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14 Gifts That Might Send the Wrong Message

It's the thought that counts, but sometimes that intention can get misconstrued.


Gag gifts

You can never be sure how a friend will react to a joke gift, so stick with something more heartwarming during the holidays. “A gag gift doesn’t feel personal,” says Diane Gottsman, national etiquette expert and owner of The Protocol School of Texas. “It feels like the joke is on you, and they don’t walk away with something that feels like a memory.” Send your friend a link to the crude mug making fun of his favorite politician, but wrap up a present he’ll genuinely look forward to using. If you need better gift ideas, check out these Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your list.


Bath products

There's a fine line between sending a message of “treat yourself” vs. “you need this” when you’re picking out beauty products like soap, bath salts, and shampoos. If you do choose something hygiene-related, add a note with a sweet message. For instance, you might compliment your mom on how lovely she always smells and express your hopes that she loves this new fragrance as much as you do, says Sharon Schweitzer, an international etiquette expert and founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide. “With a beautiful written note, the sentiment and warmth comes through,” she says. “Express the warmth and heartfelt thoughts.” Another option: these 27 personalized gifts that really go the extra mile.


Chilled wine

A bottle of wine is a gracious present to thank the hosts of a holiday dinner. Just make sure they know you want them to open it to unwind after the guests are gone, instead of implying you’d like to join in for a glass. “If you bring chilled wine, it seems like you want them to serve it,” says Gottsman.


Chore tools

Giving a vacuum, ladder, or lawnmower could imply that your partner needs to do more around the house. “In other words, ‘You need to do more honey do’s on your honey do list,’” says Schweitzer. Replacing those tools is a normal part of your marriage, and tying a bow on them won’t make them seem any more heartfelt. Instead, get some better ideas from the most popular holiday gifts ordered on Amazon.


Extravagant gifts for a new partner

A longtime lover would probably adore a weeklong vacation or a gorgeous new necklace, but dropping a new romantic partner might think a sweeping gesture adds pressure to the relationship. “If you just started dating and you get something too personal like expensive jewelry, it’s like a commitment and you don’t know if you like them yet,” Gottsman says.


Personal presents for your boss

Giving your boss cologne, a massage gift certificate, or clothing can make it seem like you’re closer than you are. If you want to give your supervisor a present, stick with cookies that could be shared with the office, or go in with your coworkers for a gift that’s more personal. “The best way to give a gift like that is to have an office pool so it’s not just coming from you,” says Gottsman. Just make sure to check your company’s gift-giving policy before you present it, she says. Check out these 26 thoughtful gifts for coworkers for $25 or less.

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The same gift you gave last year

Dad loved when you gave him a sweater the first time. Of course he’ll love a new one every year! Not so fast. You might see it as a gift he’s sure to love, but giving the same present year after year feels like you haven’t bothered coming up with anything better. “You haven’t thought about it, haven’t made time, made a list, or preplanned,” says Schweitzer. “The thing is, the holidays don’t sneak up on anybody. They’re the same every year. It just takes a little creativity and a little planning.”


Gym memberships

Gyms can get expensive, so giving an elliptical addict a membership would be a thoughtful money-saver, right? Not necessarily. Unless someone has specifically asked for a gym plan, you could be sending the message that the receiver needs to lose weight. “If you don’t ask for it and you open that, how embarrassing,” says Schweitzer. “You don’t want them to feel self-conscious while eating their weight in holiday cookies.”


Tennis shoes

No matter how fresh those kicks are, sneakers could imply you think the receiver needs to spend more time working out. “Anything related to fitness, if they’re not a fitness buff, will send that message,” says Gottsman. “They’re hard to buy anyway because you don’t know their size.” Instead, check out these 40 cool tech gifts you'll want to keep for yourself.

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Body control garments

Body control garments send the same message that the receiver’s figure isn’t good enough. You might love what Spanx do for your body, your friend won’t appreciate you trying to share that joy, says Schweitzer. Queen-size pantyhose, girdles, and tummy-control tops should all be avoided, she says.

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