25 Jerry Springer Quotes That Honor the Iconic Television Host and Former Cincinnati Mayor

Updated: Apr. 27, 2023

These are some of our favorite Jerry Springer quotes.

Jerry Springer, the longtime TV show host, television personality and former mayor of Cincinnati, has died at 79 years old following a “brief illness.” Springer was famous for hosting his 28-season-long show, The Jerry Springer Show, which focused on relationship disputes and produced several unforgettable viral moments. Prior to the show, Springer also served as the 56th mayor of Cincinnati during the 1970s.

Springer additionally hosted shows like America’s Got Talent and Judge Jerry. Outside of television, Springer was a lawyer and a judge.

“Jerry’s ability to connect with people was at the heart of his success in everything he tried whether that was politics, broadcasting or just joking with people on the street who wanted a photo or a word,” Jene Galvin, a family friend and spokesman for Springer’s family, said in a statement.

In his own words, these are some of the quotes that capture Springer’s uncanny ability to connect with others and his life.

Jerry Springer at the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, CaliforniaAlbert L. Ortega/Getty Images

  1. “All of us, whether or not we’re celebrities, everyone ought to spend part of their life making someone else’s life better.”
  2. “With a face like mine, I do better in print.”
  3. “Somebody once said I had a face for radio and a voice for newspapers.”
  4. “Take care of yourselves, and each other.”
  5. “Love is great for us, but we don’t always love who is great for us.”
  6. “I’m in shape, but only if you consider a circle a shape.”
  7. “No one would have picked me out in high school and said, ‘This guy is going to be in show business.’ I don’t have any of the talents you would normally associate with show business.”
  8. “If you can’t be committed to another person, at least be committed to the concept of character and don’t cheat.”
  9. “You fight to defend a lover, not to win one. If you do, it isn’t love.”
  10. “We can’t just have mainstream behavior on television in a free society, we have to make sure we see the whole panorama of human behavior.”
  11. “I’m always playing a role, whether it’s the role of the mayor, the role of a news anchor, or a role of a crazy talk-show host. But there was a specific function. On ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ I had nothing to do but be me, schlepping around the floor. And when I host ‘America’s Got Talent,’ that’s really me just talking to regular folks.”
  12. “I don’t live in Hollywood. I don’t have celebrities as friends. I like them, but I don’t pal around with them. I just live in the Midwest, a real normal world.”
  13. “I’m a happy guy, but if I’m in a rare dark mood, I won’t go out because I don’t want to be horrible to people.”
  14. “There’s something about the openness of the American people. Yes, we have our faults, but deep down, there’s a goodness.”
  15. “I play a crazy talk-show host, but that’s not me. It’s like an actor playing a role.”
  16. “You know, the truth is there’s never been a relationship where both parties at one time or another couldn’t use a little forgiveness from the other. I mean, we are each by definition imperfect, so being less than we ought to be doing something we shouldn’t have done is overtime, inevitable.”
  17. “In one generation, my family went from extermination simply because of how they pray to God to this ridiculously privileged life I live today. So how can I not love America?”
  18. “How lucky we are to be able to see and hear so much of our history over the past century as it was happening.”
  19. “TV is a huge draw. It’s a magnet.”
  20. “My campaign is based upon the proposition that the answers to the problems which currently plague our cities, our towns, and our homes, are not to be found in the decisions in Washington. They are instead to be found in the hearts, minds and resources of our own people here at home.
  21. “I create this persona for the show. And that’s what it is. I’m an act.”
  22. “When I was first on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, people were really shocked and surprised.”
  23. “The bias against the show is purely elitist. We’re all like the people on the show—the difference is that some of us speak better, or were born richer. There’s nothing that happens on my show that rich people don’t experience.”
  24. “Vegetarianism is a good idea.”
  25. “We are all born as empty vessels which can be shaped by moral values.”


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