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Amazon Music vs. Spotify: What’s the Difference?

Can't decide between Amazon Music vs. Spotify? We compare both services, prices, and features to help you decide.

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How to Change Alexa’s Name: 7 Easy Steps

Your Alexa device comes with four other possible names. Here's how you can try one out.

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What Is Amazon Sidewalk? And Why You Might Want to Opt Out

If you have specific Amazon devices, you're now automatically sharing your home Internet connection with Amazon Sidewalk. Your personal privacy...

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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Find the Best Smart Speaker for You

Choose wisely and you’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

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18 of the Most Useful Alexa Accessories

Your favorite virtual assistant can now do everything from adjusting your thermostat to changing the channel on your TV. Find...

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15 of the Funniest Things to Ask Alexa

Test out a few of these funny things to ask Alexa for some laughs. The Amazon Echo isn't just a...

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62 Alexa Easter Eggs You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

These Alexa Easter eggs will have you laughing for days.

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Can Alexa Call 911? How Alexa Can Help in Emergencies

Alexa can do so much more than simply make your life easier. Find out how your favorite virtual assistant can...

8 Ways to Spot a Fake Amazon Review

This amazing advice will make you an Amazon expert.

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13 Things You Can Get for Free on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon is always fun, but getting free stuff is obviously even greater. We found all the best things...

17 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Not Know About

An Amazon Prime subscription gives you unlimited free two-day shipping, but unless you're ordering a lot of packages, that benefit...

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Malware Infections Spike in November and December—Here’s How Protect Your Personal Info

Cyber-savvy scammers are standing by to snag our personal information and infect our devices with malware. Here's how to protect...