We Tested Lake Pajamas on Six Shopping Editors—Here’s Our Verdict

Updated: Feb. 15, 2024

Our Lake Pajamas verdict is in—these PJs are seriously worth the money.

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Reader’s Digest editors know their pajamas. To date, we’ve tested some of the most popular PJ brands out there, reporting back to tell you which pairs are worth their price. Our favorite pajamas come from Cozy Earth, but we’re still in search of a great pair of cooling pajamas that work on every body type and in every climate. In support of this quest, we discovered Lake Pajamas, a brand beloved for its thoughtful fabrics and classic designs.

But could one pair of pajamas truly please picky shopping editors? We sent six editors a pair of Lake Pajamas to find out. Our editors represent nearly every corner of the country and a variety of body types. When a product earns our stamp of approval, we think it’ll earn yours too. Read on for our honest Lake Pajamas review.

Pima Shorts Set in Marine (Size L)

Lake Pajamas Pima Shorts Set In MarineStephanie Hope/RD.com


I’m the kind of person who likes to stay cozy in the summer while lounging around the house. However, when it gets too hot, it’s hard for me to find a pair of pajamas that not only keep me cool but are also soft and cozy. When I tried on my Lake Pajamas, I knew I finally found the perfect pair.

Right out of the package, the quality of the pajama set impressed me. The blue colors are true to the photos and the white is crisp and clean. The material is soft to the touch, so I know it won’t irritate my sensitive skin throughout the evening. The shorts fit me perfectly, with just enough give around my thighs, which was a nice surprise considering that tends to be the tightest area for me when finding the perfect pair of pajama shorts.

The top was a bit oversized for my taste—but I think that was because I should have chosen a size smaller. Normally, I love oversized clothing, but this felt a bit too baggy for what I am looking for in a pajama set. If I had chosen the next size down, it would have been a perfect fit.


Sleeping in the pajamas was what completely won me over. Normally I have a hard time sleeping in pajamas because I toss and turn all night, rotisserie-style. This tends to make the clothing spin around my body, making me feel suffocated and overheated—even when I use my tried-and-true BedJet bed cooling system. However, I found Lake’s loose and soft material just moved with my body and I never felt constricted.

Since receiving my Lake Pajamas, I’ve washed them twice and I haven’t noticed any change in size or color of the pajamas. They’re just as crisp and soft as when I first put them on. If anything, I feel they’re even softer now, which I didn’t think was possible. This is definitely a pajama set I’ll keep in my wardrobe.—Stephanie Hope, Shopping Editor

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Pima Shorts Set in Parisian Green (Size XL)

Lake Pajamas Pima Shorts Set In Parisian GreenAndrea Carrillo/RD.com

When the day is done and my skincare is slathered on, I usually reach for either my Quince silk pajamas or a big T-shirt as my PJs of choice. Once my Lake PJs entered the rotation, they quickly turned from a guest star to a series regular. They’re softer than just about any others I own, and their shorts-and-T-shirt combo is perfect for late summer.

I will admit, I find my Quince pajamas slightly more stylish than my Lakes. And if I were to reorder, I’d go for a button-down top for more versatility. But the Parisian Green color is so feminine and on the softness scale, the Lake pajamas rank high. The 100% Pima cotton material is smooth, super breathable and feels great on my skin.

Although I’m usually a size large in clothing, I sized up in my pajamas for a roomy fit. I’m grateful I did because I found that the set shrinks in the dryer thanks to the cotton (I’ll air dry next time). Nevertheless, these comfy PJs are a cloud-soft addition to my closet. Even my mom asked where she could get a pair for herself!Andrea Carrillo, Associate Shopping Editor

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Pima Shorts Set in Schumacher x Lake (Size M)

Lake Pajamas Pima Short Set In Schumacher X LakeMadi Koetting/RD.com

As a loyal Target pajama shopper, my Lake Pajamas seriously wowed me. Slipping on my blue and white patterned pajama top and shorts (though this specific pattern has unfortunately been discontinued) is like slipping into a soft robe—minus all the excess fabric. This set strikes the perfect balance of cozy yet lightweight (no night sweats here!), which is very important to me no matter the season.

Shortly after receiving the pajamas, I accidentally spilled salsa on the shorts because, well, the PJs are comfy enough to work from home. Absolutely frantic to get the red stain out of my white shorts, I slathered on stain remover and threw them in the wash hoping they could be saved from my messy eating habits. Thank god for stain remover, because my pajamas came out looking just as good as the day I got them—no salsa stain in sight.

Even after washing the top and shorts several times, the fabric has never pilled and has held its shape perfectly. No shrinking, no pilling and a soft, lightweight feel equals a win-win-win in my book! Side note, I’m a 5’5 woman, about 160 pounds and wear a size medium. The fit is relaxed, just the way pajamas should be, but size up for an oversized baggy feel.Madi Koetting, Product Reviews Home Editor

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Pima Shorts Set in Elizabeth Floral (Size S)

Lake Pajamas Pima Shorts Set In Elizabeth FloralMegan Mowery/RD.com

First of all—could the colorful floral print on these Lake Pajamas be any cuter? Pulling them on before bed makes me feel like I’m preparing to slip between crisp cotton sheets in an airy English cottage, instead of my stuffy old apartment with a window A/C unit. They’re unfortunately a seasonal print that is no longer on Lake’s website, but I’m holding out hope they’ll be restocked next summer.

Beyond aesthetics, these pajamas are seriously comfortable. Their Pima cotton material is thick enough to feel substantial and skim over the body, but not so heavy that you’ll need to swap them for cooling bamboo pajamas on hot summer nights. Where other cotton pajamas cling and show every lump and bump, these are so flattering. I’ve never hesitated to wear them outside the bedroom.

And while I’m no stranger to night sweats—see stuffy apartment comment above—I’ve slept well while wearing my Lake Pajamas, with nary a midnight wake-up drenched in sweat. The Pima cotton has some chameleon-like qualities: It’s cooling in hot temperatures, but it also stays cozy on chilly nights. It’s basically the perfect pajama material, which means my Lake Pajamas have earned a permanent spot in my pajama drawer!—Megan Mowery, Senior Shopping Editor

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Pima Shorts Set in Parisian Green (Size M)

Lake Pajamas Pima Shorts Set In Parisian GreenReina Galhea/RD.com

An oversized T-shirt and a pair of shorts are my typical pajamas of choice. So if I’m going to wear a PJ set, it has to be equally as comfortable. I look for fabric that mimics well-worn cotton and a loose fit that doesn’t constrict. But I still need it fitted to avoid bunching while I sleep.


I have to admit, I was skeptical about the Pima pajama set from Lake when I first put it on. My broad shoulders felt a bit too snug against the seams of the top, and I had significantly less room in the sleeves than I typically like. Thankfully, I tried the set on a few hours before bed. By the time I went to sleep, the fabric had loosened up enough for me to snooze peacefully.

I was pleased with the shorts from the outset. I have a long torso, so high-waisted PJ shorts tend to sit very high on my thigh, but the Lake shorts hit me right at the waist and had a comfortable hem length too. Win! Even after a wash and a run through the dryer, the fit was great. No shrinking to speak of.


I chose the Parisian Green color. It looked brighter and a bit more seafoam-hued in person than it did online, but that’s a plus in my eyes. The fabric felt very similar to my beloved sleep T-shirts. It got a little bit softer after a run through the wash.

Most notably, the PJs didn’t hold onto the grease stain that formed after I dropped some food on them minutes after putting them on for the first time (oops!). I purposefully waited a day to wash them to see if the stain would still lift, and voila! Not a trace.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Lake PJs. I’ve slept in this set for several weeks now without a single comfort complaint. It gives my old sleep clothes a run for their money, and looks a lot cuter!Reina Galhea, Deputy Shopping Editor

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Pima Shorts Set in English Rose (Size M)

Pima Shorts Set In English Rose (size M)Daria Smith/RD.COM

A few years later, I’m now on my fourth pair of Lake Pajamas, and I’m obsessed. Jennifer Garner claims they’re “perfect.” I’ve tested pajamas from a portfolio of brands, and Lake competes head-to-head with Cozy Earth.

Lake Pajamas are made from ultra-soft Peruvian Pima cotton in flattering cuts and classic patterns. The material is thick and opaque but still lightweight. Ideal for hot sleepers, this pajama set regulates my body temperature and keeps me cool. My favorite style is the short-sleeve top and shorts. However, Lake offers versatile bundles with a top, shorts and pants.

I’m normally an oversized tee and boyfriend’s sweatpants kind of gal, but Lake has converted me into a pajama set connoisseur. I don’t travel without a trusty Lake PJ set, Paris included.  It’s one of my favorite gifts to give from bridal showers to thank you gifts.

Note, Lake pajamas aren’t meant to be fitted, so order a size up. While Lake recommends laying pajamas flat to dry, I throw my Lake pajamas in the dryer and they’re in tip-top shape. Over time, the colors are still vibrant and haven’t faded. Since it’s cotton, the garment shrinks slightly in the dryer after the first wash.

Subjectively $100 is a lot for a pair of pajamas, but it depends on how you shop and what you like to wear to bed. In my opinion, they’re worth it. Lake runs sales three times a year in late February, late Summer and on Black Friday—it’s the best time to shop.Daria Smith, Senior Shopping Editor

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