Here’s the Last Name Prince George Will Go By In School

Updated: Sep. 01, 2023

No, "of England" isn't his last name.

Here’s-The-Last-Name-Prince-George-Will-Go-By-In-School-9045255h-REXShutterstockREX/ShutterstockWith all the varied titles and all the intersecting lineages in the royal family tree, it can be a bit tough to keep track of names, let alone the line of succession. 

But a question that is not all that frequently asked is pretty logical one: What is the royal family’s last name? It may seem like a simple answer, the royal family is of the house Mountbatten-Windsor, so, technically, that is their last name. But this isn’t Game of Thrones, and for the purposes of records, it’s not quite as simple as that.

So, when Prince George starts school and his name is not listed as George Mountbatten-Windsor, then what is it listed as? The precedent was actually set decades ago when Prince William and Prince Harry started attending school; for the sake of the school, they were William Wales and Harry Wales.

But why? As it turns out, the last name of a royal child comes from the title of his or her father. Charles was the Prince of Wales, so Harry and William picked up that name. William is the Duke of Cambridge, so for all intents and purposes, the little prince will be identified as George Cambridge.

So that settles it. It may seem complicated, but it’s much easier than attempting to get Prince George to simply write his name down on a piece of paper for you, for two reasons. First off, the royal family is banned from giving out autographs, and second off, he’s 4 so we doubt he’s even able to write his name just yet. 

[Source: People]