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71 Fun and Easy No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

Updated: Jun. 27, 2022

Whether you're going for a spooky, fabulous, or whimsical vibe this Halloween, we have the perfect pumpkin for you. No knives necessary!

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Pumpkins with catrina skull makeup on brown background with blurred lights
AtlasStudio/Getty Images

No carving? No problem!

There’s no doubt that pumpkins are the official mascot of Halloween—from jack-o-lanterns to pumpkin patches, these round orange bad boys take the cake when it comes to spooky season traditions. And while carving pumpkins (either freehand or using templates) is certainly the classic way to go, there are just as many fun and festive pumpkin decorating ideas that require no carving whatsoever (and some include painting!). From pizzas to emojis to superheroes, a pumpkin can be transformed into pretty much anything. Bonus: it’s probably a whole lot easier (and a whole lot more fun) than you might expect.

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Metallic-foil pumpkin
courtesy Amy Buchanan

Metallic-foil pumpkin

A little glitz and glam can make almost anything look sophisticated, and these gilded metallic-foil pumpkins are so gorgeous, people will think that you bought them to decorate your home for fall. After painting your faux pumpkins with chalky paint, coat each pumpkin with adhesive and press on a metallic foil sheet for the chicest DIY Halloween decoration.

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Mickey Mouse pumpkin
courtesy Mom Foodie

Mickey Mouse pumpkin

From costumes to decorations, Halloween is the perfect time to do all things Disney. Attach two smaller craft pumpkins to a larger craft pumpkin using bamboo skewers to serve as ears. Paint on a face and form leaves out of polymer clay to complete this pumpkin decorating idea.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Beauty and the Beast pumpkin

It may be based on a tale as old as time, but this Beauty and the Beast pumpkin is definitely a new twist on a pumpkin decorating idea. After painting your craft pumpkin yellow and allowing time to dry, add glitter, rhinestone adhesives, and artificial red roses using adhesive. Not into the fear factor? These Disney Halloween movies aren’t too scary for the kids.

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courtesy lovefromtheoven.com

Stranger Things pumpkin

If you binge-watched every season of Stranger Things, you need this pumpkin in your life on Halloween (and maybe beyond). While the television series doesn’t feature all these Halloween monsters, it’s still spooky nonetheless. To recreate Joyce Byers’ Christmas-light Morse code, paint a foam pumpkin with the alphabet and affix colorful string lights once dry.

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Monster pumpkin
courtesy Projects with Kids

Monster pumpkin

Your little monsters will love making these little monster pumpkins. To make this frightfully fun craft for kids, you need mini pumpkins, craft paint, glue, gauze, and markers.

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courtesy Cutefetti.com

Emoji pumpkin

Recreate your favorite emoji on your pumpkin this Halloween season. All you need is yellow spray paint, craft felt, glue, and creativity to make your texting fave come to life.

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Pizza pumpkin
courtesy AttaGirlSays.com

Pizza pumpkin

Got a pizza lover and a pumpkin lover in your house? Look no further than the pizza pumpkin that would also make a fun Halloween party game. It’s a cinch to put together using a faux craft pumpkin, paint, and foam sheets. Customize with your favorite toppings for a kitsch pumpkin that you certainly won’t see everywhere.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Captain Marvel pumpkin

This Captain Marvel pumpkin is as awesome as the superhero it reps. Use masking tape and a printout to outline the shape of Captain Marvel’s suit. From there, color in using red and blue spray paint and gold craft vinyl.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Baby Groot pumpkin

I am Groot. If you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, what more is there to say? Simply cover a craft pumpkin with brown tape, and draw on the wood-grain details. Use the green tape to add leaves at the top, and make eyes and a mouth with the black tape. These make for a fun outdoor Halloween decoration.

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courtesy Amy Buchanan

Lace pumpkin

These decoupaged lace pumpkins can work as a fall centerpiece—or even autumn wedding decor. All you have to do is cover the pumpkin with overlapping strips of lace, then layer that with the glue. If you’re looking for some decor that will come straight to your door, check out these Amazon Halloween decorations that are worth buying early.

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White Halloween pumpkins, candles and candies, on color wooden background
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Stack o’ pumpkins

To create this clever jack stack, you’ll need two different sized pumpkins (fresh or craft), black and white paint, hot glue, and a grapevine wreath. Remove the stem from the larger pumpkin, glue the grapevine wreath on top, and then glue the small pumpkin on top of the grapevine wreath. Paint and decorate.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Forky from Toy Story 4 pumpkin

After painting the craft pumpkin white, form Forky’s eyebrow and mouth using modeling clay. Attach two googly eyes and pipe cleaner hands to create the character.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Princess Leia pumpkin

The Force is stronger than ever with this pumpkin decorating idea. After painting the pumpkin white and allowing time to dry, glue on the space buns made of yarn and strips of lace for a sophisticated yet simple decorative finish.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Porg pumpkin

Chewbacca’s little sidekick in The Last Jedi comes to life on your front porch as a little porg pumpkin. To create your very own porg, paint your pumpkin gray, white, and orange. Next, paint a pair of wiggle eyes with a matte black to replicate the giant eyes of the adorable creature, and use a hot glue gun to secure them in place.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Poison apple pumpkin

Up the scare factor at your home with this poison apple pumpkin that provides an extra spooky surprise when the sun goes down: It glows in the dark! To achieve this effect, paint a craft pumpkin bright red, and then once it dries, drip oodles of glow-in-the-dark craft paint on top of it. Find out why we bob for apples.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Coco pumpkin

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with a Coco pumpkin inspired by the beloved Disney film. Recreate this look with black lace, faux flowers, and a mini sugar skull. Paint a craft pumpkin white, and hot-glue the rest on top.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Toy Story alien pumpkin

Bring the Toy Story aliens from the claw machine to your front porch this Halloween. Just paint a craft pumpkin lime green and fashion proper alien ears with matching lime green foam. Large wiggle eyes and a mouth made of black foam complete the look.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Woody and Buzz pumpkins

Calling all serious crafters: It’s time to show off your skills with this Woody and Buzz pumpkin combo. For this pumpkin decorating idea, it’s all about hand painting. Adding a toy sheriff’s badge on Woody is the icing on the pumpkin.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Monsters, Inc. pumpkin

Good ol’ Mike was everyone’s favorite serious monster in Monsters, Inc.—and now he can be your very own monster this Halloween. Paint a craft pumpkin lime green and once dry, hot glue a singular large googly eye, a black foam smile, and white mini pom-poms for teeth to complete the look.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Glitter unicorn pumpkin

To turn your pumpkin into a sparkly glitter unicorn, you’ll need a craft pumpkin, white spray paint, chunky and extra-fine white glitter, polymer clay, pink and white felt, glue, silk flowers, and a gray sharpie.

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close-up of a pumpkin carriage for Cinderella
Venera Salman/Shutterstock

Cinderella’s carriage pumpkin

Bibbidi bobbidi boo! With the right supplies and a little Halloween magic, you can make this carriage fit for a Disney princess. Attach apples at the base of an oval pumpkin with toothpicks to act as wheels and paint a door and windows on both sides. Use the gold paint to add detail to the wheels and door, tie a red bow on top, and the transformation is complete!

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via asthebunnyhops.com

Fortnite pumpkin

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games out there, so obsessed tweens (and adults) will go wild over this Drift pumpkin. All you need is paint, glue, and some paper to create the iconic character in the bunny mask.

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Picture of a spider pumpkin at the front door,made for Halloween.
Muriel Lasure/Shutterstock

Spider pumpkin

Sometimes the cutest pumpkin decorating ideas are the easiest to make. Insert four extra-long pipe cleaners on each side of the pumpkin then glue on eyes and a mouth made from black and white craft paper.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Winnie the Pooh pumpkin

Bring sweet, gentle Pooh Bear home for a visit without having to travel to the Thousand Acre Forest. After painting the bottom half of the craft pumpkin yellow, wrap red chenille around the top half of the pumpkin using a hot glue gun. Glue two yellow pom-poms on top to finish this honey-loving bear.

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Turkey Pumpkin Decoration
Jon Schulte/Shutterstock

Turkey pumpkin

Pumpkins can gobble with this fun turkey pumpkin decorating idea. Paint teardrop-shaped wood cutouts in fun colors for the tail, and paint on a cute little face on one cutout for the head. Gently tap the pointed ends into your fresh pumpkin and your turkey is done!

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Black and orange glittery Halloween pumpkins against a white wood background

Glitter pumpkin

You can’t go wrong with a little—or a lot—of glitter. To recreate the striped look, use painter’s tape to section off the spots you don’t want to spray. Or for polka dots, use a dot stencil to paint in the circles. Or better yet, douse the whole pumpkin with glitter spray paint with ultimate glitz and glam.

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Colorful pumpkin.Art background for Halloween concept, with soft focus and shallow depth of field composition.

Abstract-art pumpkin

Unleash your inner artist with this simple drip-art pumpkin. After painting a pumpkin white and allowing time to dry, drip one color at a time and let it dry slightly before you add the next to avoid muddling the colors.

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golden autumn, large different pumpkins, Different varieties of pumpkins, a wooden cart with pumpkins,Funny crafts made of pumpkins,
evgenii mitroshin/Shutterstock

Veggie-faced pumpkin

Head to the fridge to get what you need to create these goofy and meme-able pumpkins. Affix carrots, winter-squash slices, nuts, and more using toothpicks to create eyes, a nose, and eyebrows on your pumpkin face. Then use a knife to slice in a silly smile.

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Festive Thanksgiving autumn flowers arrangement in a pumpkin

Flower-power pumpkin

Turn your pumpkin into a pretty, seasonally appropriate vase. Remove the top of the pumpkin, scoop out the middle, and place a wet piece of floral foam in the cavity. Use fall flowers like mums and ornamental cabbages to create a simple floral arrangement that will be the perfect focal point of a foyer or dining table.

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Thankful pumpkin autumn craft with words of gratitude printed on it outdoors sitting in the grass
Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock

Thankful pumpkin

This is the perfect no-carve pumpkin painting idea for either Halloween or Thanksgiving. Using a Sharpie, have family members write what they’re thankful for until the pumpkin is filled.

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Pumpkin decorated with wreath with red berries (cotoneaster horizontalis) and green moss.
Agnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

Red-berry pumpkin

You don’t need a knife for this one, but you do need a power tool. For a super easy seasonal arrangement, drill holes in a band around the pumpkin and insert fresh berries—like rose hips or cotton easter—and foliage.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Vanellope Von Schweetz pumpkin

Halloween is all about the candy, which makes this Vanellope von Schweetz–inspired pumpkin perfect for anyone—but especially for Wreck-It Ralph fans. After painting the craft pumpkin teal and allowing time to dry, hot glue plastic candies and ribbon to create the perfect pumpkin sugar rush.

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courtesy A Piece of Rainbow

Toilet-paper pumpkin

Yes, you read that right: These adorable pumpkins are made from toilet paper. Use any type of spare fabric—like dish towels, scarves, or T-shirts—to wrap around the rolls and give them a more pumpkin-shaped look. Tuck the excess fabric inside the center tub and pop in a twig.

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Courtesy Natalie Stern/Katarina's Paperie

Puffy-paint spider pumpkin

The itsy bitsy spider climbs up the…pumpkin? This different take on the no-carve spider pumpkin uses puffy paint to adorn white-painted pumpkins with creepy crawly spiders complete with a pair of googly eyes.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Maleficent pumpkin

Sometimes it’s good to be bad, especially when you’re a Disney villain. To form the horns for this Maleficent pumpkin, you’ll need heavy gauge wire, black crepe paper, and electric tape. Attach them to a black craft pumpkin, and your pumpkin is ready to go.

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Courtesy Melissa Russo/The Farm Girl Gabs

Sleeping Beauty pumpkin

Give your pumpkin the royal treatment with this gorgeous Sleepy Beauty design. Use pink acrylic pearl paint to get the iridescent shine on the pumpkin and top it off with pearl and heart embellishments a ready-made tiara.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Tiffany pumpkin

This Tiffany pumpkin uses the famous jewelry store’s signature robin’s-egg blue to evoke the little blue box that we all swoon over. A super easy and elegant option, this look calls for Tiffany-blue spray paint, a faux or real pumpkin, and white satin ribbon.

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A pumpkin decorated with ribbon with aged door panel for background
Jenn Huls/Shutterstock

Ribbon pumpkin

Here’s a good way to use up the stash of ribbon in your closet: Wrap it around a pumpkin! Mix and match ribbons, or use the same pattern and colors on the pumpkin.

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White and yellow ghost pumpkins with witch hat on white wooden borad background with bat. halloween concept.

Witch pumpkins

I’ll get you my pretty…and your little pumpkin, too! Make these cheery little pumpkin witches with inexpensive craft felt, ribbon, and mini pumpkins. Use black felt (or paper) to cut out jack-o’-lantern faces to create witches’ hats and affix them to the pumpkin using hot glue.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Dumbo pumpkin

There’s no doubt that Dumbo the big-eared elephant is a Disney classic–so why not transform him into a pumpkin? For this craft, you’ll need craft foam, spray paint, felt, ribbon, a foam circle, and hot glue.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Edna and Jack-Jack pumpkins

Incredible is definitely the word to describe these pumpkins inspired by The Incredibles 2. After painting Edna and Jack-Jack’s faces onto either real or faux pumpkins, adorn them with store-bought wigs, a pair of glasses, and a mask to complete the look.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin

Use a black diorama pumpkin and a set of Funko Pop figurines to bring this Jack and Sally Hill pumpkin to life. Adorn with glitter stock, yellow craft foam, and glue to create a stage for this scarily sweet Nightmare Before Christmas couple.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Steamboat Mickey pumpkin

All aboard, classic Disney lovers: you’ll absolutely adore this Steamboat Mickey pumpkin. The whole pumpkin is made with craft foam and paint. Start off with a black craft pumpkin and paint the bottom half gray. Cut circles out of black craft foam for the ears, and use round pieces of white craft foam for the buttons.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Orange Bird pumpkin

Time for some extreme Disney lover trivia: Orange Bird was introduced at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in the 1970s and can be spotted on merchandise through the park. Making it is a cinch with an orange craft pumpkin and foam. Just cut out the bird’s face, beak, and leaves from the foam and attach them with hot glue.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Riverdale pumpkin

If you’re a fan of Archie and the rest of the Riverdale crew, show off your show spirit with this simple Riverdale pumpkin that mimics a varsity letter. Paint a craft pumpkin bright yellow, and cut out an “R” from craft felt. If you think your kids will love this craft, wait until they see these easy DIY Halloween kids costumes.

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courtesy Making Manzanita

Welcome-to-fall pumpkin

Nothing says sophistication quite like a neutral color palette. This black-and-white pumpkin decorating idea is easily made from craft foam pumpkins, matte white spray paint, black marker, and brown craft paint. Paint the pumpkin, and once it’s dry, use ready-made stencils or write your welcome message freehand.

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Decorative Halloween pumpkins. Painted pumpkin. Small decorative pumpkin on a marble background on the table. Composition on Halloween. Pumpkin decor. Pink and silver pumpkin.
Kira Budaieva/Shutterstock

Matte-finish pumpkin

Matte finish is often considered subtle and understated. However, it can be the center of attention when you pick the right color. Coat craft pumpkins in bold chalky spray paint and fun metallics for an unconventional Halloween look.

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courtesy asthebunnyhops.com

Tinker Bell pumpkin

A little fairy dust—er, glitter—is all it takes to create this Tinker Bell pumpkin. Use gold glitter spray paint to give the pumpkin an iridescent glow before ironing on iridescent cellophane between two pieces of parchment paper, cutting out your wings, and attaching with hot glue. Large pom-poms form the feet and complete the pumpkin fairy.

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Black and rose cold colored pumpkins against white wall. Copy space
July Prokopiv/Shutterstock

Rose-gold and black pumpkins

Rose gold continues to dominate everything from fashion to home accessories, so why not extend the trend to your pumpkins? Using rose-gold spray paint on real or craft pumpkins makes this super easy. For a truly stunning effect, pair them with contrasting pumpkins spray-painted black.

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Teal pumpkin, raising awareness for food allergies for Halloween, signifying non-food treats are available
Margoe Edwards/Shutterstock

Teal pumpkin

The Teal Pumpkin Project is a godsend for kids with food allergies. It’s a sign that a house will offer treats that are suitable for trick-or-treaters who have food allergies. Make one by painting a real or faux pumpkin in teal.

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Clown pumpkin
Brian Lawless - PA Images/Getty Images

Clown pumpkin

For those who want something a little scarier this Halloween, this one will be sure to keep timid trick-or-treater’s off your front porch. All it takes is some red, black, and white paint, some tissue paper for hair, and a whole lot of patience. Would you rather smile than scream? Check out these Halloween riddles.

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Ninja turtle pumpkin
Brian Lawless - PA Images/Getty Images

Ninja Turtle pumpkin

Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? Make them all for some fun Halloween decor that everyone will be able to recognize. Cutting out eye holes in an old cloth headband is the perfect dupe for a face mask.

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Mummy pumpkin
Brian Lawless - PA Images/Getty Images

Mummy pumpkin

All you need for this simple idea is just some toilet paper or gauze to wrap around either a real or faux pumpkin. You can also pick up some googly eyes instead of using paint.

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National Botanic gardens decorated pumpkin competition
Brian Lawless - PA Images/Getty Images

Harry Potter pumpkin

Have you ever seen a more adorable Harry Potter? Glue on a scar, eyes, and glasses made out of construction paper to complete the wizard’s look.

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National Botanic gardens decorated pumpkin competition
Brian Lawless - PA Images/Getty Images

E.T. pumpkin

As arguably the sweetest alien in all of movie history, this one is sure to be a crowd favorite. After painting a pumpkin brown and allowing time to dry, glue on brown pipe cleaner details and big blue eyes. Add to the charm by propping it up on a small bicycle.

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Pumpkin production in Hurth
Picture Alliance/Getty Images

Minion pumpkin

The great part about decorating minion pumpkins is that you can never have too many–the more Minions, the merrier! Use yellow, blue, and white paint to create these adorable little creatures. Add a pair of toy goggles to complete the look.

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Pumpkin production in Hurth
Picture Alliance/Getty Images

Smurf pumpkin

It takes a lot of blue paint to make this little Smurf! Just dip a large cotton ball in blue paint as an easy way to create the nose.

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High Angle View Of Colorful Pumpkins Shaped Decorations On Road
Keily Hotchkin/Getty Images

Flower pumpkin

These flower pumpkins require a steady hand and a ton of patience, but the end result is surely worth it. This could be a great option for a rainy autumn afternoon activity.

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Woman holding painted pumpkin on color background
Serezniy/Getty Images

Cotton candy pumpkin

You probably rarely think of a color as soft as this one when it comes to fall, but pink and white make a subtle decoration while still being festive.

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Craft pumpkin painted white and decorated with pink flowers
Arinahabich/Getty Images

Unicorn pumpkin

Everyone loves unicorns! All this one takes is a bit of white paint and some fake flowers that you can get at any craft store. It’s super easy and it will look as if you put in way more effort than you really did.

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Natural pumpkin painted rainbow colors. Autumn holidays.
Svetlanais/Getty Images

Rainbow pumpkin

As simple as this design is, it really is beautiful. You can never go wrong with a well-executed rainbow.

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Glow In The Dark Blacklight Pumpkins no-carve halloween idea
via colormadehappy.com

Blacklight pumpkin

Everything gets spookier when the lights go down—and the same goes for pumpkins, especially when they’re decorated using glow-in-the-dark paint. Spray paint either a real or faux pumpkin white before using neon glow-in-the-dark fabric paint to draw on spooky skeleton designs. Shine a black light on your dried pumpkins once the sun goes down to create the full effect.

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pumpkins painted to look like they have spa face masks with towels wrapped around their "heads"
via @decorize_partyhomesty/instagram

Spa day pumpkins

Even pumpkins desire some “me time.” Help them get there with this creative no-carve pumpkin painting idea. Use pale green paint to draw a face mask on your pumpkin. Top it off with a wrapped towel and add some cucumbers for an extra relaxing twist.

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pumpkin painted to look like a troll with added ears and hairstyle
via craftcreatecook.com

Troll pumpkins

You’re certainly going to want to take these pumpkins on a Trolls World Tour! After spray painting your pumpkin pink or blue and allowing time to dry, hot glue pink or blue faux fur to the top of the pumpkin in a straight line to form the troll’s hair. To make the troll’s adorable smiling face, use craft foam, googly eyes, and a black marker.

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pumpkins painted in a way that gives them a distressed textural look
via thekimsixfix.com

Distressed pumpkins

If you would describe your aesthetic as rustic, this is the pumpkin decorating idea for you. Cover a faux pumpkin in a layer of tacky glue and then apply a layer of paint. Once the paint dries, crackles will automatically appear. To add dimension, add watered-down brown paint and real branch pieces as stems.

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two pumpkins painted and stacked to look like Olaf the snowman from Disneys Frozen
via yesterdayontuesday.com

Olaf pumpkin

This is one pumpkin that loves warm hugs. Paint two either real or faux pumpkins white. Once dry, hot glue craft foam, pom-poms, googly eyes, and brown pipe-cleaners to form Olaf’s eyes, nose, mouth, arms, and hair. Finish it off by gluing the two pumpkins together to complete the pumpkin snowman.

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pumpkin decorated by being completely covered by buttons
via thekimsixfix.com

Button pumpkin

Black, orange, and green buttons are all you need for this simple yet cute craft. Hot glue buttons onto a faux pumpkin for a fun twist on an easy idea.

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pumpkin painted with a monogram design
via radiobutlers.blogspot.com

Monogram pumpkin

It doesn’t get more classic than this monogram pumpkin decorating idea. Use a word processor program to create a monogram and print. Place a piece of transfer/graphite paper beneath the printed monogram and tape both to the pumpkin. Trace the monogram onto the pumpkin and fill it in with paint.

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pumpkin painted green with a miniature white picket fence around it; plastic farm animals added on top
via yesterdayontuesday.com

Farm pumpkin

Old MacDonald had a farm…and this farm was on a pumpkin. After spray painting a real or faux pumpkin green and allowing time to dry, hot glue on a toy fence around the perimeter of the pumpkin and toy animals to the top. Pumpkin-picking is one of the most fun and wholesome fall activities there is.

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pumpkin decorated with glitter and snowflakes inspired by Elsa from Disneys Frozen
via apumpkinandaprincess.com

Frozen pumpkin

It’s time to “let it go” with this Frozen-inspired pumpkin. All you need for this chilly no-carve pumpkin painting idea is glittery spray paint, rhinestone adhesives, and a play tiara. Once spray painted, decorate the pumpkin with rhinestone adhesives before adding a tiara on top with hot glue.

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pumpkin wrapped in twine
via thekimsixfix.com

Twine pumpkin

First, paint the faux pumpkin with acrylic paint the same color as your twine. Once dry, start wrapping twine around the pumpkin and use hot glue to secure it. Paint the twine at the very top green to form the stem. Next, it’s time to dress up your feline friend in the best cat costumes for Halloween.

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