Prince George Just Got a Pep Talk from His Dad—and the Photos Are Adorable

Updated: Jul. 19, 2021

His pout is officially the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Ever since the royal palace announced that Prince George and his little sister, Princess Charlotte, would tag along on their parents’ official state visit, we have been waiting for a glimpse of the cute kiddos. Finally, the photos have arrived—and they brought an unexpectedly adorable surprise.

Once the family touched down in Poland, it quickly became clear that little George was NOT in the mood for royal niceties. He needed a little coaxing out of the plane by his father, Prince William. Holding his dad’s hand, he gazed doubtfully out at the photographers and politicians who greeted the family in Warsaw.

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

Even with his feet on the ground, Prince George continued to fidget on the red carpet. The cameras captured the Duke of Cambridge in a classic fatherly role, gently disciplining the three-year-old. But once George pulled out the pout, we were all immediately smitten. Just look at that bottom lip!

REX/ShutterstockBARTLOMIEJ ZBOROWSKI/Shutterstock

Meanwhile, two-year-old Charlotte is never camera shy (and these adorable pictures prove it!) She was all smiles for the cameras in her mother’s arms. Although her brother could maybe learn a thing or two from her, we’re not worried about Prince George. Even little princes can get a bit pouty.


The Duke and Duchess decided a few weeks ago that they would bring their children along on their official royal tour this summer, spreading goodwill in Europe as Brexit ambassadors. (This is why Prince William and Princess Kate never show PDA.) Following the welcoming ceremony in Poland, the young family later attended a reception for young Polish entrepreneurs and a garden party held in honor of the Queen.

Confused as to who’s who? This easy chart explains the entire royal family tree.