These Cooling Silk Pajamas Provide the Most Luxurious Beauty Sleep

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Quince silk pajamas totally upgraded my nighttime routine.

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Earlier this year, Quince released a collection of silk clothing consisting of all kinds of outfit essentials. While we already love Quince for its linen sheets and bedding, the silk clothing collection is an epic one for a big reason: it’s all machine washable. The line is affordable luxury at its finest, and I just had to test the Quince silk pajamas for myself.

As a style and shopping enthusiast, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my wardrobe without feeding into fast fashion. However, one area that I always seem to be caught lacking is in the pajamas department. Thankfully, Quince has officially helped me swap out my Bulls-jersey-turned-nightgown for a luxurious silk pajama set.

What are Quince silk pajamas?

Quince silk pajamas Andrea Carrillo/Taste of Home

If you’re unfamiliar with washing silk, know that it can be a tough fabric to maintain without a dry cleaner’s help. Traditional silk stains and discolors with water exposure. But thanks to their high quality, Quince silk pajamas can be cleaned with just a regular home washer and dryer set.

The washable component is a major plus, but another reason why Quince silk pajamas are so noteworthy is because they’re cooling. The material composition regulates body temperature to keep body heat at bay. Pair them with cooling bed sheets and a mattress pad, and you’re good to go.

There are a couple of sleepwear silhouettes to choose from, including pants and shorts, button-up tops, tank tops, T-shirts and a robe. Tasteful details like piping, pockets and slits add some shape, movement and functionality. Overall, the collection is fitting for any type of sleeper with any kind of personal style.

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Quince silk pajama features

Quince silk pajamas Andrea Carrillo/Taste of Home

After combing through every review, I decided on the pajama pants and button-up top. Since I don’t like to be constricted at night with tight clothing, I went up a size for a more flowy fit. I ordered my set in black, which looks more like a dark gray in person.

I probably could have ordered my true size solely because of how much movement these women’s pajamas offer. Beware that there’s not much stretch, but they did feel buttery on my skin and moved with me. The pants have a slit from knee to ankle, adding even more breathability, and the button-up top has a cropped fit. The fabric itself reminds me of suede, but smoother.

The Quince pajamas are made of 100% mulberry silk. While many people confuse silk with slippery, shiny satin, mulberry silk is actually a much softer fiber. It’s made with 18 kinds of amino acids that nourish the skin and ease those with allergies. The material also naturally thermoregulates to maintain body temperature, making it a quality cooling pajama for those who love to stay cool at night.

There are five colors to choose from—black, indigo, toasted almond, light gray and mist—that are dyed in a mill that operates with less water, energy and chemical consumption. No hazardous materials go into the material’s production, so you can rest assured that it’s safe for skin. Some clothing experts say sweat can affect silk, so it’s best to wash them every three to four wears.

How I tested them

Quince silk pajamas Andrea Carrillo/Taste of Home

It may sound silly, but the first time I wore the pajamas, they were almost too cooling. They created a fresh airiness as I walked that made me wonder if I should throw on a cardigan for lounging. At night, however, they were incredibly comfortable and soft.

I don’t move around much while I sleep, but I am a back and side sleeper. When laying down, the slit in the pants makes the extra fabric move around and feel like bermuda shorts, which isn’t my favorite, but in bed I can overlook it. I have curvy body type and a long torso (I’m 5-foot-9), but the top isn’t too cropped, and the pants’ elastic waist lets them sit right at my hips. Plus, the pants and top have little pockets, which is a welcome bonus.

I also took the pajamas on a one-night hotel trip. Hotels are the best place for cool sleep—an environment I can never seem to replicate at home—and the pajamas made my sister do a double take with a Where did you get those? expression. The cool temperature of hotel sheets plus the freshness of the pajamas kept me comfortable and sweat-free all night, even with my sister and I sharing a bed.

After a few nights of wear came the ultimate test: washing day. I avoid washing luxury materials at home as much as possible (I’ve learned my lesson there). Still, I added the pajamas to a laundry bag, added some other light pieces to the washer and set the machine to a delicate cycle on cold. Imagining a worst-case scenario of tattered pajamas, I was relieved to find that the PJs still looked nice after the cycle.

The brand says to wash and dry without hot temperatures to avoid damaging or shrinking. I like air drying anyway, which is OK in this case as long as I limit sun exposure. If you decide to use a dryer, don’t tumble dry. After a couple hours of air drying, my set was ready for another luxurious night.


  • Soft, lightweight silk material
  • Cooling fabric regulates body temperature
  • Washable on a delicate cycle
  • Multiple silhouettes to choose from
  • Less expensive than other brands’ silk sleepwear options


  • Prone to catching lint
  • Wrinkles easily


Quince silk pajamas Andrea Carrillo/Taste of Home

Is silk sleepwear worth it?

Silk is a natural fiber that’s very comfortable for hot sleepers because it’s so breathable. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin. If you’re a hot sleeper or selective about what fabrics you wear, silk is a quality sleep option.

Can you machine-wash silk pajamas?

Yes, silk is machine washable. Wash it on a cold, delicate cycle inside a laundry bag. Don’t use heat, bleach or a soak cycle to prevent damage to the fabric.

How long should silk pajamas last?

Because silk is such a high-quality, natural material, it can last a lifetime with the right maintenance.

What other reviewers have to say

Five-star reviewer, Shanon, “lives” in her pajama pants. “I’ve worn these so much the waistband is wearing out. Comfortable and elegant,” she writes.

“Very pretty pajama top that can be pulled off as a regular silk top with high-waisted pants (the shirt is a rather cropped length),” writes Anna of the button-up top. “The color is darker than the picture, which I was actually happier witha very pretty mauve. I purchased my regular size.”

“These silk pajamas are lovely,” says Cheryl W. of the tank top. “Night sweats are a distant memory when I sleep with them. I took them on a weekend trip to visit friends and they were perfect to lounge around in while enjoying morning coffee.”

Product comparison

Another pajama brand we love at Reader’s Digest is Cozy Earth. Our editors tested the Cozy Earth bamboo pajamas and found that they’re one of the best pajama sets in terms of fit, style, comfort and durability. The Cozy Earth PJs are a stretch-knit material comparable to soft cotton while the Quince silk pajamas are a smoother silk.

They also differ from our tested Lake pajamas, which are made of 100% Peruvian cotton. Quince silk pajamas are a little more lavish and elegant, but require a closer eye than cotton when it comes to maintenance.

Final verdict

My Quince silk pajamas have now been my sleeping partner for a few weeks and they’re still as lush as the first day. I can confidently say they’re one of the best pajama sets I’ve owned. They beat out cotton, flannel and other types of silk pajamas in my experience, and I can see myself ordering more sets in the future to prevent wearing out my current one. They’re as cool as they promise to be and make me look put togethereven in my sleep.

My only complaints are that the pants’ leg slits can be a little annoying when you’re laying down and the fabric wrinkles easily. Neither are dealbreakers by any means, and the fabric is steamer-friendly if wrinkles aren’t your thing. I love how cool these PJs are, especially in comparison to others I’ve had in the past. They’re soft, comfortable and a luxurious addition to any closet.

Where to buy Quince silk pajamas

Cooling Silk Pajamas Offer The Ultimate Beauty Sleep Ecomm Via Quince

The washable silk collection and pajamas are available directly on the Quince website starting at $50 per item, giving you the ability to mix and match. Take it from me, don’t sleep on these pajamas!

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