50 Deer Puns That Make the Heart Grow Fawn’der

Updated: May 09, 2024

Get ready to fawn over these cute deer puns. Seriously, they’re doe funny!

Oh, deer! Spring is in the air! The frost is melting, the flowers are blooming, and those adorable woodland creatures are starting to make their appearances. That means it’s time for cow jokes to mooove over and allow deer puns to claim their rightful spot in the green pastures of comedy.

If you’re fawn’d of laughter, these clever jokes are sure to have you in stitches from head to doe. They’re chock-full of more witty points than you’ll find on even the biggest buck’s antlers. Sure, horse jokes are fun and pig puns get ’em every time, but those guys can trot back into the barn for a bit. (Aren’t all those horses tired of walking into bars, anyway?) So, hold onto your antlers—these deer puns are as funny as they get!

1. What do you call an eyeless deer?


2. What’s a buck’s least favorite sandwich bread?

Sour doe.

3. How do you let a deer know you like her?

You fawn over her.

4. Why did the deer get braces?

He had buck teeth.

5. What did the deer say when he left the barbershop?

“I feel like a million bucks!”

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6. I love you deer-ly!

7. What is the name of Santa’s rudest deer?


8. Where did the deer go to fix its tail?

The re-tail shop.

9. What kind of diet did the deer go on when she was trying to lose weight?

A non-deery diet.

10. Hang on for deer life!

11. What kind of deer make great weather forecasters?


Doe wearing crownrd.com, Getty Images

12. What’s a deer’s favorite place to get ice cream?

Deery Queen.

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13. Where do deer get all of their coffee?


14. How does a deer know what day of the week it is?

It looks at its calen-deer.

15. Who did the deer invite to her birthday party?

Her deerest friends.

16. What game do fawns like playing at sleepovers?


17. What did the fawn say to warn her friend about the haunted house?

“Don’t go deer!”

18. What should you give a deer when it gets stomachache?


19. Why was the actress scared of the deer?

She had stag fright.

20. Did Rudolph go to school?

No, he was elf taught!

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21. What did the deer say when her crush told her a joke?

“You are doe funny!”

22. What is a baker’s favorite type of icing?


23. What did the deer tell his buddy before he took a test?

“Good buck!”

24. For real, doe.

25. What Disney movie can a deer watch over and over again?


26. What did the deer say after he finished eating?

“That was deer-licious!”

27. This is so much fawn!

Doe running with steam blowing from earsrd.com, Getty Images

28. Why did the deer go for a run?

To doe off some steam.

29. Deer to be different!

30. Who puts money under a deer’s pillow when they lose a tooth?

The hoof fairy.

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31. What did the deer say when she met her favorite celebrity?

“I’m a big fawn of your movies!”

32. Why was the teenager deer a bad driver?

He didn’t want to use the deering wheel.

33. What did the deer say after she saw her Amazon bill?

“I spent too much doe!”

34. How deer you!

35. What cheesy dip do deer love to eat?


36. What did the deer order to drink at the bar?

Ice cold deer.

37. What board game do deer families always play?


38. It’s the fawn of a new day!

39. What do deer always use to clean their homes?


40. What does a deer do when it gets to its friend’s house?

Rings the deer bell.

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Stag reading magazinerd.com, Getty Images

41. What do deer read to catch up on celeb gossip?


42. What does a deer call her boyfriend?


43. What is a deer’s favorite meal?


44. What do you get when you cross a fawn with a bumblebee?


45. What is a deer’s favorite place to get breakfast?

Dunkin’ Doe-nuts!

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46. How much does it cost to fly Santa’s sleigh?

About 9 bucks.

47. What did the deer say after she did her friend a favor?

“You doe me!”

48. What did the weather reporter say to his wife?

“I hope it doesn’t rain, deer!”

49. Good i-deer!

Deer eating ice creamrd.com, Getty Images

50. What’s a deer’s go-to ice cream flavor?


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