A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

20 Adorable Animal Friendships That Will Fill Your Heart with Happiness

Get ready to say, “Awww!” These unlikely pairs make the best—and cutest—friends.

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Maine coon cat touching noses with a guniea pig
Alexandra Jursova/Getty Images

We’re obsessed!

Calling all animal lovers: Reader’s Digest is searching for the most touching, adorable, or hilarious friendships involving a pet. So far, we have received lots of cute animal photos that will totally melt your heart. While animals form bonds with humans, they can also form meaningful bonds with all sorts of other animals. The result: adorable animal friendships that make us smile (and occasionally produce some seriously funny animal photos). We put together some of the cutest pet pal entries we’ve received to share with you!

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young child cuddles with a large dog in the dog bed
Courtesy Emily Marnell Stewart

A girl and her pup: Best friends for life

“Boxers love children,” says dog owner Emily Marnell Stewart. “Our brindle boxer, Mason, is no exception. He is the most affectionate and gentle pup to my one-year-old daughter. He licks up her spilled milk, acts as a step stool when she wants to get up on the couch, and gives endless cuddles and kisses.”

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dog and bunny nuzzle in the grass
Courtesy Andrea Stetson

Jeannie and Chad

Cuteness overload! This bunny and dog are best pals who are always there for each other—even when things get ruff.

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a dog and a pig pose for a picture
Courtesy Nicki Parker

Lucy and Amos

These best buds love to cuddle and wrestle. There’s never a dull moment during play time!

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a chicken and a bunny play together in the snow
Courtesy Alyssa Sanelli

Midnight and Leo

Leo loves hanging out with the chickens his family has, but Midnight holds a special place in his heart. Their favorite activity? Swapping secrets in the snow.

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horse with a goat on his back in the backyard
Courtesy Jane Bolen

Champ and Billy

Check out this dynamic duo! Champ the horse and Billy the goat are devoted BFFs. Where one goes, the other will follow!

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miniature donkey standing with his head resting on the back of the poodle
Courtesy Heather McPhie

Jasie and Ruby

This standard poodle and miniature donkey have such a pure friendship. Their owner says you can catch them chasing each other, playing tug-of-war, or kicking around a yoga ball.

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dog and turtle hang out together in the grass
Courtesy Marlene Kock

Moose and Talaga

A dog and a tortoise are hanging out in the grass… No, it’s not the beginning of a joke—it’s what these two BFFs love to do in their spare time!

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dog and cat touching noses
Courtesy Angela English

Joker and Allie

Who says dogs and cats can’t be friends? You can find these two buddies snuggling, playing, and being absolutely adorable.

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dog in a sweater meets a goat in a sweater
Courtesy Kathie Beeson

Buddy and Mimi

This dog and goat duo have a passion for fashion! Here they are modeling their latest winter looks. We think they’re runway ready.

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cat giving a hug to a dog
Courtesy Pam Stewart

Whiskers and Oreo

We all need a friend who gives hugs like Oreo.

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a cat and a lizard touch noses on the rug
Courtesy Christine Sauer

Zanzibar and Rascal

These two became fast friends. They even sunbathe together! What a purr-fect pair.

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a deer and a dog stand together
Courtesy Julie Schiller

Stella and Penelope

A deer and a dog—the ultimate dynamic duo. What a beautiful friendship!

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a cow and a cat inspect the snow on the ground
Courtesy Jeannie Konecne

Jack Jack and Stuffy

Cuteness overload! These sweet best friends share a lot, including some memorable firsts. Here they are seeing snow for the first time together.

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a duck and a cat sit on a deck waiting by a door
Courtesy Carol Kiser

Quackers and Gizmo

Duck, duck, cat! These two love to play outside and stand by each other’s side. We all need loyal friends like these!
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a small pig and a small goat cuddle in the hay in their pen
Courtesy Vee Potter

Wilbur and Hazel

This picture should be listed in the dictionary under “adorable.” These best friends grew up together and love to cuddle.

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dog with chickens in the grass
Courtesy Kelli Proehl

Josie and her chicks

We all need a friend who looks out for us—and that’s exactly what Josie does for her chicks. She’s a regular at the hen house and loves to watch over her little friends as they run around. She’s a natural guardian!

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one parrot hanging onto another parrot who is hanging onto the bars of their open cage
Courtesy Catherine Balkin

Woof and Meow

These pals love hanging out—literally. They have been best friends since day one and love spending their days playing, chirping, and being downright adorable.

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lizard and cat touch noses on a desk near a window
Courtesy Stephanie Talley

Puck and Phoenix

These two best friends love to soak up the sun together. Talk about a heartwarming friendship!

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a bunny and dog share a staring contest
Courtesy Mary Hardiman

Lilli and Henry

The first word that comes to mind? Awww! Henry loves having Lilli around—the proof is in that loving gaze and those sweet puppy-dog eyes.

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a small lamb curls up with a large, fluffy dog in the grass
Courtesy Marion Buehler

Finn and Lamie

Friends protect each other, and that’s exactly what Finn did for Lamie. Finn took to Lamie after he was rejected by his mother—proof that true animal friendship knows no boundaries.

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