I Took a Proven Skincare Quiz and My Skin’s Never Felt Better

I replaced my multi-step skin care routine with a simple three-step system that's customized just for me. The results shocked me and my skin—in the best way possible.

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In the past, I was one of those people who didn’t think twice about a skin care routine. I rarely washed my face before bed (ew, I know), avoided face sunscreen like the plague and had no clue what to do with all of those face serums, eye creams, moisturizers or trendy Korean beauty products. Thankfully, Proven Skincare has changed that.

As far as skin goes, I’ve been lucky. I don’t deal with sensitivities, acne or excessive dryness. But as I’ve aged, I’ve noticed my skin changing. My former anti-sunscreen stance left a sunspot under my left eye, and I’ve lost count of the lines on my forehead and around my eyes. These days, I have an arsenal of skin care products that I carefully apply in the right order, and I never leave the house without applying a moisturizer with SPF.

While I love trying out different skin care products like top-rated exfoliants, anti-aging creams and retinol serums, it’s always trial and error. I opt for products formulated for all types or “normal” skin, but I never know if the products I’m choosing really are the best for my skin. There are so many products, from cleansers and facial scrubs to masks and serums, that maintaining my skin has become a costly feat. I needed to simplify things a bit, which is why I decided to try Proven Skincare.

What is Proven Skincare?

Proven Skincare is a skin care system that uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and real dermatologists to formulate products specifically for your skin. Products are formulated based on the brand’s Skin Genome Quiz. This online quiz mimics an in-person dermatologist’s evaluation, but takes only a few minutes to complete, saving you the time and money associated with an actual doctor’s visit.

The quiz begins by asking about your main skin concerns. If your concern is fine lines or wrinkles, you’ll be asked your level of concern. If your biggest concern is acne, you’ll be asked how often you experience breakouts. The quiz asks how your skin feels when you wake up in the morning, right after a shower, how it appears in photos and your level of concern when it comes to dark circles.

The remainder of the quiz takes you through a number of lifestyle questions covering everything from your age, gender and zip code to your diet, stress levels and amount of time spent in front of screens or out in the sun.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, Proven’s AI will sift through its database, which analyzes factors such as the water hardness, humidity level and UV index where you live. It selects from over 20,238 skin care ingredients, with knowledge from 4,000-plus scientific publications to create a truly personalized skin care system, consisting of a cleanser, day moisturizer and night cream.

How we tested it

 Proven SkincareCourtesy Marisa Hillman

The quiz

I started with the Proven Skincare quiz. After answering questions about my stress levels, sleep habits, sensitivities, location and skin type, I was served up my resulting regiment.

The AI determined that I live in an area with a high UV index, over 60% humidity, good air quality and hard water. I took the quiz during the summer when I spend a lot of time outside and had a water softener recently installed in my home, so I agreed with its assessment. Beyond these environmental factors, the formula was also based on my main concern: fine lines and wrinkles.

Once the AI has served you your perfect products, you can either make a one-time purchase or subscribe and have them automatically shipped to your door. Although the subscription offer provides a discount, I opted for a one-time purchase. Shortly after completing my order, I received a confirmation email. By the end of the day, I received a second email that my order shipped and six days later, it arrived at my door.

The products

Seeing only three products in the box was a bit of a shock after my existing multi-product routine, but the cards in the box explaining each product alleviated my concerns. Since Proven’s three-product system is designed to be a comprehensive regimen, each of the products are created with double-duty functions, which eliminates the need for multiple products.

For instance, the face wash I received is a cleanser, toner and exfoliant all-in-one. The day moisturizer includes SPF, and my night cream is infused with two serums within the moisturizer. My package also contained a mini face roller that’s the perfect size for decreasing any puffiness around the eyes and a card summarizing my system based on the quiz I took.

To see what effects Proven had on my skin, I stopped using all other skin care products. I began each morning with my personalized cleanser, which claims anti-aging, pore refining and smoothing benefits. The bottle recommends using two to four pumps, and I found four pumps adequate to cover my face and used the cleanser alongside my Foreo Luna cleansing brush.

The instructions warn that you may feel a slight tingling sensation as the plant enzymes and exfoliants get to work, though I didn’t notice any. Unlike other cleansers, this one doesn’t lather. I wasn’t crazy about its scent, but it’s not strong enough to deter me from using it.

After cleansing, I moved on to my day moisturizer with SPF 40. I used three pumps of product rather than the recommended two. I was pleasantly surprised by how light this moisturizer felt on my skin. It had a mild but pleasant scent which, unlike my usual moisturizer with SPF, didn’t smell like sunscreen. My skin didn’t feel greasy or look shiny after application—it just felt really nice!

In the evenings, I used my personalized cleanser again before applying a dime-sized amount of my night cream. It promises to renew, moisturize and calm skin. Though richer than the day moisturizer, this scent-free night cream still felt light on my skin. It was a welcome change from my usual cocktail of skin care products that felt thick for hours after application.

When I finished applying the night cream to my face and neck, I heeded the suggestion on my instruction card and dabbed some around my eyes and crow’s feet corners. Some eye creams irritated my skin in the past, so I was initially hesitant to try this step. Luckily, I didn’t experience any irritation or excessive eye watering when I applied it around my eye area.

The results

Proven Skincare Marisa HillmanCourtesy Marisa Hillman

For the first couple of weeks, I’ll admit that I was still skeptical about whether or not this system was actually doing anything to my skin. I know that sometimes less is more, but it’s a concept I struggle with. I felt like this three-product system might not be enough.

But by the third week, I noticed results. For starters, my skin could breathe; it felt lighter when I woke up in the morning. I also began to appreciate the simple three-product routine. With three young children running around, there are times when I don’t have the luxury of completing my skin care routine without interruption. Sometimes boo boos need kissing, stuffies need finding and squabbles need a referee.

With my old routine, stepping away for too long in between washing and moisturizing made my skin feel tight and dry. After a few weeks of using my Proven skin care routine, I could step away to solve whatever issues popped up. For the first time, my skin felt normal.

Proven Skincare features

The Proven Skincare system has a lot going for it because each formula is created uniquely for you based on your needs and lifestyle. Each formulation is different, but every ingredient is backed by science and designed to get your skin in tip-top shape. There’s a formulation for every age, skin type and concern. Since it’s only a three-step system, we’re willing to bet that it’s one of the easiest skin care systems on the market.


  • The products you receive are formulated specifically for your skin based on your concerns, needs, lifestyle and genetics
  • It’s a simple three-step system as opposed to a multi-step process
  • Each product does the job of multiple products, so you can use fewer products in your skin care routine
  • The day moisturizer and night cream are incredibly lightweight
  • If you subscribe, your individual formula will automatically evolve over time based on seasonal or environmental changes You can report any lifestyle changes, such as a move or pregnancy, that Proven will factor into your next formulation


  • You save $30 by signing up for a subscription, which makes you feel like you have to. If you’re someone who generally doesn’t like signing up for subscriptions or auto-shipments, you won’t see any savings
  • You can only get this product through Proven’s website
  • We didn’t love the cleanser’s smell


Can you order products without taking the Skin Genome Quiz?

No. Proven doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Each product is formulated just for you based on the results of your Skin Genome Quiz.

Do you have to sign up for a subscription?

No. You can purchase a skin care system without a subscription, but you’ll save money by subscribing.

If you sign up for a subscription, are you locked in?

Nope. You can cancel your subscription anytime. If you don’t want to cancel, you have the option to skip your next shipment, change the frequency of your deliveries, postpone your next delivery by a week or two or choose the date your next order processes.

Are Proven Skincare’s products vegan?

Not yet. While Proven Skincare’s products are cruelty-free, the brand is still working toward a vegan certification.

Are Proven Skincare’s products clean beauty products?

Yes! The products are free from phthalates, parabens, SLS and formaldehyde.

Are Proven Skincare’s products FDA approved?

Proven Skincare products are made in an FDA-approved lab in the United States. All products meet FDA guidelines but not all products are registered with the FDA.

In the U.S., FDA registration is not required for cosmetic products, but Proven sells some products that are classified as over-the-counter drugs, like the Day Moisturizers containing SPF. These products are registered with the FDA and labeled with a standard drug facts label.

What other reviewers have to say about Proven Skincare

Proven Skincare has over 26,000 five-star reviews from users with a multitude of backgrounds and skin types. While each formula is unique, all reviewers say the same thing: This system actually works!

Verified user LC writes: “I’ve had chronic skin conditions for as long as I can remember and have tried EVERYTHING. I thought, here we go again, I am getting suckered into something else for an outrageous price that won’t work. But let me tell you, my skin is AMAZING! It’s the best it has looked in 20 years, and I’ve only been using it a couple of months.”

Do you have a multitude of skin concerns? Proven can help them all. Just ask verified reviewer Brittany: “Nothing has ever worked to target all of my skin concerns, from redness and sensitivity to dry patches and occasional acne. Within the first week of using this system, I started to notice a more balanced glow to my skin. The redness reduced by 50% within two weeks, and now it is virtually gone. I am the poster child for conflicting skin problems and I can only imagine that continued use over time will only deepen my love for this set of products.”

People of all ages can find something to love about their Proven system. JudyRLa writes: “I’m in my 60s and have all the usual nonsense you get when you spent your teens and 20s eschewing sunscreen in favor of chasing the perfect tan. I started using Proven about a year ago. For at least three decades I had a large sun spot on my left cheek. Nothing lightened it. I stopped noticing it, even—until today, when I looked in the mirror and realized it’s GONE. Hallelujah!”

Product comparison

I’ve been using Drunk Elephant’s line of skin care products for years now. I’m a devoted fan who appreciates everything from their clean formulas to their fun and colorful packaging. However, I have so many of their products, and I feel like each season is a guessing game of which ones I should use. Using Proven Skincare’s three-step regimen and knowing that I’m applying exactly what my skin needs is a total game changer for a low-maintenance gal like me.

While I’ve always thought that slathering on extra masks and moisturizers was great for my skin (seriously, they made my skin feel so soft before bed), I had no idea what it was like to allow my skin to breathe while absorbing all of the vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that it needs. I feel like my skin is finally living its best life.

Final verdict

It turns out, less really is more. I’m amazed by the changes I’ve felt in my skin since I started using Proven Skincare. It’s easy to use, highly effective and there’s no guesswork involved. I’d happily recommend this system to anyone of any skin type.

While I haven’t noticed any specific age-fighting benefits yet—these changes tend to take time, anyway—I adore how my skin feels. I felt like my skin could really breathe, and I didn’t need to rush to apply moisturizer before my skin started to dry out. Plus, the products have lasted me around eight weeks, right in time for the next delivery.

Where to buy Proven Skincare

Since each Proven Skincare formulation is based on the unique results of your Skin Genome Quiz, you won’t find Proven Skincare in stores. You’ll have to go directly through the brand’s website to place your order.

You can purchase your unique system without a subscription for $159. Or, you can subscribe and have your products auto-shipped every two months. If you choose to subscribe, you’ll only pay $129 and can cancel anytime. Shipping is free no matter which option you choose.

For a ridiculously simple, made-just-for-you skin care system, look no further than Proven Skincare.

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