There’s Now a Wordle Board Game to Break Out at Your Next Family Night

Updated: Apr. 13, 2023

Turn off the touchscreen with the physical Wordle board game. Happy guessing!

Remember when everyone was flexing their vocabulary with Wordle? Now you can bring your guessing skills to dinner parties and get-togethers with the physical Wordle board game. Online board games are a life-saver for travel, but nothing beats a good, old-fashioned strategy game

You don’t know your friends and family until you’ve seen them trying to guess a word puzzle. The Wordle board game is multiplayer-friendly, and you can finally play more than once a day. Take out the guesswork and add this to your next game night!

What is the Wordle board game?

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For those unfamiliar with the Wordle boom of 2022, the point of the daily challenge is to guess a secret five-letter word in as few tries as possible. Wordle 2.0 brought new upgrades, but basically, the team or player with the least number of points is the Wordle round champion.

The Wordle board game brings the popular New York Times digital version off-screen. And instead of only playing once a day, there’s no limit to how rounds you can complete with a friend or multiple players. The game includes a scoreboard, dry erase game boards, privacy shields, dry erase markers and tiles to mark your letters. Some users point out that it may be best to equip your players with new markers, as the included ones dry quickly.

While the game is made for up to four players, you can buy two sets to accommodate larger groups. It’s fun for the holidays, road trips, game nights and even children learning to spell. It’ll quickly become a favorite classic board game.


  • Brings the Wordle game offline for real-life competition
  • Different playing modes keep everyone engaged
  • Easy to use with multiple players
  • Convenient to take on the go


  • Some users say the included markers don’t work well
  • Can only accommodate up to four players unless you team up

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How to use the Wordle board game

The original Wordle tested your vocabulary, but the board game will test your competitiveness. Contrary to the digital version, the Wordle board game can be played with two players or up to four players (more if you’re in teams), and in a variety of ways. There are four play methods: classic and three variations.

The classic is just like the digital game we love, with players trying to guess the Wordle in as few tries as possible. The first variation is fast mode, where players race each other to see who can solve the Wordle first. Beat the clock in timed mode, or pair off in team mode.

Dry erase boards serve as the game boards, and the best part is you can play as many rounds as you want. Just erase the board and start again. It may take some patience to teach players who haven’t played Wordle before, but it’s a budget-friendly game for everyone to enjoy.

Get creative! Because you’re in charge of the words, switch it up to try to stump other players. One Amazon reviewer even mentioned using names of other friends or family members as their secret word. It makes for an entertaining housewarming gift or present for teachers.  

The best Amazon user reviews

If you’re a Wordle fanatic, we probably don’t need to convince you that you need it in board game version. Still, read these real-life testimonies on how much fun the physical version is.

Verified purchaser, Kelsey, bought the game for her parents for Christmas. “We couldn’t stop playing!” she writes. “You can play in a group or with just two people. Would highly recommend if you’re a Wordle fan.”

Five-star reviewer, Beth Revenis, has played the game with Wordle fans and others who have never tried the digital version. “What a blast,” she shares. “We found using our own dry erase markers worked best and disinfecting wipes cleaned the boards best. What a fun game that is so light and travel-friendly!”

Where to buy the Wordle board game

The Wordle Board Gamevia merchant

Want to add a competitive edge to your next dinner party? Add the Wordle board game to your Amazon or Target shopping cart for $20 and let the games begin—literally.

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