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So you think you’re a whiz kid? Test your genius skills with these fun (and challenging) brain games. Your mind will thank you.

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35 People with Higher IQs Than Einstein

We're going to need another name to be synonymous with "genius."

If You Can Answer These Mensa Quiz Questions, You’re Probably a Genius

Here's a fun way to put your IQ through its paces. Try these sample questions!

14 Brain Games That Will Help You Get Smarter During Self-Quarantine

There's no excuse to let your mind atrophy while self-isolating with these no-brainer exercises.

10 Sudoku Tips That’ll Help You Win

Whether you are ready to learn how to play Sudoku or consider yourself a puzzle master, here are Sudoku tips,...

Jigsaw Champions Reveal How to Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle Fast

Whether you sit down for a 300 or a 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, these strategies will help you complete it quickly.

This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Do a Puzzle

Puzzles can help boost your brainpower—see how your sudoku or crossword puzzle passion helps sharpen your wits.

20 Brainteasing Puzzles for National Puzzle Day 2021

Ready to flex a little brain power? Test your problem-solving capability with these tricky brainteasers for kids and adults.

What Is Practical Intelligence and Can It Be Improved?

If you think IQ is the only measure of intelligence, think again.

One Snowflake Is Not Like the Others—Can You Spot It?

Attention, puzzle pros: You've met your match!

Can You Spot the Hidden Queen of Hearts in This Image?

This puzzle isn't for the faint of heart.

14 Tricky Crossword Puzzle Clues That’ll Leave You Stumped

Ready for a challenge? These prime examples of wordplay and crossword lingo will give your brain a workout.

This 10-Minute Daily Habit Can Give You a Brain Boost Overnight

No, your IQ isn't a done deal. In fact, you can give your brainpower a boost right now.

8 Genius Brain Boosters You Can Do With Your Kids

Simple brain exercises to do with your kids that help you stay sharp, get smarter and perform better at work...

Good News: If You Keep Your Brain Active, It Will Continue to Grow Long Past Your 20s

New research reveals that every life experience changes your brain. Here’s what landmark studies say about staying sharp—and, dare we...

6 Simple Brain Games That Will Make You Feel Stronger, Happier, and More Resilient

Try these games that tap your innate genius to build a happy and resilient brain.

8 of the Most Extreme Facts About the Human Body, From the World’s Smartest IQ to its Tallest Man

Humans may be programmed to grow stronger, faster, and smarter, still science shows our potential has a few limits.

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