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How-to: 6 Creative, Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Surprise your sweetheart with a totally unique, utterly ingenious DIY card.

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Courtesy Brunch at Saks Blog

Sweet Paint Samples

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are more fun when they’re original, cute (and free!). To recycle your paint chips, Brunch at Saks suggests that you trace out a heart at the base of the chip and cut the outline with an X-Acto blade or a sharp pair of scissors. Use a regular hole punch on the top of the card, string ribbon through, and add a message.

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Courtesy Jamielyn Nye

Mustache Lollipops

What’s most impressive about these homemade Valentine’s Day cards (besides their design) is that after you print the free mustache template from I Heart Nap Time, you’re basically done. Cut out the staches and puncture with a sucker to complete the look.

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Courtesy salt-water kids

Pretty Pair

Print out the simple card template from saltwater-kids, punch a hole at the top, and add twine before fixing to your favorite set of socks. These greeting card stories are cute and memorable. 

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Courtesy Design Eat Repeat


Satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth with downloadable ice cream cards and stickers from Design Eat Repeat. Decorate small bags of candy to say something extra this Valentine’s Day.

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Courtesy Dandee Designs

Eye Love You

Pick up some magnifying glass toys and create this cute card from Dandee this Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have time to grab the toys, just download their awesome template and go.

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Courtesy Dandee Designs

3-D Astronaut Cards

If your Valentine is in the 5th grade—or, loved Sandra Bullock in “Gravity”—this astronaut card from Dandee is absolutely amazing. Print the template, grab some twine, and order these little space men to make your own homemade moonsterpiece.

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