This Is the Most Popular Item Sold in Grocery Stores

Updated: Apr. 26, 2023

Can you guess what item is a grocery store bestseller?

In recent months, some grocery store items have been difficult to come by. Eggs, pet food and other common household goods have all been in short supply, leading to major price increases and strains on consumers. As a result, many have turned to alternative goods.

Although certain goods are rising in price due to inflation, there are some that actually cost less. And, as it turns out, there’s one good in particular that grocery store shoppers can’t get enough of. Probably because they’re so appealing!

What is the most popular item in grocery stores?

If the pun didn’t make it obvious, the most popular grocery store item is bananas. Apparently, Americans can’t get enough of the number one best-selling grocery store food. The average American consumes around 90 of the potassium-filled fruit every year. This equates to roughly 27 pounds of bananas.

In fact, in 2021, the U.S. imported the most bananas worldwide, with imports of approximately $2.8 billion of bananas. Even the popular grocery delivery service, Instacart, has reported delivering over one billion pounds of the fruit.

Which states consume the most—and least—bananas?

Pile of BananasShingo Tosha/AFLO/Getty Images

Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado and Pennsylvania are the top five states that have the highest share of banana purchases.

Meanwhile, Hawaii, Louisiana, Alaska, Alabama and Maine have the lowest share of banana purchases.

Why are bananas the top grocery store item?

While there’s no official reason for their popularity, there might be a couple of things working in bananas’ favor.

One reason may have something to do with bananas’ affordability. Over the past seven years, the price of bananas has remained relatively the same. Even while the price of bananas incrementally rose to 63 cents in 2022, it is a much more affordable item in contrast to those items experiencing shortages.

Not to mention, they’re also delicious and good for you. Plus, their versatility—in and out of the kitchen, these are some of their most clever uses—makes them an easy choice to pick up at the store. Next, take a look at the ultimate budget grocery list with over 100 items.


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