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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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Male vs. Female Dogs: What Are the Real Differences?

Male and female dogs are not the same, but do those differences really matter? We asked a vet to find out.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Easily and Effectively

Nearly all dogs develop dental problems and stinky breath. Learn how to clean your dog's teeth and improve their oral...

The 26 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

From the cheerful Samoyed to the reliable golden retriever, these are the most expensive dog breeds

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11 Easiest Dogs to Train That Make Obedient Pets

These well-behaved pups are the easiest dogs to train, making their transition to your home that much smoother

15 Dog Cartoons to Make Every Owner Chuckle

These funny dogs will make you sit, stay, and beg for more.

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Carpet and Other Accident-Prone Spots

Accidents happen! But don't worry—here's how to get dog pee out of carpet, upholstery and more, according to cleaning experts.

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me? 9 Reasons Behind Your Dog Staring

Don't worry—your dog isn't staring at you to make you uncomfortable. It's just trying to communicate with you.

Why Do Dogs Lean on You?

Our dogs lean on us to express themselves, but what exactly are they trying to say? Here, top canine experts...

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?

Does your dog bury bones in the yard or hide treats and toys under your pillow? Here, experts explain the...

Why Do Dogs Put Their Paws on You?

You talk with your hands. Why shouldn't your dog? We asked canine behaviorists to explain what it really means when...

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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Dogs go barking mad over the high-pitched peeps and shrieks of certain toys. But why do dogs like squeaky toys so...

215+ Funny Dog Names That Perfectly Capture Your New Pup’s Personality

Chew on these funny dog names to find the best moniker for your playful pup

Why Do Dogs Circle Before Lying Down?

Is your pup channeling his inner wolf or simply getting comfy? To find out, we asked canine behavior experts to...

12 Dog Breeds with Long Noses You’ll Love—No Snout About It

A dog with a long nose isn't just elegant (or asking for snout kisses)—it has a great sense of smell...

40 Dog Quotes That Capture All the Reasons Dogs Are Special

It's well established that dogs are man's best friend. These funny and touching dog quotes will show why.

20 Beautiful White Dog Breeds—and How to Keep Them Clean

Whether you like small dogs, large dogs or dogs somewhere in between, these white dog breeds are guaranteed to make...

Why Do Dogs Lick You? 4 Reasons a Dog May Lick You

Are dog licks really canine kisses? Here's what to know about why dogs lick.

14 Teddy Bear Dogs That Make the Cutest Companions

These adorable teddy bear dogs look so much like stuffed animals, you'll do a double-take to make sure they're pets,...

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Can Dogs See Ghosts? What the Science Says

The answer depends on whether or not you believe in ghosts.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? When to Expect Adorable Puppies

Whether you have a pregnant dog at home or you’re just curious, here’s what you should know about how long...

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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

They're more important to the everyday life of a dog than you might think!

Why Do Dogs Bark—and How to Stop a Dog from Barking Too Much

Understanding the reasons why dogs bark can help us meet their needs and reduce unwanted barking, creating a more peaceful...

15 Dogs That Look Like Bears You’ll Want to Cuddle ASAP

We don't blame you for wanting to give a big bear hug to these adorable dogs that look like bears

24 Lovable Mixed-Breed Dogs You’ll Want to Bring Home

When peanut butter collided with chocolate, it was a good thing. The same is true for these mixed-breed dogs, all...

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31 Toy Dog Breeds That Stay Puppy-Sized Forever

These toy dog breeds keep their adorable puppy looks their entire lives. Which sweet one will you bring home?

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15 Wire-Haired Dog Breeds to Make Part of Your Family

Sure, wire-haired dogs may have a coarse coat, but these soft-hearted breeds make great additions to your family

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14 Adorable Brindle Dog Breeds You Need to Know

Sometimes called tiger-striped dogs, these brindle breeds have some of the most uniquely colored coats in all the animal kingdom

16 Long-Haired Dog Breeds with Enviable Flowing Locks

These long-haired dogs may be high maintenance, but they're worth the extra effort. Best of all, most are surprisingly light...

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52 Fun Facts About Dogs You Never Knew

Find out why your dog acts the way he does.

15 Teacup Dog Breeds That Are Tiny and Adorable

These teeny-tiny teacup dogs are too cute for their own good! But there's a lot you should know about these...