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What the Way You Hold Your Handbag Says About You

Find out what a body language expert has to say about the way you tote around your bag.

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Princess Diana Helped Create This One Beauty Product (and You Might Already Have It!)

Turns out, the People’s Princess had a few secret cosmetic skills up her sleeve.

Here’s How to Finally Make Your Heels Stop Squeaking

One expert weighs in on how you can finally say goodbye to this annoying wardrobe malfunction.

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What Your Glasses Are Secretly Revealing About Your Personality

Your glasses are one of the first things people notice about you. Do they give the impression that you're wild?...

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This Is Why Princess Diana Always Held Her Purse Near Her Chest

Her style secret is so clever, you should steal it on your next night out.

This Is How You Should Be Storing Off-Season Clothes (No Bulky Bins Necessary)

Don't let a seasonal clothes switch stress you out! Personal organizer Jamie Novak reveals her secrets for swapping your wardrobe...

Here’s What Women Used to Wear to Play Sports

The ladies of yore didn't let long dresses or elaborate hats slow them down.

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Yes, Airlines DO Have a Dress Code. Here’s How You Can Use It to Get an Upgrade.

Attention, all jet-setters! There's a simple way to make your flying experience much, much better.

11 Fashion Trends That Never Should Have Happened

Maybe you've never personally made the "worst dressed list" but these regrettable fashion trends have definitely made an appearance.

Wearing Crazy Socks Is Scientifically Proven to Make You More Successful

Break out those pizza socks. You’re going to want the world to see them.

10 Must-Follow Rules for Dressing for Work during the Summer

When the temps soar, office dressing becomes a little more challenging. Summer styles can range from comfy and cute to...

Yes, It’s Possible to Wear Killer High Heels AND Still Feel Comfortable

Who doesn't love a great pair of heels? A posture expert explains why we're so drawn to those sky-high stilettos,...

What the Color of Your Nails Says About Your Health

You can paint your nails any color you want, but a change in their natural color could mean trouble.

This One Sneaky Trick Will Make Your Sports Bras Last WAY Longer

To extend the life of your sports bra, all you need is this one easy tip. Why didn't we think...

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What Your Favorite Shoes Say About Your Personality

Are you a go-getter, an attention-seeker, or a loyal friend? This fashion expert can tell, just by looking at your...

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How to Be the Best-Dressed Guest at Every Wedding Venue

From a formal religious ceremony to beach side wedding to a fun and casual backyard one, follow these tips to...

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Getting Hitched? Here’s What Your Bridesmaids’ Dress Color Says About You

From navy and taupe to lavender and hot pink, here's what the hue you pick for your besties says about...

ALERT: Steve Madden’s Iconic ’90s Shoe Is Back!

Time to turn up the Spice Girls in celebration!

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The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Whether you want to balance a pear-shaped bottom or add curves to a lean physique, we know exactly which wedding...

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12 of the Most Epic Movies About Weddings

Get set for bridal gowns, loads of roses, and all the lace and ruffle you can handle in these movies...

Will Your Payless ShoeSource Be One of Nearly 400 Stores Set to Close?

After filing for bankruptcy, the shoe retailer is closing 378 of its least successful locations.

12 Things to Know Before Signing Up for a Subscription Service

We're debunking common misconceptions and clarifying your questions about ever-popular subscription services.