Coronavirus Guide: How to Keep Your Family Safe and Make the Most of Together Time

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Timely advice for working from home while protecting your family, as well as inspiring stories of everyday people dealing with COVID-19.

Coronavirus Facts—How COVID-19 Is Affecting Us

As the rate of infection rises around the globe, cities go on lockdown like falling dominoes, and uncertainty has you canceling everything, we anticipate your challenges—and give you “Reader’s Digest version” solutions.

What to Do When You’re Stuck Inside

Whether you are working from home in solitude or juggling work deadlines with homework assignments and diversions for house-bound kids, you could use a little levity about now—and, yes, even a joke or two. Never underestimate the enduring power of humor—or a really good board game—to ease troubled times. If you’re sheltering solo, why not take a virtual museum tour or treat yourself to a spa day?

Social Distancing Etiquette

Experts still know so little about this new virus, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. Many old etiquette rules may no longer apply. We help you handle even the trickiest of situations and keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

Tips for Working from Home

You made the responsible decision to keep yourself and your loved ones home, but WFH when you’ve never done it brings up unexpected obstacles. Here’s how those who’ve mastered it manage their time and new technology challenges to remain productive.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

From what the experts know about this virus, the best thing you can do right now is to social distance yourself, disinfect surfaces, wash your hands often, and avoid touching your face. There are many products that will do the job; the trick is to use them the right way.

How to Stock Up on Supplies Wisely

Panic-buying is leading to price gouging, temporary product shortages, long lines, and full shopping carts. Supply-chain experts say this is all unnecessary. Here are expert tips for keeping a reasonable amount of food and supplies on hand—without hoarding stuff you don’t need (but others may).

Coronavirus Scams: What You Should Know

Scammers like to prey on our fears, so this crisis is a perfect storm. From phishing emails to fake money scams, criminals are actively looking for an opportunity to steal your money or your personal information—or both. Don’t fall for the new ruses crooks are employing right now.

Comfort-Food Recipes Everyone in the Family Will Love

They’re called “comfort foods” for a reason. When we’re stressed, time-tested home-cooked meals have a way of making everyone feel better. These feel-good family recipes from our sister-site Taste of Home become your family’s go-to meals.

Projects You Can Do While You’re Stuck Inside

Now is the perfect time to knock off some projects that have been stalling on your to-do list. Hardware and home-supply stores are open, and many are delivering or letting you pick up curbside. Our sister-site The Family Handyman has the step-by-step advice you need to tackle any project.

Learn More About Covid-19

From tests on the horizon to drugs that may or may not work—and habits that can lower your risk—learn breaking information about this disease from the experts at our sister-site The Healthy.

True Stories About Coronavirus

Extraordinary responses of ordinary people are all around us. From health heroes on the front lines to businesses doing good to neighbors helping neighbors, we bring you stories that uplift us.