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20 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make

Make festive homemade ornaments with your kids for keepsakes or to give as thoughtful gifts this Christmas.

Family making seasonal greeting cards together at christmas timeIlike/Shutterstock

Holiday family time

“Spending time together as a family is what the holidays are all about and holiday crafts are a great way to bring everyone together,” says crafting expert Sandy Sandler, creator of Bowdabra. Crafting with your children can be a healthy and therapeutic activity with proven emotional and physical wellness benefits. “Crafting stimulates the brain and helps with the development of fine and gross motor skills,” Sandler explains, “It also provides a sense of accomplishment and relaxation.” Making Christmas ornaments is a wonderful family activity. Need some inspiration? Here are 20 festive ornaments your kids can create for the holidays. There’s still time to pull of these 15 sweet Christmas Eve traditions with your family.

Snowman notepadCourtesy Sandy Sandler

Snowman notepad

The kids will need a place to write down all their Christmas crafting adventures. Sandler shows you how to create this adorable snowman notepad with cardstock and foamie paper. These little notepads make fun gifts for stocking stuffers or for a Christmas day activity. We also love these 100 stocking stuffers under $10.

Courtesy Eighteen25

Star of wonder

These fun stars use a creative material: lollipop sticks. Just make sure you get fresh ones, not your kids’ leftovers. Head over to Eighteen25 to get the directions for these unique Christmas ornament crafts. These Christmas gifts are perfect for your loved ones. 

Wool handmade decoration on a Christmas tree outdoor. Diy yarn crafts creative ideas for children. Environment, recycle and zero waste concept. Selective focus, copyspace.lermont51/Shutterstock

Yarn pom poms

Pom poms are perfect for adding a finishing touch to gifts or to hang on a tree. This small to medium-sized pom pom starts with a simple table fork: Wrap the yarn around all four tongs over and over until you’re satisfied with the size of the pom pom. Then, cut a long string and wrap that around the middle of the pom pom between the two center tongs. Pull hard and secure the middle with a knot it. Cut the sides by the outer tongs and fluff it up. Tie the tails from the middle together to form a loop—now it’s ready to hang! For another easy and fun activity, try these 26 inexpensive Christmas decorations anyone can make.

Courtesy Happy Hooligans

Cold as ice

Turn Christmas prep into a learning experience with this icicle ornament science experiment. Borax helps create these impressive crystals, and you and your children will be amazed watching them grow. Find out more from Happy Hooligans.

Child painting Christmas decorations from salt dough. Children's art project, a craft for children.Elena Hramova/Shutterstock

Salt dough clay

Three ingredients are all you need to make the easy salt dough clay for these ornaments. Mix 1-cup of salt, 2-cups of flour, and ¾ cup of water. Turn out the dough onto a table and knead with your hands until smooth. (You may need to help your kids with this step.) Then, roll it out and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes, poking a hole out of the top, then place on a baking sheet. Bake for two hours at 250 degrees and let cool completely before decorating with paint or beads. Once decorations are dry, thread a string through the hole and tie. Now it’s ready for a special spot on your tree. Speaking of, find out 12 secrets your Christmas tree wishes you knew.

Christmas wreath with a candle on a written wooden table. Made by own hands. Children's art project for children. Craft for kids.Elena Hramova/Shutterstock

Paper wreath

This paper wreath is a cinch to make and perfect for young children—you’ll just need to assist with the cutting. Cut equal lengths of crepe or construction paper, at least 12-inches long and fold in half. Cut a notch at the ends to form a ‘V.” Next, take a paper plate and cut out the center portion. Insert the fold pieces of paper through the middle of the paper plate. Glue the folded ends onto the edge of the center and then glue the other ends together. Repeat until the plate is covered. Have the kids glue paper confetti or embellish the wreath with stickers. Just make sure you avoid these holiday decorating mistakes you didn’t know you were making.

Christmas decoration or Christmas gift wooden sticks - Snowman, fir-tree and Santa. Handmade. Project of children's creativity, handicrafts, crafts for kids.Elena Hramova/Shutterstock

Popsicle Sticks

Craft sticks are a versatile medium for creating all sorts of things. With a little paint and glue, the kids can create Christmas trees, reindeer, and snowmen. To make the tree, start by gluing together three sticks to form a basic triangle. Break another piece in half and glue them at an angle on the to make the middle of the tree. Snip off the end of another piece and glue it into the center of the base of the triangle to make the stem. Paint and decorate with paper confetti or stickers.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Flower Pot Christmas DecorationPlatslee/Shutterstock

Pot reindeer

Your kids will love transforming a mini terra cotta pot into Rudolph. Flip the pot upside down and glue a large red pom pom in the center on one side for the nose. Add two large googly eyes then glue on a tan pipe cleaner for the antlers. Cut out ears from construction paper, attach, and Rudolph is ready to guide your sleigh. Find out the history behind “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and your other favorite Christmas carols.

tin can christmas tree craftCourtesy Babble Dabble Do

Tin can Christmas tree

This upcycled craft is perfect for adorning an entryway table or as a centerpiece at the kid’s table for Christmas dinner. All you need are three different sized empty and clean tin cans and green paint to make the base. Grab the complete how-to on Babble Dabble Do. Check out these 10 creative ways to recycle a Christmas tree.

Making paper snowflakes with your own hands. Children's DIY. Merry Christmas and New Year concept.Oksana_Slepko/Shutterstock

Paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a classic winter craft that’s easy to make. Start with a square sheet of paper. Fold the square diagonally in half to form a triangle. Fold the triangle in half again to make a smaller triangle. Divide the triangle into 3 sections and fold the left section towards the front, then the right section towards the front. Flip it over so that the side with the horizontal edge is facing front. Cut along the horizontal (top) edge. You should have a wedge shape. Keep the wedge folded and cut out random shapes out of the edges. Then, open it up and you should have a one-of-a-kind snowflake. Here are 10 cute crafts you can do in an afternoon.

Courtesy The Imagination Tree

Spiced up

These cute gingerbread man ornaments look and smell like the real deal, but these cookie decorations meant for admiring, not eating. Check out The Imagination Tree for the full instructions. If you do get hungry for Christmas cookies, however, here are 13 easy Christmas cookie recipes.

Courtesy One Artsy Mama

Bottled up

Put leftover bottle caps to good use by turning them into fun snowman ornaments. Find the full instructions at One Artsy Mama.

Handmade Christmas toys. Step-by-step. Children holiday crafts. Top viewOKSANA FERKHOVA/Shutterstock

Felt Christmas ornaments

Felt is an inexpensive crafting medium that’s easy to work with. Trace or draw out fun holiday shapes onto a piece of cardstock. Cut out the paper templates and lay them on top of a piece of felt and trace. Cut out a front and back piece. Younger kids can simply glue the pieces together, while older kids can sew the pieces together with yarn or embroidery thread. Give them away as gifts or glue on a ribbon loop so they can hang from a tree. Find out 11 of the most inspired holiday gifts ever received.

Courtesy Crafts Unleashed

Cinnamon spice

A cinnamon stick makes these DIY decorations a spicy addition to your Christmas collection. Add a few buttons to add a pop of color as “ornaments” on your makeshift tree. Learn how to make them at Crafts Unleashed. These smell wonderful, just like these 11 DIY ways to give your home the scent of Christmas.

Courtesy Blog A La Cart

Glitter and glitz

No one would ever guess these gorgeous star ornaments started as lowly paper towel rolls. Help your kids glue slices together, then let them go crazy with glitter to glam up these glitzy stars. Get the full instructions at Blog a la Cart. Check out these 12 clever ways to display the holiday cards you’ll get this season.

Courtesy Happy Go Lucky

Oh deer

Help your children turn their handprints into these quirky reindeer. Your kids will love watching how their hands grow from one year to the next. Learn more at Happy Go Lucky. And here are some DIY Christmas ornaments adults will love.

Courtesy Crafts by Courtney

Final straw

Pretty paper straws turn into gorgeous Christmas trees with these simple DIY Christmas ornament crafts. Learn more from Crafts by Courtney. Discover 10 gorgeous and creative ways to reuse old Christmas cards.

A child is holding Christmas Santa and Reindeer stics puppets. Handmade. Project of children's creativity, handicrafts, crafts for kids.Elena Hramova/Shutterstock

Stick puppets

These darling Santa and reindeer ornaments can double as hand puppets. All you need are craft paper, glue, and scissors. Start with a triangle of red or brown craft paper. (You will need two triangle pieces for each puppet.) Glue the craft stick in between the paper and decorate with mini pom poms, markers, and other pieces of paper. The kids can create elves, mini trees and more. To hang them on a tree, staple or glue a loop of string to the back of the puppets. Learn the history behind 10 beloved Christmas traditions, including why we have Christmas trees.

a horizontal frontal view of the hands of a little girl creating thread christmas treenoemosu/Shutterstock

String Christmas trees

The kids will love making this messy but fun holiday decor. Start with a cone floral form and wrap the form with plastic cling wrap. Then, paint on a layer of decoupage glue onto the plastic and wrap single-ply yarn around the cone form. After the cone is covered with string, add another layer of decoupage glue on top of the string (it will dry clear.) Once it’s dry, slide off the string tree and remove the plastic. It should stand on its own. Here are 8 DIY Christmas ornaments you’ll be proud to hang on your tree.

closeup of some handmade christmas balls, mad with ribbon bow, strings and buttons of different colors, and a pile of different haberdashery items on a rustic wooden surfacenito/Shutterstock

Ribbon “kissing” ball

Mini Christmas ribbons make this craft a cinch to put together—perfect for even the youngest crafters. Start with a round floral foam. Tack on a loop of string or ribbon onto the ball for the hanger. Then stick mini ribbons all over the surface—it’s that easy! These little kissing balls will be the highlight of your Christmas tree. Next, read on to learn surprising Christmas trivia you probably didn’t know.

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