From finding your foundation to not smudging your lipstick, we’re here to help you navigate makeup products and master makeup looks experts and celebrities swear by. No need to be indimidated with eyelash curlers anymore!

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    The Best Foundation for Every Skin Tone

    There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to foundation. We can help you find your just-right shade.

    The Best Way to Apply Foundation, According to Your Skin Type or Concern

    Your foundation application is the literal base of your makeup. Find out the best tools and application techniques to fake...

    9 Beauty Hacks for When You’re Running Late

    Scrambled for time? You can rush out the door and still look great thanks to these genius tips.

    8 Things Women with Flawless Makeup Always Do

    Find out how to keep your makeup looking beautiful with tips from beauty Youtuber Nikki Phillippi.

    The Best Makeup Palette for Your Skin Tone

    Think of palettes as one-stop shopping for complexion perfection. Read on for expert picks for your skin tone.

    The Best Eyeshadow Palette for Your Eye Color

    Whether your peepers are blue, green, gray, hazel, or brown, these pre-approved sets are the secret to making 'em pop!

    You’ll Never Believe That THIS Is the Most Popular Makeup Brand in America

    Despite shopping in department and specialty stores, American women overwhelmingly favor this type of makeup, according to a new survey.

    10 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys for Your Gym Bag

    One way to jump-start your fitness motivation is giving your gym bag a makeover. To spend just a little but...

    Here’s Exactly What to Do When Your Favorite Beauty Product Is Discontinued

    If this sort of beauty heartbreak sounds familiar, here are some tips to help you track down any preferred products...

    9 Tricks to Apply Red Lipstick Like a Makeup Artist

    It’s classic but notoriously hard to pull off. Here’s your guide to getting the perfect red lip.

    The Secret to Picking the Perfect Red Lipstick

    Forget the sweetie-pie pink and peach lippies and embrace a power red. Get ready to go bold!

    10 Beauty Products Makeup Artists Would Never Waste Money On

    Makeup artists Anthony Giles and Lorin Cole ID reveal the cosmetics they never waste money on, no matter how many...

    Black Makeup Is the Internet’s Newest Obsession—Here’s What You Need to Know

    This year's makeup trends have been matte pinks and beiges. But we just stumbled upon—and became hopelessly obsessed with—this shimmering,...

    10 Everyday Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Eyelashes

    Don't let these common mistakes get in your way of long, luscious lashes!

    9 Super-Common Eyebrow Mistakes—and How to Fix Them

    Your brows frame your eyes and are crucial for maintaining facial symmetry and communicating emotion. Avoid these common mistakes to...

    10 Secret Weapon Beauty Products from Top Makeup Artists

    When you're responsible for priming Hollywood's elite, your makeup kit has to be on point. That's why celebrity makeup artists...

    This Is the Only Makeup Secret You’ll Ever Need to Know to Cover Up a Giant Zit

    Big red pimple? We've got you covered. This step-by-step tutorial will turn your everyday concealer into a virtual Instagram filter.

    12 Color Correcting Concealor Mistakes You’re Probably Making

    The art of color correcting is the answer to masking your sallow skin, dark circles, scars, and discoloration... but these...

    This Is How to Figure Out What Colors Look Best on You, Based on Your Skin Tone

    Familiarize yourself with these tactics and you'll be sure to look your best every time you step out.

    12 Eyeliner Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

    Eyeliner can be tough, but these tips are guaranteed to be the wind beneath your wings (literally).

    42 Crave-Worthy Holiday Beauty Gifts for Her

    Our gift guide has the year's best primping presents for all the beauty junkies in your life.

    10 Lipstick Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

    While a great lipstick can turn your look from simple to stunning, a proper application generally demands a little more...

    The All-Time Best Mascara Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Always Known

    No matter how many times you've read a beauty article about the best way to get long, thick, enviable lashes,...

    This Is the Most Popular Fragrance In Every State

    Seventeen states all flock to the same fragrance, but three states follow their own sense—and scent.

    This Is the REAL Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Perfumes

    Are you only paying more for a brand name and a pretty bottle?

    Parents, This Is How to Introduce Your Tween to Makeup—Safely

    Makeup kits for tweens are often sold at teen-oriented boutiques, and even toy stores. With their colorful, shiny hues and...