19 Fun 4th of July Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Get your red, white, and blue on with these playfully patriotic 4th of July games for the whole family.

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What is the 4th of July without a little fun? For many, Independence Day is a day for celebrating America, lovely weather, family, friends, and a good barbecue. A 4th of July celebration looks different for everyone. For some, it includes streaming great 4th of July movies and listening to patriotic songs. For others, it means hitting the road for a long weekend getaway to the lake. One of the most common ways to celebrate America’s birthday is to plan a backyard barbecue with family and friends, where loved ones gather to indulge in delicious summer food and play some super fun 4th of July games.

How do you entertain kids on the 4th of July?

Playing 4th of July games is a great way to entertain kids on Independence Day, but it’s not the only way to keep the kiddos occupied. They can create fun 4th of July crafts, stream kid-friendly patriotic movies, or even read children’s books about how America became a nation.

How do you make the 4th of July fun?

There are lots of ways to make the 4th of July fun for everyone! Grilling, baking delicious desserts, sitting poolside in the July heat—the possibilities are endless, since everyone has different interests. One of the easiest ways to make Independence Day fun for all is to set up one (or more) of these entertaining 4th of July games at your backyard bash. We’ve got games for everyone, from those who love backyard games to the trivia enthusiasts.

Patriotic cornhole

patriotic corn holevia merchant

This fun American flag edition of the classic 4th of July game comes with eight red and blue beanbags. It’s perfect for a lawn or the beach, and your guests will have a blast with this Stars and Stripes cornhole set.

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Fourth of July bingo

Fourth of July bingovia merchant

Great for kids and playable both indoors and out, this is one of those 4th of July games that’s fun for the whole family. This patriotic bingo set can support up to 32 players and comes with calling cards and game instructions. You could also create your own with some construction paper and stickers. If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas already, bookmark this fun Christmas bingo game to play around the holidays.

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Presidents Snap

Presidents' cards for fourth of julyvia merchant

You’ve heard of the card game Snap, now how about the patriotic version? This U.S. Presidents pack of cards features presidents one to 44 (Washington through Obama), and the kings of each suit are the four presidents immortalized at Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. To play Snap, take turns putting cards face up onto a central pile. If you see a pair in the same rank (like two kings), yell “Snap!”

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Pin the hat on Uncle Sam

Scrap Smart Pin The Hat On Uncle Sam Ecomm Via Scrapsmartvia merchant

Another 4th of July game that works well indoors, this patriotic iteration of “pin the tail on the donkey” will have everyone giggling. A printable download allows you to print as many hats as you like and write each player’s name on them. Then, all you need are some pins and a soft scarf to blindfold the player. If you’re looking for some Independence Day humor, crack these 4th of July jokes at the cookout.

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Red, white, and blue magnetic darts

Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

This sturdy patriotic dartboard comes with magnetic darts, making it safe for kids (although adults will love it too). Test your math skills and hand-eye coordination with a quick game of Cricket or Around the Clock. Winner gets a popsicle!

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DIY Uncle Sam hat competition

Vatin 18 Rolls 100 Yards Patriotic Ribbons Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

This is a fun 4th of July game to keep guests busy while you try to light the grill. Create a craft table with scissors, glue, construction paper, glitter, or ribbons, and have everyone create a classic Uncle Sam hat.

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State facts matching card game

The Scholastic Usa Game Tin Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

The ideal mix of patriotism and learning, this fun card game from Scholastic is filled with useful knowledge such as state locations, capitals, and facts. Kids will enjoy learning trivia about all 50 states, while adults will have their knowledge tested.

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Patriotic paddleball

Artcreativity Assorted Patriotic Paddle Balls Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

This one might bring back memories for some of us! These cute paddleballs come in a variety of patriotic designs. Set a timer, and see who can keep the ball going the longest—winner gets a cupcake.

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Fourth of July candy guessing game

Fourth of july candy guessing gamevia merchant

This is a classic that makes for a great 4th of July game. Fill a jar or bowl with candy, then leave a piece of paper and pen next to it for people to write their name and guess the number of kisses in the container. The person with the closest guess wins the whole jar. (Hint: A one-pound bag of these red, white, and blue Hershey’s kisses = 100 pieces.)

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Red, white, and blue name game

Maine BedroomJon Lovette/Getty Images

This is another flexible game that works both indoors and out (good to have in mind in case of rain). The first person names something red, the second names something white, and the third something blue, and on to the next round. Anyone who repeats or takes too long is out!

USA UNO card game

Uno Usa Card Game Edition Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

You know the classic card game UNO, so get your red, white, and blue on with this patriotic version for the perfect 4th of July game. With landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Route 66, and (of course) a majestic bald eagle, you’ll be shouting “U.S.A.!” instead of “UNO!” when you win. Plus, UNO just confirmed its draw four rules so there won’t be any debate over drawing too many cards.

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Stars and stripes tower

USA Jenga for fourth of Julyvia merchant

This patriotic version of giant Jenga is a perfect lawn game. Stack the pieces high, then carefully remove them without knocking the tower over. Or, if you’re under 12 years old, knock it over and enjoy making a big mess. Up to you.

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Ticket to Ride board game

Ticket to Ride board gamevia merchant

One of the most fun board games around, this classic edition of Ticket to Ride has up to five players building train routes across America. Another game that works for indoor or outdoor parties, this board game combines geography with a celebration of the age of American rail. The best part? You can play this game while your favorite 4th of July movie streams in the background.

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Red, white, and blue ring toss

Win Sports Premium Wooden Ring Toss Game St Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

A classic 4th of July lawn game, ring toss is beloved by kids and adults alike. With eight rope rings, and four red and four blue plastic rings, to throw over five wooden pegs, you can combine patriotism with friendly competition. It also comes with a storage bag for portability.

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4th of July scavenger hunt

Fourth Of July Scavenger Hunt Ecomm Via Zazzlevia merchant

Send the kiddos on a fun Independence Day–themed scavenger hunt at your backyard barbecue. The winner can get a fun prize, like an ice cream treat or small toy. These red, white, and blue scavenger hunt cards are perfect for the occasion. Make your way through our collection of scavenger hunt riddles and clues to lead you all over the house on your next adventure.

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Patriotic “Friendly Feud”

Patriotic Usa Friendly Feud Quiz Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Get some friendly 4th of July competition going with this patriotic-themed quiz game. See who emerges as the top history trivia buff at the party.

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Patriotic I Spy

Patriotic I Spy Game Ecomm Via Orientaltradingvia merchant

Keep the kids occupied between lunch and dessert with this fun 4th of July–themed I Spy game. They’ll love finding the hats, bells, and balloons in the cards.

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4th of July sweet dice game

4th Of July Sweet Dice Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

This sounds like one of those 4th of July games anyone can enjoy. The best part? You play for candy—score!

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Independence Day word challenge

Independence Day July 4th Word Challenge Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Have loved ones who pride themselves on being master wordsmiths? Put their skills to the test with this fun Independence Day word challenge game. It’s sure to test everyone’s vocabulary skills—and you may learn a new word or two along the way. And if you love a good vocab challenge, see how many of these word puzzles you can finish.

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