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60 Easy Thanksgiving Decorations That Will Impress Your Guests

The turkey may be the main event, but your decor really sets the tone for this heartwarming holiday.

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Stylish fall home decorations on a mantel in a living room
Kristen Prahl/Getty Images

Hone your holiday style

Cooking the perfect Thanksgiving meal is only half the battle when it comes to putting on a truly memorable turkey day celebration. If you really want to wow your guests, break out the craft knives and construction paper to make some festive Thanksgiving decorations. Not much of a DIYer? Not a problem! There’s plenty for you to buy so you can put together a seasonal display in a snap, whether you’re looking to spruce up your Thanksgiving table decor or deck your halls.

Whether your aesthetic is rustic, traditional, artsy, or somewhere in between, you’ll find a slew of picture-perfect (and affordable!) ideas on this list of 2022 Thanksgiving decorations. Even better? Some of these DIYs double as Thanksgiving crafts for the kids, and those projects will not only keep them busy—they’ll also create heartwarming memories and keepsakes in the process. If you get your family in on the action, crafting just may get added to your list of yearly Thanksgiving traditions. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started because Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!

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Thanksgiving pumpkin display
Melissa Ross/Getty Images

Thankful pumpkins

Nothing quite says Thanksgiving like showing how thankful you are. So, in other words, nothing quite says Thanksgiving like these pumpkins!

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Table festively decorated for autumn holidays
Cavan Images/Getty Images

Leaf table runner

Felt autumn leaves + a warm Thanksgiving color palette = the perfect table runner for your turkey meal.

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Decorated Table for Thanksgiving Dinner with Candles, Pumpkins, Leafs and Nuts
GMVozd/Getty Images

Berry napkin holder

Incorporating natural elements into your Thanksgiving table setting is as easy as picking some red berries from your backyard and using them as napkin holder decorations. Turn the collecting into a Thanksgiving game before the big day and get the kids in on the action!

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Thanksgiving wreath on a blue door
GJS/Getty Images

Squash wreath

Grab a bunch of colorful miniature gourds at your local pumpkin patch to create this simple yet sophisticated Thanksgiving decoration.

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Autumn plant decorations in interior.
vaitekune/Getty Images

Leaf arrangement

Sometimes the simpler, the better. Collect some autumn leaves from your backyard and arrange them in a glass Mason jar for a festive, fun, and super affordable table display. If you happen to live in the Northeast, try collecting them on a day trip while visiting the best places to see New England foliage.

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Autumn White Small pumpkins with card on wood background
skodonnell/Getty Images

White Thanksgiving pumpkin

For a more sophisticated and monochromatic take on Thanksgiving decorations, use white pumpkins. If you can’t find any, spray-paint regular pumpkins and attach “Happy Thanksgiving” cards to the stems. Here are more no-carve pumpkin ideas for the fall season.

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Thanksgiving cornucopia on a rustic wooden background
AlexRaths/Getty Images

Pumpkin cornucopia

Cornucopias are a staple when it comes to Thanksgiving decoration ideas. To recreate this classic, fill a wicker cornucopia with pumpkins, gourds, and apples. It’s the perfect centerpiece to talk across while discussing the history of Thanksgiving.

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Black Front Door Autumn Wheat Wreath
TriggerPhoto/Getty Images

Wheat wreath

This wheat wreath is the perfect addition to rustic fall decor. The bright colors mixed in with the neutrals make it pop.

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thanksgiving sunflower place setting
Anjelika Gretskaia/Getty Images

Wildflower table setting

Wrap up an autumn-colored napkin with a matching wildflower for an extra festive table setting. Looking for cooking inspiration beyond the regular dishes? Try our ultimate Thanksgiving menu.

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light up happy thanksgiving sign
skynesher/Getty Images

Thanksgiving light box

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, words are enough, especially when the words are “Happy Thanksgiving” (or perhaps even a funny Thanksgiving quote) and they’re being projected from a glowing light box.

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Floral Ball Arrangement
via michaels.com

Floral ball arrangement

This flower-filled pumpkin is picture-perfect—and surprisingly easy to make. Use it as a simple centerpiece or as an accent for an end table.

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Cornucopia Grapevine Wreath
via michaels.com

Cornucopia grapevine wreath

A cornucopia shaped like a wreath? That’s the ultimate two-in-one Thanksgiving decoration.

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Rustic Lighted Vase Display
via michaels.com

Rustic lighted vase display

Glass vases and natural elements make for an incredible autumnal decoration, starting on the first day of fall. Fairy lights can add a surprisingly elegant touch, too.

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thanksgiving leaf wreath
DNY59/Getty Images

Leaf wreath

This is another piece that can be used as a decoration all season long. Stick some seasonal berries among the colorful leaves for even more pizzazz.

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Orange Pumpkin Arrangement
via michaels.com

Orange pumpkin arrangement

Autumn flowers exploding out of an orange pumpkin? Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving decor item to us! If you’re looking to buy some pretty blooms for yourself or as a hostess gift, these are the best online flower delivery services to order from.

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Log candles

Set the mood—simply! Hearty wood and tealights unite in this rustic decoration that you can buy on Etsy.

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Pear Name Card
via michaels.com

Pear name card

Pears get a new purpose with this DIY name card decoration. Simply attach personalized name cards to pears for a (literally!) sweet table setting.

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Braided yarn napkins

These braided napkin rings are quick and easy to make, but they’re sure to impress your guests. The best part? No sewing required!

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“Thankful” banner

One word pretty much sums it up! Give thanks for the big things and the little ones, from enjoying the company of your loved ones on Thanksgiving to getting to watch the big football game (guilt-free!) after the big meal.

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Ruffled burlap placemat

If you love a rustic aesthetic, you need these ruffled burlap placemats in your life—and on your holiday table. The best part? They can be reused even after Thanksgiving dinner is done.

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Gather Wooden Sign
via michaels.com

“Gather” wooden sign

Thanksgiving is the time to gather friends, family, and loved ones together—and what better way to express that than with this simple wooden sign.

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Turkey lollipop holder

Lollipops turn into a turkey’s feathers with this fun and funky Thanksgiving decoration. It’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. While you can buy this little guy, you can surround him with Thanksgiving crafts that are easy enough for your little guys (and gals) to make.

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red berry wreath on front door of house
TriggerPhoto/Getty Images

Red berry wreath

You can’t go wrong with a red berry wreath to celebrate the holiday season. Add some small pine cones from your backyard to give this door wreath even more of a seasonal flair.

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Pumpkin garland

Garlands are the perfect decoration to hang over a mantel, fireplace, or even along a statement wall. This pumpkin-adorned one screams Thanksgiving.

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Turkey napkin rings

Gobble, gobble! Give the turkeys their rightful place at the Thanksgiving table with these fun wooden turkey napkin rings. While we’re on the subject, this is why the president pardons a turkey every year.

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Owl pumpkin centerpiece

This Thanksgiving-inspired pumpkin diorama adds a homemade touch to your decor—without requiring you to hand-make anything yourself. And can we talk about how cute these owls are?

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Fall Pampas Hoop Wreaths
via michaels.com

Fall pampas hoop wreaths

These pampas hoop wreaths are the perfect mix of rustic and delicate.

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Customized place cards

Make your guests feel extra special this Thanksgiving dinner with these customizable place cards. Whether you’re “thankful,” “blessed,” or “grateful” to have them in your life, be sure to let them know! You can also create these with your guests’ names. If you realize at the last minute that you’ve forgotten something, these are the stores that will be open on Thanksgiving this year.

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Book pumpkins

Calling all book lovers! It’s time to read between the lines with this fall decor made out of old books.

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Burlap wreath

Burlap is back—this time in wreath form. Embellish with silk flowers, mini pumpkins, berries, and/or twigs. Since this DIY barely takes any time at all, it will give you plenty of opportunity to brush up on your Thanksgiving trivia so you can impress your guests in a whole different way.

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Ribbon Table Runner
via michaels.com

Ribbon table runner

All you need to spruce up your Thanksgiving table is some autumn-colored ribbon. Use a little fabric glue to secure the ribbons, or simply place your centerpieces strategically to keep the layers in place. Yes, it really is that easy!

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Pom Pom Pumpkin Wreath
via michaels.com

Pom-pom pumpkin wreath

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! These pom-poms get transformed into a pumpkin wreath in a few simple steps.

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Pumpkin grapevine wreath

This pumpkin grapevine wreath is a surefire way to bring the colors and textures of fall into your holiday decorating scheme. All you need is a pumpkin wreath form, some nature-inspired elements, and a little ribbon.

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Turkey mini pumpkins

Transform pumpkins into turkeys with this simple yet super fun Thanksgiving decoration idea. Bonus: It’s easy enough for kids but cute enough for adults. When it comes to the actual bird, here’s how to find the Thanksgiving turkey wishbone—and why we do it in the first place.

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Marigold garland

Marigolds are the quintessential fall flower. Celebrate those beauties this year by creating a marigold garland to string along your mantel or drape over a table.

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Dried floral door decor

Dried flowers make for the perfect door decor, especially if you’re going for a more rustic look. After pressing and drying the flowers, bundle them together with ribbon to hang this pretty piece.

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Crochet pumpkins

Pumpkins + crochet = the ultimate cozy fall decoration. Buy these premade, or if you’re crafty and good with a crochet hook, make your own! In the mood for pie? You can get Costco’s pumpkin pie for just $5.99.

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Thanksgiving Mason jars

Be thankful for how easy it is to make these lovely little Mason jars. A little paint, some stencils, and decorative wheat go a long way.

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Pinecone Garland Courtesy Doug Scott
Courtesy Doug Scott/Redeem Your Ground

Pinecone garland

Bring the outside in with this sweet pinecone garland. It’s the perfect subtle statement piece for any fall gathering.

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Thankful tree

Remind guests what Thanksgiving is all about with this fun thankful tree. Have friends and family write what they’re most thankful for with chalk markers for an always evolving decoration that also doubles as a great conversation starter. You might also want to start your meal with one of these Thanksgiving blessings.

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Indian corn wreath

Indian corn is as beautiful as it is tasty. Rather than solely gobbling it up for your Thanksgiving meal, display its brilliant fall colors in wreath form on your front door.

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Turkey tulle wreath

This playful take on a Thanksgiving wreath is sure to be a hit with both kids and parents. It’s turkey time!

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“Thanks” bottle centerpiece

Giving thanks takes on a whole new meaning with these bottle centerpieces that spell out T-H-A-N-K-S.

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Pumpkin candle holder

Turn a craft pumpkin into a candle holder for an elegant Thanksgiving decoration. Line your outdoor steps with a bunch, or use one or two as an accent piece indoors. Use LED ones to make this kid-safe.

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Leaf Mason jar

Use Mod Podge and autumn leaves scavenged from your backyard to create these beautiful mosaic-like Mason jars. They give off the warmest, most welcoming glow.

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Twine pumpkins

Twine gets transformed into little pumpkins with this fun craft. These decorations are perfect to place on tabletops, mantels, or even counters. Take a picture of your creation and use one of the Thanksgiving captions to show it off to the world—or at least the world of Instagram.

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Doily banner

Make a banner out of colorful doilies to celebrate turkey day. Let the kids go wild with a little paint and Mod Podge and you’ll end up with this surprisingly sweet decoration.

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Leaf bowl

Leaves get another use this holiday season, though—spoiler alert—these are actually fake leaves that will hold up better during the crafting process and last longer. Use Mod Podge and a balloon to form the shape of a bowl.

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Thanksgiving wine charms

For adults only: These cute Thanksgiving wine charms will make sure that everyone keeps track of their drinks, which is especially important these days.

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Glittery acorns

These glam acorns are sure to make your holiday sparkle even brighter. Use the real deal or wood acorns from the store for a stunning look. Extra fine glitter makes it look extra elegant.

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Autumn leaf fairy lights

Light up the night with these leafy fairy lights for the ultimate Thanksgiving glow.

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Jar ring pumpkin

A pumpkin created out of jar rings? This is one DIY you’ll definitely want to display front and center.

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Succulent cornucopia

Can’t bear to part with your succulents in the fall? You don’t have to! Stick these sturdy indoor plants in a woven cornucopia for a fun twist on the classic Thanksgiving decoration.

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Thanksgiving tablescape

Sometimes, creating an overall tablescape theme for your turkey table is just as important as individual decorations. Watch how it all comes together with this easy DIY.

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pinecone turkey craft for thanksgiving
EKramar/Getty Images

Pine cone turkey

Kids are sure to love this adorable pine cone turkey decoration. Place one at each seat at the kids’ table to score bonus points. Families will also love curling up on the couch together after the big meal to watch a warm and fuzzy Thanksgiving movie.

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Fall foliage centerpiece

By the time you’re done with it, this fall foliage centerpiece will look like it was professionally crafted at a local nursery.

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Succulent centerpiece

Here’s another way to reuse and repurpose: Succulents take center stage in this Thanksgiving centerpiece. Place your plants atop a pumpkin for a whimsical and elegant look.

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Pumpkin pie banner

Who’s hungry? This pumpkin pie-shaped banner is sure to bring out anyone’s sweet tooth. If you’re not in the mood to cook a turkey this year, check out this list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

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Colored Pencil Wooden Drink Coasters
via michaels.com

Colored pencil wooden drink coasters

It’s time to let your creativity shine! To make these stunning colored pencil wooden drink coasters, you can use a stencil or free-form it if you’re feeling extra artistic.

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Felt pumpkin

Cover a craft pumpkin in glittery felt leaves to make this artsy DIY. Now that you’re all set with Thanksgiving decorations, it’s time to turn your attention to Christmas decorations, since Santa will be here soon!

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