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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

22 Doctor Cartoons That Will Make You Laugh Through the Pain

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

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Harley Schwadron for Reader's Digest

New developments (besides your love handles)

You call that good news? Don’t miss these other doctor jokes that will make you LOL.

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medical cartoon andrewgenn/Getty Images

My pulse, your pulse

Just trying to compare the two. Here are more customer service jokes you’ll relate to all too well.

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business cartoon andrewgenn/Getty Images

Fight coverage

Yeah, I’m going to need to go to the hospital after this.

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contagious medical cartoon andrewgenn/Getty Images


We’re going to go with yes. Check out these hilarious knock-knock jokes you haven’t heard before.

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paperwork cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Piles of paperwork

150 patient records coming up.

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healthcare cartoon andrewgenn/Getty Images

Rewards for good health

I wish that was how it worked! Check out these other hilarious cartoons about everyday life.

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you are perfectly sound doctor cartoon andrewgenn/Getty Images

The perfect note

Thank you, doc!

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healthcare cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

House or healthcare

You’ll need the healthcare to pay for the diseases you catch in this alley. Find out what hilarity ensues when voice recognition software tries translating doctors’ notes.

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medical father son cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Sue your son

There was probably a better way to get the money back.

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medical cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Waiting room chaos

I’ll stick to organizing the operation room.

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cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Need it now

Thanks, but no thanks. Grammar nerds will cry laughing over these hilarious newspaper typos that actually made it to print.

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Harley Schwadron for Reader's Digest

Possible side effects

Here are more animal cartoons that will crack you up.

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bull doctor cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Bull problems

And why is that, Bull? 

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doctor cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

The visit is over

I just had a few more questions though. Symptoms giving you anxiety? Don’t miss these cartoons anyone with anxiety can relate to.

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cardiologist cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Heart art

It can be hard to have serious conversations with patients with all of these hearts around.

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busy female doctor cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Lots of patients

A little busy. Memorize these 30 easy-to-remember short jokes for the next time you want to crack up the room.

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medical and mental health cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images


Taking that shirt off might be a good start to getting better.

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tight rope doctor cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Tight rope walk

Is this part of medical school now? Don’t miss these other cartoon puns that never get old.

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eye doctor cartoon andrewgenn/Getty Images

Need a vowel

No, but you can buy some glasses. Here are cartoons that will crack up any technophobe.

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dieting oath cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Oath to dieting

This is what it has come to.

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cat medical cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Purrfectly healthy

Just as I suspected. If that made you laugh, find out why a dark sense of humor could mean you’re a genius.

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medical cartoonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Breakfast copay

How much was it? No matter what your party, you can’t help but laugh at these bipartisan cartoons about politics.