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8 DIY Christmas Ornaments You’ll Be Proud to Hang on Your Tree

Homemade Christmas ornaments can be incredibly chic, not to mention incredibly sentimental. Just pick one of these ideas for unique ornaments, and start crafting.

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christmasCourtesy Katie Hea

Christmas Tree Star Ornaments

Recycle a little cardboard, scraps of yarn and cardstock for these charming, homemade Christmas ornaments from Live Craft Eat. (Your kids can totally help, too!) Head to Live Craft Eat for the full instructions.

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christmascourtesy Adrienne Boswell from Chic California

Vintage Map Ornaments

A few origami folds turn maps of a favorite place into unique Christmas ornaments. Maybe add a map to your collection with these winter destinations where you can have the white Christmas of your dreams! Learn how at Chic California.

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christmascourtesy Gimme Some Oven

Sprinkles Ornaments

Dress up simple glass balls with this sweet idea from Gimme Some Oven—sugary sprinkles! Get the instructions from Gimme Some Oven.

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christmasCourtesy Sara McClure/

Wood Slice String Art Ornaments

You probably have everything you need for these rustic Christmas ornaments in and around your house—a few nails, a slice of wood from a thick branch, and some colorful twine. Get the full instructions at Happy Brown House. (By the way, this is what your Christmas tree wishes you knew.)

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christmascourtesy Jessica Hill of

Gem Icicle Ornaments

Homemade Christmas ornaments don’t have to look “crafty.” These glittery icicle ornaments will add a touch of glam to your tree. Get the full instructions from Mad in Crafts.

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christmascourtesy Gimme Some Oven

Book Page Ornaments

Reuse old page turners (or track them down in used bookstores) to make these simple, yet stylish ornaments. Learn how at Gimme Some Oven. (Need more cheap chic? Try these 50 stylish and festive decorating ideas.)

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christmascourtesy Frugal Mom Eh

Christmas Candy Ornaments

Pretty hard rock candies and an oven are all you need to make these stained-glass looking ornaments. A little confectioners glaze will help them last season after season! See how to make them at Frugal Mom Eh.

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christmascourtesy Melissa from Mama Miss

Elmer Ornaments

These adorable stars will add a colorful and whimsical touch to your tree. Get the instructions at Mama Miss.

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