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So you think you’re a whiz kid? Test your genius skills with these fun (and challenging) brain games. Your mind will thank you.

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    Can You Find the Sleeping Dog in This Video Call Scene?

    Cute pets make all video calls better.

    Can You Find Seven Santas Hiding in This Christmas Scene?

    In this image, nine festive people are throwing a virtual holiday party. But they have some unexpected companions—several miniature Santa...

    33 of the Best Tongue Twisters for Kids

    Help your kids with language development while having fantastic frolicking finger-licking fun with these tongue twisters.

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    20 Rebus Puzzles That Are Almost Impossible to Solve

    You're going to need a lot of patience and a good eye to solve these tricky rebus puzzles. How fast...

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    15 Word Puzzles That Will Leave You Stumped

    Only the smartest will get all of these right!

    If You Can Answer These Mensa Quiz Questions, You’re Probably a Genius

    Here's a fun way to put your IQ through its paces. Try these sample questions!

    30 Printable Crossword Puzzles to Test Your Smarts

    We've collected a number of the crossword puzzles that Reader's Digest runs in their large print edition every month for...

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    How Many States Can You Identify on a Completely Blank Map?

    Think you know where most of the U.S. states are located? See if you can still pick them out when...

    How Many Squares Do You See in This Puzzle?

    How many squares do you see? Hint: There are way more than meets the eye!

    10 Sudoku Tips That’ll Help You Win

    Whether you are ready to learn how to play Sudoku or consider yourself a puzzle master, here are Sudoku tips,...

    Jigsaw Champions Reveal How to Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle Fast

    Whether you sit down for a 300 or a 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, these strategies will help you complete it quickly.

    This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Do a Puzzle

    Puzzles can help boost your brainpower—see how your sudoku or crossword puzzle passion helps sharpen your wits.

    What Is Practical Intelligence and Can It Be Improved?

    If you think IQ is the only measure of intelligence, think again.

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    Diesel vs. Gasoline: What’s the Difference?

    Increase your IQ at the pump—and make sure you're choosing the right fuel for your car.

    Can You Solve the Brain Teaser Elon Musk Asked in Job Interviews?

    We admit, this question definitely stumped us.

    13 Words That Will Help You Solve Almost Any Crossword Puzzle

    Brush up on your crosswordese—those three- to five-letter, vowel-heavy words that frequently fill your puzzle grid.

    14 Tricky Crossword Puzzle Clues That’ll Leave You Stumped

    Ready for a challenge? These prime examples of wordplay and crossword lingo will give your brain a workout.

    Can You Tell What’s Wrong with These Pictures? More Than 1 in 3 People Can’t

    You might be suspicious of a model with zero wrinkles, but you're probably less likely to spot when a dog...

    Fewer Than 1 Percent of People Can Pass This Color Test. Can You?

    Naming the colors in the rainbow is easy, but can you differentiate between the different shades of yellow?

    13 Secrets to Acing Crossword Puzzles

    Here are the tips and tricks to make you an ace crossword puzzle solver. Sit back, put on your thinking...

    The World’s Hardest Maze Only Geniuses Can Solve

    Lose yourself in the most challenging maze: If you can find a way to solve it, you can consider yourself...

    12 Ways You Can Get Smarter in Your Spare Time

    Getting smarter doesn't require a PhD—but it does take time. And since time is at a premium, here are sneaky...

    Can You Pass the World’s Shortest IQ Test? Less Than 20 Percent of People Can.

    These questions even stumped students at Yale and Harvard.

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    Finally! We’ve Uncovered What H&M Really Stands For

    Put your fast fashion IQ to the test.