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The Welcome Sign from Every State in America

Updated: Mar. 13, 2024

Each state sign is unique, with some more creative than others. Be sure to check them out on your next road trip!

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USA, Washington, Blaine, Welcome to the United States of America sign at US- Canada border on summer evening
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If you have ever loaded up the car with gas and snacks for a scenic road trip across the country, you’ve probably noticed some of the iconic signs that welcome you to each state. You may even look forward to spotting one if you’re a restless passenger. Air travel has seemed to become the default, but on a plane, you don’t have the ability to witness these quirky landmarks. Beware: the following images may inspire a road trip.

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Fun fact: Alabama has the largest snail population in the country. Forty-three percent of all the snails in the United States reside in Alabama. This may even be more notable than the state sign referencing the 1974 song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Sweet Home Alabama.” Take a look at the best family travel destination in each state.

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The state of Alaska is so large that if you could see 1 million acres of the state each day, it would take you an entire year to see everything. Check out this U.S. trivia you never learned in history class.

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The Arizona sign is beautiful and bold, just like its most iconic landmark, the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is just one of the national parks around the country that allow you to bring your dog, too.

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Arkansas is considered the natural state because the state contains six national park sites, two-and-a-half million acres of national forests, and 50 state parks. Take a look at the best state park in every state.

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California’s sign highlights the official state flower: the poppy. Find out which U.S. state borders the most states.

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There aren’t many colors in this photo, but Colorado definitely has some of the best natural beauty our country has to offer. Take a look at the best hiking trails in every state.

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One of the many surprises Connecticut has to offer is that the 18th amendment of prohibition was never actually ratified within the state borders.

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The state bug of Delaware is the ladybug, also a small wonder.

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The sign for Florida remarkably lacks Mickey Mouse, but the palm trees and orange do beautifully capture the essence of the state.

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The Peach State gives reference to “Georgia On My Mind,” the official state song upon arrival. Find out the quirkiest city in every state.

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Hawaii is the only state that doesn’t have an official state sign, but there are signs for various cities throughout the islands such as this one in Maui.

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Idaho’s sign used to be covered in stickers from travelers hailing from all over. The sticker-covered sign was replaced with a brand new one last year, but not before being auctioned off for $2,025. Don’t miss these 50 hidden gems in each state.

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The official snack food of Illinois is popcorn which can be ordered “Chicago-style” with cheese and caramel. Here are more of the best comfort foods in each state.

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The people of Indiana are called Hoosiers, and the state is even referred to as the Hoosier state, but no one truly knows what Hoosier means.

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For every single human living in Iowa, there are four hogs. Here are more of the best-kept secrets in every state.

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The official state flower for Kansas is the sunflower because of the vast sunflower fields found across the state. Here’s the meaning behind every state flag.

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Known for the Kentucky Derby, you can see a horse hidden within the state sign. Don’t miss these Kentucky Derby facts you never knew.

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Louisiana is the only state that doesn’t have counties. The small local subdivisions are called parishes. Here is the most famous invention from every state.

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Eastport in Maine is the most eastern city in the United States. It’s the first place in the country to see the first morning rays of the sun.

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Maryland’s sign sports the state flag colors red, yellow, and black along with the flag and the state flower. See one of the nicest places in Maryland: Whitehurst Community.

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The Massachusetts sign showcases a chickadee and a mayflower, both icons of the state.

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Michigan ranks number one in state boat registrations and has more shoreline than every state other than Alaska. These are the most charming small towns in every state.

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University of Minnesota students are the artists responsible for the iconic state sign as the state’s Department of Transportation was looking for something a bit more modern. Here’s how every state got its nickname.

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Mississippi’s sign highlights its rock ‘n’ roll history with a sleek design.

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Missouri is bordered by eight states, making it the most neighborly state in the country along with Tennessee.

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Similar to the hog-to-human ratio in Iowa, the number of elk, deer, and antelope outnumber the humans. Check out some of the stories of the most iconic photos in American history.

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Nebraska is the birthplace of the Rueben sandwich consisting of corned beef, swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut.

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This sign is definitely not as colorful as the iconic Las Vegas sign, but it gets the job done.

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New Hampshire

Of the 13 colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare independence from England, a full six months prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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New Jersey

New Jersey has the most diners of anywhere in the world and has been referred to as the world’s diner capital.

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New Mexico

The sign for New Mexico references the state flag, branding itself with the colors red and yellow.

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New York

New York is arguably the most exciting state of them all, but unfortunately has one of the dullest looking signs.

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North Carolina

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is the oldest state university in the United States.

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North Dakota

Milk is the official state beverage of North Dakota, which makes sense due to the high cow population.

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For the baseball fans, the Cincinnati Reds were the very first professional baseball team. Columbiana, Ohio was declared the nicest place in America in the Reader’s Digest annual Nicest Place in America contest for 2019. Check out their amazing story of how nobody gets left behind.

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The National Cowboy Hall of Fame is located in Oklahoma City and was the setting to the movie Twister. Discover more iconic movies set in each state.

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Oregon has a more rustic design to match the natural beauty of the state.

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Pennsylvania is home to many historical moments, including the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the creation of the first American flag, and the birth of the first computer. See the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a popular destination for sailing, surfing, and fishing, hence why it’s known as the “Ocean State.” These are the most scenic nature getaways in every state.

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South Carolina

“Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places” may be the cheesiest motto of them all.

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South Dakota

South Dakota’s sign pays tribute to the state’s iconic landmark, Mount Rushmore, and has the second cheesiest motto of them all, “Great Faces, Great Places.”

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Tennessee is known for the volunteer state because during the War of 1812, thousands of men from Tennessee men willingly went to fight against the British.

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Texas showcases its state flag on the welcome sign, but we were expecting something a bit bigger and bolder.

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This is just one of the seven different welcome signs of Utah at different access points across the state. Don’t miss the most underrated cities to visit in the United States. Hint: A cool city in Utah is found on the list.

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Vermont welcomes visitors with its green mountain slogan, but it is also known for maple syrup.

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Virginia is actually known as the birthplace of the nation.

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Washington is the only state to be named after a U.S. president.

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West Virginia

Western Virginia is considered the northernmost southern state and the southernmost northern state. Now say that five times fast. These are the best last-minute getaways in every state.

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The Wisconsin sign is, unfortunately, missing cheese, but its charm makes up for the loss.

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The sign for Wyoming changes the most frequently along with the state license plate, so don’t get used to this image for too long! Next, check out the strangest roadside attraction in every state.