50 Shark Puns That Are Simply Fin-tastic

Updated: May 06, 2021

Get ready to sink your teeth into these funny puns.

Fin-credible shark puns that’ll make you laugh

Who doesn’t love a good animal pun? There are so many to choose from, including wolf puns and fish puns. There are even a couple horse jokes that make you snicker! However, there’s one group of puns that take the cake: shark puns.

Shark puns can de-fin-itely get some big laughs. Sure, we don’t want to confront these carnivorous creatures in the ocean, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some enjoyment from the gill-arious puns they inspire. Make sure you bookmark these killer shark puns—you may need them in the for-sea-able future.

1. There’s just some-fin about you…

2. How can you tell if two sharks are friends?

They act chummy with one another.

3. I chews you.

4. I think you’re jaws-ome!

5. Did you hear about the shark ghost?

It vanished into fin air!

6. There’s no-fin left to lose.

7. What did the shark get when he traveled to the Arctic Ocean?


8. What did the shark plead in court?


9. What advice did the dad shark give his son?

“Go take a bite out of life!”

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Clownfish wearing clown hat and noserd.com, Getty Images

10. What’s a shark’s favorite event to attend?

The carnival!

11. What’s a shark’s favorite word to say in agreement?


12. That shark sure is athletic—he’s been working on his a-gil-ity!

13. What’s a shark’s favorite song?

“Don’t Stop Be-reef-ing”

14. What did the shark say when he ate the clownfish?

“This tastes a little funny…”

15. You’re skating on fin ice, pal…

16. What do you call a shark in a bad mood?

Grumpy gills.

17. There’s no-fin I wouldn’t do for you.

18. Who’s a shark’s favorite Star Wars character?


19. What did the hammerhead’s boss say when he did a good job?

“You nailed it!”

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Shark wearing first place medalrd.com, Getty Images

20. Why are sharks hard to trust?

They tell great white lies.

21. Did you hear about the all-star shark athlete?

He led his team to the chompionship!

22. Don’t trust sharks—they’ll spill your sea-crets.

23. Where’s the first place the shark visited in Europe?


24. Why did the shark get sent to jail?

He was involved with some fishy business.

25. What’s a shark’s favorite breakfast food?

A jellyfish filled donut.

26. Come to the shark side…

27. Stay jaws-itive.

28. Why did the shark cross the reef?

To get to the other tide!

29. What do fish like to dress up as for Halloween?

Goblin sharks.

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Shark wearing bowtie and top hatrd.com, Getty Images

30. What’s a shark’s favorite card game?

Go fish.

31. Who delivers presents to shark children on Christmas?

Santa Jaws.

32. The shark is out of work right now, but don’t worry—he’s collecting workers chomp.

33. What are a shark’s two most favorite words?

Man overboard.

34. What’s a shark’s favorite meal?

Fish and ships.

35. What’s a baby shark’s favorite nursery rhyme?

Jack and Gill.

36. What do you call a dapper shark?


37. What did the pirate shark sing with his crew?

“Yo ho ho and a bottle of chum!”

38. What type of sharks do carpenters like?

The hammerhead and saw shark.

39. Why do sharks swim in salt water?

Because pepper water would make them sneeze!

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Shark with hearts for eyesrd.com, Getty Images

40. What’s a shark’s favorite candy?

Jaw breakers.

41. Did you hear about the psychic shark?

It can sea into the future!

42. No wonder that shark doesn’t have any friends—it’s a loan shark.

43. What was the last word of the shark movie?


44. Who’s Iron Man’s alter-ego in the sea world?

Tony Shark.

45. How do sharks find things online?

They surf the fin-ternet.

46. Why was the shark so funny?

He was fluent in shark-asm.

47. What did the shark say when he bit the fishing line?

“I’m hooked!”

48. What’s a shark’s favorite coffee shop?


49. In the sea world, what’s it called when one thing makes something else happen?

Jaws and effect.

50. No-fin compares to you, dear.

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