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16 Rarely Seen Photos of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

They're going on 72 years of marriage and have the history to prove it.

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New romance

You can just sense the fresh love in this photo of Queen Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh taken in 1947—the same year they got married. Here are some more candid, rarely seen photos of royal family members.


Cricket match

Royals don’t just sit and watch—sometimes they get to play, too. Right before this 1948 picture was taken, the Duke played for the Windsor Great Park team at a local cricket match.


Standing next to each other

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had their fair share of controversy, but still look enamored in this 1950 photograph. Check out some fascinating facts (and scandals) about Queen Elizabeth II.

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Family photo

We couldn’t ask for a sweeter family photo if we tried. In this 1951 snapshot, Elizabeth and Philip hold Prince Charles and Princess Anne at their Clarence House, their home in London.

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For the 1952 Braemar Gathering, Prince Philip wore a traditional tartan kilt while a crowd of 40,000 cheered at the couple’s arrival.



Both Elizabeth and Philip are all smiles during her coronation in 1953. Here are some more fascinating facts about Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

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Safe travels

Philip and Elizabeth looked cheerful at a London airport on their way to a 1957 state visit to Paris. The sweet nickname Prince Philip has for Elizabeth will melt your heart.


On boat fire shore connection

Before setting sail to Denmark in 1957, Elizabeth and Philip pause to wave goodbye.



It's nothing new that Queen Elizabeth II’s love for corgis knows no bounds. She and Prince Philip couldn’t resist the puppies even in this 1959 snapshot. Don't miss these 21 vintage photos of royal dogs throughout history.

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Blue and navy uniform

During a 1963 trip to New Zealand, Prince Philip wears a Navy uniform while Queen Elizabeth II matches in her blue outfit.

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