon vendor will customize a potato for you—or the lucky recipient in your life. For an extra special gift that’s not a potato, try these personalized gifts that really go the extra mile.

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Baguette slippers

If you love carbs and you want everyone to know it (or at least everyone in your house), this is the item for you! These super comfy slippers come in a variety of baked-good finishes, including pretzels and croissants.

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Baguette Pillowvia

Baguette pillow

If you love a good theme, get this baguette pillow to match your new baguette slippers! At 40 inches long (think the size of a preschooler), it’s not a subtle decor item, but reviewers say it’s surprisingly comfy. For a more traditional place to rest your head and dream about bread, buy one of the best pillows for every type of sleeper.

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Sub saver

Sure, subs are popular at lunchtime, but do they deserve their own uniquely shaped plastic container? Some people apparently think so! Keep your oval-shaped sandwiches as fresh as possible with this plastic container that’s available in a variety of colors. Check out these bizarre food items you can actually get on Amazon.

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Underarm scrub

Normal beauty routines include face scrubs…but armpit scrubs? While they’re definitely novel, they actually hold the key to better-smelling underarms. Pit Grit is gentle and washes off while cleansing, detoxifying, and eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Here are 31 of our favorite Amazon beauty deals.

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Zen kitty litter boxvia

Zen kitty litter box

You want your kitty to feel relaxed anytime he has to go number one, but a zen garden litter box takes things a bit too far. Even the manufacturers (probably) realize that, since this is just a miniature desktop set for you, not an actual litter box for your cat. It comes complete with a “litter box” tray, a bag of sand, two feline figurines, and five decorative rocks for your zen pleasure.

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Instant underpants

Need an extra pair of briefs? Got a bottle of water? If so, problem solved! This novelty item is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it packs a big punch when you find yourself in a tricky situation. While we’re on the topic, here are the 10 most common underwear problems—solved.

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Placenta plush pillowvia

Placenta plush

Yep, you read that right. This happy little guy is the stuffed version of a placenta, complete with an umbilical cord and a mini book about “baby’s first roommate.” You might not want to get this for a mom-to-be, but med students and OBGYN residents will totally geek out over it.

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Coin-stealing cat piggy bank

Buying a piggy bank with a cat that steals your coins seems like one of the weirdest schemes we’ve encountered. Nevertheless, this adorable item has us sold. A cute cat sticks its paw out of an unassuming box to collect your coin. These are the items you should always buy on Amazon.

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Donald Trump Chia Pet

No matter which side you lean politically, having a ceramic plant vase in the shape of the former president’s head is definitely on the weird side. And we hate to admit it, but it’s also pretty entertaining. The bushy greenery that doubles as a full head of hair is sure to make both his most ardent haters and supporters chuckle.

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Danny Devito sequin pillowvia

Danny DeVito sequin pillow

We love us some Danny DeVito, but the thought of him staring at us while we try to relax or take a cat nap is enough to make us lose a little sleep. However, if you disagree and just have to have one of these, keep in mind that this is just a pillow cover; you’ll still need to purchase a pillow to put inside it or use one that you already have. Check out these wacky items that sold for big bucks at auctions.

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Garden gloves with clawsvia

Garden gloves with claws

Apparently these gloves come in really, er, handy in the garden when you need to do a little digging. But they’ll certainly earn you some strange looks since they look like something you’d wear if you were cosplaying the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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Over the hill exerciser

Quarantine made us appreciate the ease with which we can purchase workout equipment from Amazon. This exercise gear is, ahem, a bit different. Just an FYI: According to the vendor, this naughty gag gift won’t actually change your physique. (Sorry!)

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Pet water fountainvia

Pet water fountain

Pet lovers can be a little fanatical about their fur babies, but buying a water fountain with an actual filtration system takes things to a whole other level. If you disagree, this is the perfect purchase for you. Revel in the sight of your furry pal drinking freshly filtered water straight from her private water fountain. Your pet will be the talk of the block with this gift. Here are more products pet owners say they can’t live without.

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Gnome and Corgi garden statuevia

Gnome and corgi garden statue

We’re not sure what to say about this one…mostly because we’re laughing too hard to form a coherent thought about it. That said, you might know a dog lover or two who would appreciate this little stone resin sculpture. The gnome can also saddle up on a Dachshund or a pug, if that’s more to your liking. Don’t miss these other unique gifts for dog lovers.

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Marshmallow whip makervia

Marshmallow whip maker

This totally handy and totally unexpected gadget turns any facial cleanser into a heavenly whip. All you need is a pearl-sized amount of cleanser to create a magical cloud of luxurious face wash. Do you really need to do this? Maybe not, but once you try it, you might never want to go back to your basic beauty routine. Check out these anti-aging creams doctors trust.

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Bacon-scented soap

Traditional soap is designed to make you feel cleaner after you use it. This bacon-scented version is made for pure laughs. Use this during your next hand wash to take the scent of freshly cooked bacon with you anywhere you go.

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Pickle-flavored cotton candy

We love pickles. We love cotton candy. Pickle-flavored cotton candy is something we may not get behind. But, on the plus side, this entire tub of bright green cotton candy clocks in at just 140 calories. You won’t feel too guilty eating it, but you are all but guaranteed to feel gross. Here are more of the weirdest food combinations people have admitted to trying.

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Cat butt tissue holder

What’s cuter than pulling out a tissue from a cat butt holder? Um, we can probably think of a few things. But if you can’t, this fluffy feline can hold your tissues in a fun, albeit strange and slightly disturbing, way.

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Shrimp Putin magnet decalvia

Putin magnet decal

So, this exists. If you need this on your fridge, you can have it for the price of a latte—and get a unique conversation starter in the process.

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Toilet night-light

Nobody can deny how practical a night-light is for those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. That being said, do you need a night-light in your toilet? Maybe! These funny and festive night-lights serve a purpose, especially for those who need a little help with their aim in the dark, and their cool LED light won’t wake you up so much that you’ll have a hard time going back to sleep. Don’t miss these other odd but useful home products you can buy on Amazon.

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Pet butler joke box

We know, it kinda, sorta seems like a good idea, right? Wrong! Instead of putting Fido to work as your personal butler, let your pet continue to earn his keep with cuddles and companionship. That’s why this gag gift is actually just an empty box you can use to prank unsuspecting pet-obsessed friends and family members.

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Giant aged-cheese wheelvia

Giant aged-cheese wheel

Why limit yourself to a cheese plate when you can enjoy 82 pounds of pure, unadulterated happiness? This Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel can be yours for just $1,316.88! Don’t you worry—shipping is free on this beauty. Aged for months, it is produced in Italy under the strictest rules, so you know you’ll be getting the best quality once it arrives at your doorstep. Do you know what “Amazon’s choice” actually means?

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Pet urine detector UV light

Fido won’t be able to fool you anymore! This UV urine detector light will catch his dirty deed every time. The black-light flashlight reveals stains on absorbent surfaces by emitting long-wave UV light that causes dried urine salts to shine bright. Pair this with these best products for getting pet urine out of carpet.

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View of white ping balls with an odd yellow ball in itstuartbur/Getty Images

Beer pong balls in bulk

Why worry about losing your beer pong ball when you can easily buy 150 of them for only $13.99? Impress your friends with your endless supply of heavy-duty balls that can be shipped for free right to your door. Some reviewers also rave about using them as cat toys. For a more wholesome outdoor activity, try these family-friendly backyard games.

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Pet coffin

It’s a sad day when we have to say goodbye to our most beloved pets. Amazon tries to make that time a bit easier with these deluxe pet coffins. Put your furry BFF to rest in a comfortable pillow, a laced coverlet, and a plush satin mattress.

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Bird poop remover

We all hate flying surprises, especially those in the bird-droppings department. But when they happen, having your very own bottle of bird poop remover will come in incredibly handy. It easily removes avian messes from clothing, upholstery, carpets, and hard surfaces. It can also be safely used on cages, and the makers guarantee no dust will be created in the process.

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Live insects and worms

Didn’t know that creepy-crawlies traveled by USPS? Now you do! You can also pick up ants, worms, and ladybugs on Amazon.

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Spray-on blood

Sure, we’ve all heard of fake blood. But did you know it comes in a spray? This spray-on fake blood is available in four sizes, to serve all your Halloween and prank needs. Use it with one of these scary Halloween costumes that will give people nightmares.

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A pound of fat

Shakespeare references aside, this fat replica blob could be a great weight-loss motivator. One reviewer says, “I put my lump of fat in front of the fridge, set it in front of my plate at meals, and even carry it with me to restaurants.” Hey, whatever works!

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A horse-head mask

Channel your inner Mr. Ed with this latex head covering. Want something a little more magical? May we suggest a unicorn?

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Gun and bullet ice cube trayvia

Gun and bullet ice cube tray

Now you can make ice for the hunting or military buff, or for anyone frustrated that normal cubes won’t fit into water bottles. If you’d like to cool the beverage of a pacifistic type, opt for more calming shapes that are offered via Amazon, like…um…cobra heads? Before you buy, check out these weird kitchen gadgets you won’t believe are really a thing.

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Giant googly eyes

Keep an eye on things with these giant stickers. One reviewer confirms that the eyes “google quite well,” so at least you know you’ll get your money’s worth. Kids can get creative with these to create their very own house monsters, or if they need a little more guidance, they can try these easy Halloween crafts.

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Lots of marshmallows

Calling all bulk buyers! Why buy 80 rolls of toilet paper when you could get eight pounds of cereal marshmallows instead? If stocking up is your thing, check out these genius ways to save more money when buying in bulk.

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Thumb piano

Not that you can’t buy a regular piano on Amazon, because you totally can. But this slightly smaller instrument (six inches, eight ounces) is meant for only your opposable digits.

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An engagement ring

Do you want an almost-three-carat princess-cut diamond ring with a platinum band? Do you have more than $17K to spare and are trusting enough to buy such a big purchase online? If so, then we have the ring for you! In case you were wondering, here’s the real reason we propose with engagement rings.

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Decal of a woman with an inhaler

Forget the family photos and gallery walls—Amazon has found a better use of your wall space. This wall decal of a “senior woman with asthma” is sure to be a conversation starter.

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Yodeling picklevia

Yodeling pickle

Need a gift for the person who has everything? We guarantee this is one thing your friend doesn’t have. Apparently, this plastic pickle “yodels its little heart out at the push of a button.” If you have a pickle aficionado in your life, you might also want to pick up these pickle-flavored foods.

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French Fry Holdervia

French fry holder

Don’t you just hate when you’re eating some nice, crispy French fries on the go but they go flying when you brake for a stoplight? Never fear! The multipurpose universal French fry holder is here. The base fits in standard car cupholders and keeps fry containers upright so you can snack anytime you’re in the car. Didn’t finish them on the drive to your destination? You can hang the device from your belt and turn it into your personal fry holster.

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Corgi bottom shoulder bag

It may not be a designer handbag or one of the classic handbags every woman should own, but this soft, adorable purse is a must-have for any Corgi lover. Plus, it’s practical; there’s a convenient hole to slip your headphones through right under the tail.

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Girlfriend body pillowvia

Girlfriend body pillow

The product description flaunts the pillow’s “curves contoured like those of a woman, including a bosom to rest your head upon for comfort.” If that’s not creepy enough, it has a trademarked “arm” to snuggle into on long, lonely nights.

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Grass flip-flops

Because who doesn’t want footwear lined with synthetic grass? If you’re looking for slightly more practical kicks, try this list of the best sandals for women. (There’s not a blade of synthetic grass in sight.)

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Temporary pockets

In theory, Pocksie temporary sticky pockets seem surprisingly practical, albeit odd. If you don’t want to lug around a purse and your outfit doesn’t have pockets, simply stick a temporary pocket on the inside of your jacket to keep your ID and credit cards on hand. Unfortunately, several reviewers say they don’t stick very well and are too small to fit even a driver’s license by itself.

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Shakespearean insult bandages

Beige Band-Aids are blasé and you may have outgrown cartoon characters, but when you have a paper cut, these bandages will help you laugh through the pain. Each has a snub from the Bard himself, like, “Do thou amend thy face, and I’ll amend my life” (from Henry IV, Part I).

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Pooping pooches calendarvia

Pooping pooches calendar

Forgo the inspirational quotes or traditional landscape imagery. This bonkers calendar offers 12 months of puppers pooping in various locales. We can’t imagine that anyone would actually want this, but it makes a good white elephant gift. Bonus: $1 from the sale of each purchase goes to the Maui Humane Society. If you like this idea (but not necessarily the pooping pups), check out these gifts that give back.

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Man glittervia

Man glitter

Get the macho version of a glitter bomb for the fix-it-yourself guy in your life. Just like glitter, sawdust ends up everywhere after a long day of home projects. This bag of sawdust will elicit some serious chuckles from those who understand this all too well.

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Paper Tantrumvia

Paper tantrum

Put the kibosh on a real tantrum by getting it all out—on paper. Feeling a little stabby because of work and just want someone to listen and stroke your hair? There’s a spot to convey each and every one of those things and so much more. Give it to the right person to take action and you’ll feel calmer in no time.

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Screaming Goatvia

Screaming goat

Screaming goats are having a moment…and if you buy this, you’ll get to experience that moment up close. Annoy your partner or roommate with on-command goat noises 24/7, then make it up to them with these funny goat pictures.

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Toothless smile face maskvia

Toothless smile face mask

If you’re feeling a little slap-happy after a year and a half of pandemic life, this is the weird Amazon product for you. This jarring face mask will make unsuspecting passersby do a double take and make it nearly impossible for people to have a proper conversation with you…which could come in handy, come to think of it. Here are more face masks with a sense of humor.

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Voice Changervia

Voice changer

Do you need a voice changer? Probably not, but we can think of a million fun reasons why you should make the purchase. This handy gadget, which features ten voice modifiers, will warp your voice when you’re bored or you want to get goofy on the phone. (Just remember that it’s not the ’80s and everyone has caller ID, so we’d advise against prank calls.)

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Golden Girls socksvia

Golden Girls socks

Has Dorothy always been your favorite Golden Girl? If so, let these socks put a little extra pep in your step as you mentally replay her oh-so-perfect sarcastic remarks in your head. They come complete with her gray coif and perfectly polished red nails.

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Pizza socksvia

Pizza socks

These colorful socks are not what you expect when you open a pizza box. The good news is that this unique treat comes in a variety of “flavors” like pepperoni, capricciosa, Italian, Hawaiian, and vegetarian. If this is making you hungry, get yourself one of these delectable food gifts, too.

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Butt wipesvia

Butt wipes

These wipes don’t mince words, but they do add a touch of weird elegance to your bathroom with their fancy packaging. It’s just when guests look a little closer that they’ll start laughing. That said, they’re not a complete gag gift—they’re made with aloe and vitamin E, designed for sensitive skin, and have nearly 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon!

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Black Toilet Papervia

Black toilet paper

Black toilet paper is the bathroom accessory you never knew existed—and perhaps you never knew you just had to have. Now you can truly color-coordinate your decor, or go full goth, by simply clicking “add to cart.”

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Bantha pet costumevia

Bantha pet costume

Totally weird…and totally awesome! Star Wars devotees will flip over this costume that dresses your pet as a Bantha topped by a tiny Tusken Raider. It’s one of those weird items you never knew you needed until now, like these other Star Wars gifts that every Jedi fan will love.

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Dune buggy bedvia

Dune buggy bed

Well, it would be weird if you bought this bed frame for yourself, not a child. But hey, we’re not judging! Whatever floats your boat and helps you have sweet dreams. Read these tips on how to buy a mattress if you need one of those, too.

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Inflatable barvia

Inflatable bar

Yes, it’s inflatable, but it does keep your drinks nice and frosty and in the center of the action for a party. So maybe weird isn’t the right word…but amazing just might be! It’s totally handy: Collapse it when you’re not using it, and blow it up to create a party cart in no time.

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Bike Deskvia

Bike desk

Do you constantly make a million excuses to avoid exercising? If not being able to drag yourself away from work tops the list, this bike desk will get you one step—or two pedals—closer to your workout goals. Just pop your laptop on the desk and start pedaling. But maybe skip this one for Zoom calls.

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Ropeless Jump Ropevia

Cordless jump rope

What a time to be alive! If you told your grandparents that a cordless jump rope would be all the rage in 2021, they would have shaken their heads in dismay (and likely complete confusion). This smart gadget gives you all the benefits of a traditional jump rope, without any actual rope to get tangled in.

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Shower footrestvia

Shower footrest

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. This shower footrest solves the leg-shaving conundrum countless women experience every day. Affix it to your shower wall and get ready for an easier shave.

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Seven-foot-tall Venus flytrapvia

Seven-foot-tall Venus flytrap

“Go big or go home” should be the official motto for this weird Amazon item. Venus flytraps are a little scary on their own, but this seven-foot version with fangs is panic-inducing…which may be the point on Halloween if you’re looking for a yard decoration. We can’t comment on the point for other times of the year.

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Sauce dip clipvia

Sauce dip clip

Ever wish you could dip your nuggets and fries in your favorite sauce when you’re in the car? Now you can! Attach a sauce clip to your car’s air vent and get ready to dip on the fly. While you’re updating your ride, check out these car gadgets that will make driving safer. Next, check out the things Reader’s Digest and The Healthy editors want on Amazon.

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