45 Stunning Valentine’s Day Flowers to Wow the People You Love

Updated: Apr. 04, 2024

Whether you're buying for a traditionalist, a minimalist or someone with exotic tastes, we found the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers for that special someone.

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A quick Internet search will give you tons of Valentine’s Day ideas. You can find everything from the most romantic restaurants in every state to the best Valentine’s chocolates. And when it comes to gifts, it doesn’t appear to be any easier than sending Valentine’s Day flowers.

In fact, if you delve into the history of Valentine’s Day roses, you’ll learn that the tradition of giving flowers dates back to the late 17th century. But traditions can often get a bit stuffy, and for some, the idea of receiving yet another bouquet of grocery-store flowers can cause a few eye rolls. That’s why, if you’re going to send flowers, it’s important to send the right ones from the best online flower delivery services.

With so many varieties, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, selecting the perfect flowers for that special someone can seem daunting. But when done right, floral arrangements make the perfect gifts for wives, girlfriends, moms, daughters, or any other type of Valentine on your list; they even make a fun Valentine’s Day gift for friends. We found 45 of the best arrangements to really impress your loved ones this year—tailored to different personality types and style preferences.

And since they’re all available online, gifting this Valentine’s Day will be easy. Want to send a little something extra with your arrangement? Take a look at these Valentine’s Day gifts for all the loves in your life.

For romantics

If your beloved is a hopeless romantic, look for something that’s as beautiful as it is timeless. When it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, it doesn’t get any more traditional than a dozen long-stemmed red roses. Opt for two dozen, if your budget allows, for the best kind of splurge. Considering something other than red? Here’s what all the different rose colors mean.

For minimalists

When choosing a bouquet for your minimalist sweetheart, keep things simple and elegant. Your Valentine will appreciate a small bouquet of subtly colored roses or orchids, or a delicate array of tiny blooms.

For those with exotic tastes

Not able to escape on a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day? That’s okay. You can bring the vacation to your home with a tropical bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers. Let the vibrant colors and lush greens inspire you and your love to daydream about a trip to one of the least-crowded islands in the Caribbean.

For sophisticated types

Red screams Valentine’s Day, but it can feel a bit cliché. On the other hand, classic garden flowers paired with more unusual stems in deeper hues make for a unique, upscale and completely stunning bouquet. Just for fun, this is what your favorite flower says about your personality.

For grand gestures

When it comes to making a statement, go big or go home. If you really want to wow your better half, look for dramatic bouquets with lots of stems. Tall arrangements, vibrant colors and cascading blooms are all sure to sweep your Valentine right off their feet.

For fashionistas

You may not pay much attention to the latest fashion trends, but if you’re with someone who does, then a trendy Valentine’s Day flower arrangement is your best bet. Spoil them with a stunning bouquet that never goes out of style, or select a box of perfectly preserved roses they can display in their walk-in closet alongside their favorite wardrobe pieces.

For kids

Delight the young Valentine in your life with a special arrangement of their own. A colorful bouquet in a fun container or a low-maintenance, heart-shaped succulent will make your little one jump for joy. For other perfect presents, check out this year’s best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

For budget-minded shoppers

Valentine’s Day flowers don’t have to break the bank. A colorful arrangement brings a smile to any Valentine regardless of its price tag. Some of these flowers are even available for same-day delivery, making them affordable and convenient! If you’re extra budget-conscious this year, here are more cheap Valentine’s Day gifts that look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

For singles

Whether your bestie is happily single or coping after a breakup, let them know they are loved with a cheerful bouquet. Luckily, you can find a bouquet of brightly colored blooms to brighten your friend’s day at every price point. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, we have a few ideas for how to make the day amazing.

For non-traditionalists

Let’s face it: Not everyone finds heart candy and flowers romantic. If you have someone in your life who thinks that Valentine’s Day is the ultimate cliché, send them a truly unique bouquet that will perfectly match their holiday mood. These DIY Valentine’s cards can also add a special touch.

For allergy sufferers

If just thinking about Valentine’s Day flowers makes you (or them) sneeze, then you’ll want to seek out a hypoallergenic flower or plant. A pink anthurium, whose blooms are actually modified waxy leaves as opposed to flowers, is a safe bet, as is a colorful cactus. And if you have your heart set on flowers, tulips have a very low pollen count, so they’re a smart choice for people with allergies.

For people with pets

The last thing you want to do is give your Valentine something that will make their beloved fur baby sick. A nontoxic tropical houseplant or eye-catching orchid adds a cheerful pop of color to any space, and it won’t harm any curious or mischievous four-legged friends. Wondering which plants you should steer clear of? These are the plants that are poisonous to dogs and cats.

For DIYers

Have a Valentine who’s always looking for a creative outlet? A DIY terrarium kit or floral arrangement will help them scratch that itch by creating something that is both lasting and beautiful. Succulent and air-plant terrariums are easy to put together and care for. But if you want to send Valentine’s Day flowers, there are plenty of DIY kits to choose from, as well.

For gardeners

Sure, a dozen red roses are nice, but they have a shelf life. With the right light and proper care, certain plants will bloom in early spring through late summer. Your gardening Valentine can bring plants such as roses, hydrangeas and fragrant honeysuckles outside to adorn their deck or patio when temperatures are consistently over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Or they can give these plants a permanent home in their backyard garden when the weather permits.

For Valentines with a black thumb

If your Valentine has a hard time keeping flowers or plants alive, then opt for a no-maintenance bouquet they can display all year long. There’s a bouquet of dried flowers to suit every taste, from minimalist to extravagant. And if you’d like to dry some flowers yourself, here are the best ways to preserve a bouquet.